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Lu Shu immediately closed his Sun mirror as he saw Coral's tears rolling down due to the p.r.i.c.k. Though guilty for his action, Lu Shu really did not expect her to look at him straight through the intense light.

But the thing was, actually she could not even see him in backlight, so why did she still stare… Lu Shu reckoned that Coral was only trying to show off her beauty.

Li Yixiao paused a second before asking, "Brother Lu Shu, can you lend me this magical weapon of yours?"

"Here you are." Lu Shu stuffed the mirror into his hands with only slight hesitation.

Just when darkness returned to the palace and members of big organizations were starting to look back, a cheerful voice echoed in the chamber. "Big head, look here!"

Ka! It was again as bright as daylight!

"Li Yixiao! We are at daggers drawn!"

"Can the Golden Foundation please do something?!"

At this moment, the descending of the building had finally come to a stop. Flying through the air, Li Xianyi s.n.a.t.c.hed the mirror from Li Yixiao's hand and returned it to Lu Shu. Then, he turned to Li Yixiao, anger hissing in his voice. "Don't be so dramatic!"

Obediently Li Yixiao kept silent. He could defy anyone else but this old man…

But didn't Lu Shu start it first? Why don't you scold him?!

Meanwhile, many had taken out their lighting devices. Without the disturbing Sun mirror, they were finally able to take a careful look around. But nothing seemed to have changed except for the fact that there were underground.

"Look!" a voice suddenly shouted. In the illumination of his torchlight, the main gate of the palace looked pitch black. It was not sealed by earth and rocks!

The entrance had turned into the exit!

Fearful of the unknown darkness, none of the individual Pract.i.tioners dared to move. Then, the Phoenix Society went forward first with their people. Since they had already decided to take the lead in the search of the relic, no more hesitation was necessary in the light of new clues!

After that, the atmosphere had soothed a little, and people's desire for the relic was rekindled. With individual Pract.i.tioners crowded at the door, it was a bit hard for those big organizations to jostle there now.

Yet, as though in tacit agreement, all of them started to chase the low-level Pract.i.tioners out!

They wanted to use them as their cannon fodder!

Certainly they wouldn't do so in Li Xianyi's presence. But the latter was already gone!

Honestly speaking, to those big organizations, low-level Pract.i.tioners' lives were totally expendable. So why not use them as the canaries in the coal mine?

However, no one noticed Nogiwa Taken.o.bu's receding figure amidst the commotion.

But in a split second, Lu Shu shone his Sun mirror towards the direction into which Nogiwa had disappeared. Then, a translucent shadow was formed on the ceiling in the strong light. The person was gripping onto his purple tanto with one hand while the other raised to s.h.i.+eld his eyes…

Lu Shu yelled, "Look there! A shadowy monster! Beat him!"

Most of the experts were still unclear about the situation, but who would give it too much thinking in such a creepy environment? Subconsciously, individual Pract.i.tioners recoiled whereas pros attacked.

Instantly, ten fiery phoenixes shot out from Howard's hands, hurling themselves towards the shadow!

"From Nogiwa Taken.o.bu's distress, +999!"

Lu Shu had always been cautious of him for his sinister eyes earlier, just in case he would secretly attack Li Yixiao and himself.

Thus, only Lu Shu had noticed his retreat.

Besides, he did not achieve the so-called invisibility, but only distortion of light via a certain strength. Thus, he could be easily exposed with another ray of light!

Nogiwa had no alternatives but to reveal himself, hopping backwards. "Stop! It's me!"

But clearly Howard's phoenixes showed no sign of disappearance. Instead, they continued swooping on Nogiwa!

Howard smiled gently. "My apologies. My fiery phoenixes refuse to return once they are out."

Nogiwa Taken.o.bu's eyes darkened. He did not say a word, as he was aware it was an intended attack!

Now, with the relic right in front of their eyes, no one would be pleased with more compet.i.tors. Thus, he would soon be dead if he had been injured just now!

This was the actual cultivation world. Every expert was a great white shark in the depths of the seas, and they would swallow the weak at the scent of blood!

Clenching his teeth, Nogiwa Taken.o.bu threw out more than ten shurikens, each aiming precisely at a fiery phoenix. Instantly, gigantic heat waves swept across the chamber as phoenixes perished into darkness as their gorgeous and frightening demise. Then, due to the explosion, shurikens deviated from their original paths towards the stone walls aside, punctuating two individual Pract.i.tioners at once!

At this instant, to everyone's surprise, two slender fingers took hold of the two shurikens!

Nogiwa Taken.o.bu raised his eyes to see the Heavenly Network expert in his cap and mask was actually studying his black shurikens. He didn't even notice when his shurikens ended up in that person's hands! Then, the man immediately ran off!

"From Nogiwa Taken.o.bu's distress, +666!"

Nogiwa Taken.o.bu took a total of two seconds to realize that this fellow had specially come for his shurikens! What kind of person was that?! So poor?!

His shurikens were not ordinary items either. Except for the lost ones, Nogiwa Taken.o.bu called back all the remaining ones.

As for Lu Shu, the shurikens kept struggling in Nogiwa's summon, but neither could escape Lu Shu's control. Then, they were cast into his Seal of Lands to be consumed by the divine water.

"From Nogiwa Taken.o.bu's distress, +999!"

All of a sudden, new and old hatred of him welled up in Nogiwa's heart. At the moment, his eyes were as malicious as those of the most venomous snake.

"Wanna die?!" Nogiwa Taken.o.bu's eyes narrowed. Then, he sprang to the air, stepping on individual Pract.i.tioners' shoulders as he ran towards Lu Shu like a specter. His figure was fading again.

His feet sent immense force down the bones of those Pract.i.tioners, fracturing their spine at once!

"Get down!" Li Yixiao suddenly leaped to his feet from nowhere. Roaring, his tiger sign pounced into the air, followed closely by his punch!

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