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Roaming in the remains, a sneeze suddenly caught Lu Xiaoyu by surprise. She frowned and murmurred to herself, "Is Lu Shu missing me?"

She beamed with joy in the next instant. Of course he was, else how could Pract.i.tioners fall sick!

What she did not know was how upset Li Yixiao was with her sealing stones, and that the latter was already pondering why he was targeted by a Cla.s.s B earth-type Metahuman…

But Lu Xiaoyu and Li Yixiao's path diverged from there, as the place that Li Yixiao saw the black stones was also where Lu Xiaoyu changed her direction.

Yet, Xiaoyu did not think further, since the materialization-type expert Johnson in her second tier of celestial map was almost complete.

The time lag was due to the fact that Lu Xiaoyu herself had yet to reach Cla.s.s B. Although celestial powers were way stronger than Spirit Qi, it was still a huge jump from Cla.s.s C to B.

It might only take her a short time should she reach Cla.s.s B.

Sitting on a black rock with her arms supporting her little head, Lu Xiaoyu watched as the black smoke conjured up in front of her. It was the Cla.s.s B materialization expert Johnson.

"This one looked much better than Anthony, as expected…" Lu Xiaoyu grumbled. Meanwhile, Anthony was still giggling underground. What was he laughing for?! It was all Lu Shu's fault!

"From Lu Xiaoyu's distress, +299!"

But her brows knitted together as she was sensing Johnson's power. "Huh? Can only materialize something familiar?"

Then, she controlled Johnson to conjure up a pack of chips…

But he disappointed her the moment Lu Xiaoyu opened the pack. Despite its realistic appearance, it was not real but purely energy.

Lu Xiaoyu groaned, useless!

Materialization powers did not make them the Creators. In fact, they could only build models with their mana.

It appeared that cartoons were lying when they showed real things could be produced from nothing.

Indeed, in the earlier fight with Anthony, Johnson had mainly materialized energy-form animals as a means of attack. But instead of bleeding or arresting biological mechanics like other living creatures, those animals would break into pieces or vanish directly.

Thus, things conjured up were not permanent either. Even movement of the materialized body consumed extra energy, though it was insignificant compared to the maintenance of its form. Yet, they would still disappear when drained of mana.

While normal animals relied on food to survive, materialized creatures depended on their creators' mana.

So what should she conjure up? Lu Xiaoyu fell into deep thought, what was her most familiar object in the world?

She froze at the thought… Wasn't the answer Lu Shu?!

She calculated carefully the possibilities of materializing Lu Shu. Honestly speaking, she indeed knew him very well. She saw him in the morning once she woke up and sometimes listened to his bedtime stories before sleep.

Lu Shu cooked for her and brought her out for fun. For so many years, Lu Shu was like an indispensable part of her life. Her world would also collapse with Lu Shu's disappearance.

Lu Xiaoyu could not even bring herself to think about it. Without Lu Shu, there would be no one to prepare her meals, buy her new clothes, make her happy or to take care of her…

The reverse was true too. In that case, she would no longer have anyone to miss wholeheartedly. She would not have to surprise him by was.h.i.+ng his clothes or give her heart to anybody anymore.

Back in the orphanage, Lu Xiaoyu had a small appet.i.te, but Lu Shu always needed more to eat as he grew. Yet, everyone was given the same portion and no extra food could be provided. Thus, Lu Xiaoyu would give some of hers to him and she would be happy seeing Lu Shu's stomach was full. Then, she would start thinking about the next meal as she could offer half of hers to Lu Shu again.

In those days, her greatest expectations of everyday life were all linked to Lu Shu. As a result, she would always return no matter how many times Lu Shu sent her back to the orphanage.

Therefore, to her, Lu Shu was the only reason that this world was still a beautiful place and that the future was worth living for.

She had never imagined how it would be without Lu Shu… because the world would be meaningless to her then.

In the orphanage, Lu Xiaoyu was the only girl who got to wear white shoes and the only girl who always had snacks. She could talk to Lu Shu when her mood was down, bite his arms when angry, watched as he pretended to be in pain while in fact she was not even willing to bite hard.

Suddenly the entire remains started shaking like there was an earthquake. But Lu Xiaoyu could not care less about that.

On the other side, Lu Shu was gazing in the direction into which Li Xianyi had disappeared, distress was all over his face. As he continued controlling his divine water to feed on the tridents and Inferno Blood Devil, he cursed the old man for ruining his plan. Now, all his individual Pract.i.tioners had run away. He would have lit up the fifth star had the old man not appeared…

But there were gains as well. The consumption of Inferno Blood Devil was almost done and the water had actually expanded visibly again. Besides, tridents were true, functioning magical weapons that could provide much more mana than broken ones.

The divine water was as big as six bathtubs at the moment!

At this instant, he felt his celestial map blink, as if calling back to something. But nothing else happened. What was that?

Back to Lu Xiaoyu's side, a sudden wave of mana erupted from Johnson. Then, a Lu Shu slowly came into form from thin air. His hair was unkempt, and his face handsome as usual. He was dressed in a simple, cheap T s.h.i.+rt and a pair of 29-yuan sweatpants, whose elastic cord was on the brink of breaking due to prolonged wearing…

Lu Xiaoyu's eyes were twinkling. She did not know that many other materialization Metahumans had also tried to conjure up humans but all to no avail.

It could not work even for family members that they were together with for decades, as if it was impossible to materialize a creature so intelligent as human beings. But Lu Xiaoyu had succeeded!

Nonetheless, though lifelike, this Lu Shu was not equipped with celestial map, flying daggers, divine water, the head-twisting gourd or his sea of chi and snow mountain.

It was simply the strength-type Lu Shu at the peak of Cla.s.s C.

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