Spare Me, Great Lord! 415 I've Got A Broken Weapon!

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It sounded unbelievable that only ten plus Pract.i.tioners were able to keep hundreds of individual Pract.i.tioners under control. At the very least, many of them could surely escape if they all dispersed at the same time.

Yet, the reality was this ridiculous. No one was willing to take the lead. Besides, it was better to be a slave in a safe environment than to die in the wilderness.

The two Cla.s.s C's turned to Lu Shu. "Go down yourself and follow the rest. Everything clear?"

Basically, those captured unaffiliated Pract.i.tioners would have accepted their fate at this step. It was a brainless job anyway, just to dig out and gather together broken weapons. At the moment, the pile of weapons was already taller than a person.

The Pract.i.tioner slaves were burying their heads in their work. They had become much more diligent after their red bosses took a slacker's life.

Unable to win and unwilling to die, the best option possible was to finish their work fast. What if they could continue their remains exploration after this?

After all, they could not possibly slaughter hundreds of individual Pract.i.tioners together. Although it was an easy task, the reputation of the organization would suffer should their deeds be exposed to the public. Afterwards, other groups could easily leverage on this excuse to wipe them all from the playing field and carve up their resources.

Yet, the scariest of all was Li Xianyi…

A laborer shot a glance at the newcomer behind the two Cla.s.s C's back, "A new face."

Now, they took pleasure in seeing other people being sent here. It gave them peace of mind to know that they were not the only unlucky ones in the world.

However, something was off. The two Cla.s.s C's turned to see Lu Shu staring intently at the pile of weapons without budging a little…

Many of those present had sensed it too. Was the newcomer r.e.t.a.r.ded or something? Hurry up and get to work! What are you waiting for?!

As they stopped their work at hand and c.o.c.ked their heads at Lu Shu, the noise created by excavation slowly faded off. Then, Lu Shu took his move.

"It can't be…"


In the British Pract.i.tioners' stares, Lu Shu ran towards the pile of weapons like a madman. He picked up them piece by piece with excitement beaming from his eyes, as though he had just discovered a new continent!

Lu Shu almost jumped in joy and all the grudges he held towards Li Yixiao for stealing his gargoyles were evaporated instantly. With so many broken magical weapons, who needed those gargoyles? Lu Shu estimated that there were at least more than one hundred pieces of weapons here!

Besides, the divine water could digest magical weapons at a much faster rate than gargoyles. Thus, broken weapons were a better choice. But as a person who could always make the best out of his life, Lu Shu would never let go a single gargoyle when the situation permitted…

A Cla.s.s C drew close, his brows knitted together. "Get to work. Don't lay a finger on it."

However, at this moment, the rapid disappearance of magical weapons caught his attention. The pile would be one layer lower every time he blinked.

Everybody froze in shock. Where did they go?!

"Invisible storage equipment?!" a person shouted in disbelief.

"Yes! He's stuffing those broken weapons into his invisible storage!"

All five Cla.s.s C's shuddered. It was well known that the possession of invisible storage equipment translated to high standing. Perhaps they would not be able to win if the young man was a Cla.s.s B.

However, the young man was packing the weapons in a hurry, as though something would happen if he did not, which was rather weird.

Maybe he was not a Cla.s.s B?! Highly likely!

Although nowadays most of the invisible storage equipment was in the pros' possession, but think about it, where did they get it? Since they themselves were not craftsmen, most of them had pillaged it from low-level Pract.i.tioners!

Thus, they suspected this boy with a cap and mask could probably be a lucky dog among individual Pract.i.tioners too. Anyway, which Cla.s.s B needed to wear earplugs like him?

The five Cla.s.s C's closed in slowly, and the leader demanded coldly, "What are you doing, my friend?"

Lu Shu cast him a casual look. "What?"

Just then, he was still busy stuffing in the broken weapons, clearly having no intention to take out his earplugs.

The Cla.s.s C expert took a deep breath and shouted, "What are you doing? Don't you want to say something?"

Oh… Then Lu Shu heard it. Glancing at the Cla.s.s C's who were about to surround him, Lu Shu deliberated, what should he say?

After a short pause, Lu Shu answered, "Thank you?"

"From Stanton Hope's distress, +666!"

"From Staples Horace's distress, +666!"


Although the Pract.i.tioner slaves could not hear properly with their ears plugged up, the five Cla.s.s C's heard every single word from Lu Shu's mouth. They almost choked on anger…

Screw you! Do you think we are digging all the weapons for you?

They exchanged a look of a.s.surance. If he were a Cla.s.s B, why would he waste his time on them? Since he did not go forward to rob them directly, he should not be that strong.

Furthermore, their eyes were green at the young man's invisible storage equipment. Even their own Cla.s.s B member did not have such luxury!

By the time the boy was dead, his equipment would be theirs. Thus, they would be well rewarded even if they did not get to retain the equipment themselves.

"Kill him!" a sinister voice said.

In the meantime, having packed up all the weapons in his Seal of Lands, Lu Shu immediately took to his heels!

There was no hesitation in his movement. His actions were so experienced and smooth!

That was totally unexpected. "Chase him!"

It would be a shame on them if all their weapons were taken away like that!

When the Cla.s.s C's ran out in pursuit, the individual Pract.i.tioners were itching at this perfect opportunity to escape. But the risk was not overlooked. "Everybody listen up! Don't let anyone leave! Kill those who ever try to escape!" shouted one of the Cla.s.s C's.

The voice was loud enough to penetrate earplugs. Instantly the laborers fell back into their obedient forms.

They did not dare to take risks, even given the fact that they came to remains in search of thrills. Maybe cowards like them were doomed to suffer a pathetic life.

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