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Lu Shu understood what Xi Fei meant: These items which were created from the scientific research were indeed incomparable against those in the legends. But those in the legends were so rare that even Xi Fei, who was part of the black coats, had only heard about and had not seen it before. It seemed like they were in the hands of those who were much higher up the organization.

As for these scientifically-made alloy tools, they were able to conduct magical powers and were easily reproducible.

In other words… it could be ma.s.s produced.

Its material was probably not made of the sodium-pota.s.sium alloy since the higher-ups did not seem to bother controlling their circulation. Furthermore, Xi Fei would not have openly taken it out for everyone to see. Lu Shu had even looked it up on the internet yesterday and it could easily be purchased over the web...

It surely had to be some other material, something which was technologically possible. Something of liquid state such as the sodium-pota.s.sium alloy was too hard to control for the average person.

Who knew if the Daoyuan cla.s.s was going to hand these items out to the students. Those with such weapons would have a significant advantage in combat over those who do not possess these weapons.

Just as Lu Shu was deep in his thoughts, Xi Fei had announced the answer he was looking for, "Everyone will have a chance to possess this item but of course, not everyone would be promised one."

Lu Shu understood exactly what it meant. This article was meant to stimulate and enhance one's practice of their powers and those who performed well in cla.s.s would be rewarded with it. As for those whose performance was sub-par or those who were slow at cultivating their abilities, they can forget about getting one of it.

Could his Mischief System produce such a spiritual weapon or some sort? Lu Shu felt rather uncomfortable and suspicious about his previous thought which could possibly come true.

The first half of the lesson was about the "Zhou Yi Partic.i.p.ation Contract" book. Furthermore, the topics on spiritual weapons which enhanced one's practice were conveniently mentioned in the lesson as well.

At the latter half of the lesson, everyone saw that Xi Fei wasn't exactly very unapproachable and someone took this opportunity to ask, "Teacher Xi Fei, is the information posted on The Golden Foundation legitimate? Is the site run by the government?"

Upon hearing this question, Lu Shu sprung up and became exceptionally attentive as he very much wanted to know the answer too!

Ever since The Golden Foundation had come into existence from all parts of the world, it hasn't been shut down after operating for such a long time. It made one wonder as to what this foundation was exactly.

The Golden Foundation was established from the start and it did not have its own media coverage or representative which made it seemed a little more mysterious but also being a tad bit more stringent on its information. As for its American counterpart, The Justice League, its site was exploding from all their declarations to put every villain behind bars which were simply too poor in taste to be viewed.

What kind of existence could The Golden Foundation really be?

After giving it some thought, Xi Fei replied, "I don't have the authority to explain this matter to you guys further but what I can confirm is that the grading cla.s.sification of the metahumans which is stated on that website is recognized and acknowledged worldwide.

"Metahumans aren't naturally born as cla.s.s A, and even up till today, there still aren't any Metahumans who are discovered to be cla.s.s C and above right from the start. All of them needed to go through repeated stimulated awakenings to rise up the gradings and for example, all strength-type metahumans all start off as cla.s.s F whose punches can probably reach the strength of about 1200kg. And as they reach cla.s.s E, their limit would probably reach nearly 2400kg."

After hearing this, Lu Shu's expression changed as he realized that something wasn't right here.

According to this theory, it was perfectly fine for Li Qi to belong to cla.s.s F but the issue was that…He had probably already exceeded the limit of 1200kg. Even reaching 2400kg wasn't that far-fetched though he had yet to test it out specifically.

Compared to his cla.s.smates or his previous self, Lu Shu's physical condition had surpa.s.sed all of them in every aspect by a few folds.

He had thought of it and if 4 or 5 'Li Qi's were to appear right before him now, he could probably wipe them out easily.

This meant that Lu Shu himself had already reached a level similar to a cla.s.s E strength-type metahuman, or perhaps, even cla.s.s D?!

Xi Fei continued, "But don't look down on these strength-type metahumans, their muscles and body structure would continue to strengthen as they climb up the cla.s.s gradings. If a cla.s.s D metahuman were to stand off against an elemental-type which was one cla.s.s lower, the opposition probably wouldn't even be able to react to his movements. Furthermore, their combat abilities are far superior to any of the other metahuman types."

"Would there be a single metahuman who would awaken to different types of power? For instance, having the powers of the strength-type and elemental-type and maybe even others?"

Xi Fei shook his head, "Nope, as of now, it is unheard of. There are many different types of metahumans but I've yet to see one who possesses two different types of abilities. Even if a strength-type awakened to the fire elemental powers, he would also develop his own unique combat style. Alright, that's it for today, we'll continue this tomorrow… I hope everyone remembered what happened to the expelled students who leaked out the confidential information shared within the Daoyuan cla.s.s and please don't repeat their mistake."

This lesson refreshed Lu Shu's mind and the most important thing was that: He was much clearer about the concept of the metahuman's grading system.

So which cla.s.s did he belong to?

Not speaking about being in cla.s.s D, but the constant inkling of him possibly already being in cla.s.s E had him feeling quite good about himself…

Frankly speaking, should he go and pick up some form of martial art? If it's just using his instincts to fight against metahumans of the same cla.s.s ranking, wouldn't he be at a great disadvantage?

And anyway, can a single metahuman really not awaken to two different types of abilities?

Since his abilities had to be cultivated, he couldn't be considered a naturally-awakened metahuman. Lu Shu had also felt that the map within him wasn't as simplistic as just enhancing his strength.

Even though he could not learn of what The Golden Foundation exactly was, Lu Shu was contented with what he had learned from cla.s.s today. were finally over even though it was just 2 hours daily. Starting at 7 pm and including the half an hour break in between, it would mostly end around 9.30 pm.

Lu Shu felt that this arrangement was rather decent as it was similar to doing self-revision at night. Even after his night, he still would have a substantial amount of time for himself at home.

There were already cars lining outside of the school, probably here to pick up the students from the Daoyuan cla.s.s and more than half of the cars out there were the above-average kinds.

As you can see from this, this society wasn't very fair at all since even those from the Daoyuan cla.s.s were mostly from families who were well-to-do.

Was it due to their better living conditions leading to a better physical standard, or them just having superior genes? Lu Shu wasn't sure which one it was.

Even though this seemed like the case, Lu Shu wondered whether the same could be said about the ability to awaken and their apt.i.tude for cultivating their powers.

At least, he had seen videos of students from poorer backgrounds awakening on The Golden Foundation website.

In view were countless parents who had come down to pick up their children but Lu Shu's mind was only fixed on the many things he wanted to accomplish today as he made a beeline towards his home. One of it was to partic.i.p.ate in his lottery as, without it, he would not be able to continue his business of selling the stinky tofu. As of now, Lu Shu's desires for the stinky tofus were surprisingly higher than his desire to win the lottery's possible grand prize which could be similar to the lullaby relic previously.

And the other one was to completely light up his sixth star by tonight.

As Lu Shu progressed on his journey of cultivating his abilities, he felt that it became increasingly meaningful.

Even this vast world had become more and more wonderful.

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