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At the moment, the Koh Chang beach was bustling with crowds. Even when the darkness had thickened, there were still tour guides ferrying to and fro between the island and Pattaya to transport goods and materials, which were then sold at high prices to Pract.i.tioners.

Goods included beer, barbecue grills, BBQ ingredients and fuel for campfires. Now, the beach was well-lit with many campfires surrounded by people, all narrowly s.p.a.ced together.

The periphery of the beach was occupied by less sociable individual Pract.i.tioners for rest. Some of them had ventured deeper into the island in search for quietness, but were soon deterred back to the seash.o.r.e by the howling at night.

The sound did not seem that scary in populated areas. A group even started dancing to the howling… They had impressive guts.

Crowds brought along a sense of security. But when one entered the woods on their own, the wailing sounded so doleful as if it had come from the depths of the infinity inferno.

Despite parading their courage so as to save face, many could not help but begin to wonder just how terrifying it would be inside the remains.

Currently, the male to female ratio on the beach was around eight to two. The drastic difference did not lie in the males' higher chances at awakening, as there were no gender differences in terms of cultivation apt.i.tudes and in some cases, the females even had greater advantages.

But the key point was, most females across the world were not fond of violence. Thus, there were generally more men than women in events such as a compet.i.tion for resources in the remains.

Even so, girls like Meng Jingchan were certainly of the ambitious type.

She could not be described as pretty, but there was a tad masculine vibe within her. Lu Shu did not have the chance to take a closer look at her earlier on the ferry, but now he noticed that Meng Jingchan's skin was rough, as though she had been suffering from prolonged exposure under the sun. Moreover, her relatively large build and deep eye sockets made her look like a half-blood.

Just when Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu ended the conversation with their incredibly awkward remarks, a commotion broke out at the edge of the beach. Unexpectedly, Lu Shu turned to see Zhi Wei arguing with the bunch of dancing Pract.i.tioners.

Mo Shengqi whispered, "That bunch is from the Phoenix Society. Their leader is a Cla.s.s B Metahuman, capable of controlling air pressure. The rest look unfamiliar to me."

The Phoenix Society members wore an arrogant look just as usual. When others kept it low-key within their own circles, the Phoenix Society was having an all-out party and did not take anyone else into their consideration.

Elitist pride.

Everyone's attention was drawn by the confrontation. Then, Zhi Wei explained calmly, "Don't let the commoners deliver any more goods to you. The remains can open anytime, and if they get involved, they can hardly survive."

The Cla.s.s B Metahuman of the Phoenix Society was sitting on the beach half-naked, his muscles perfect like a sculpture. The man put on a sly smile, "They are happy to get money, and we are happy to spend money. This is how the world works. And I believe this is none of your business, the Golden Foundation… or not…"

Before he could spit out his last syllable, Li Xianyi had descended from the sky, hovering besides the Cla.s.s B expert rather casually…

Then what else could he say? In fact, he was just testing the Foundation. There had been a few conflicts between the Phoenix Society and the Golden Foundation, but the former had the ability to overtake the latter by depending on their rich manpower and rapid development.

And now, he was simply teasing them out of boredom, but had unexpectedly attracted Li Xianyi to the site straightaway…

Three of diamonds!

A of trump suit!

What the… Why did you counter me with A of trump suit? What for…

Zhi Wei smiled and chased away all the ferries and warned them not to come back again. Although unwilling to obey, the Phoenix Society could not do anything but keep quiet…

On the other hand, Meng Jingchan suddenly sighed in admiration, "How I wish we can join their world one day as a Cla.s.s C, or even Cla.s.s B."

It was a common trend for Pract.i.tioners to antic.i.p.ate the lives of upper levels. Just like in video games, any player would hope to up his level and became a celebrity on the server.

It was a dazzling era. In foreign countries, Pract.i.tioners enjoyed the same lifestyle as celebrities. They had tens of thousands of followers on Facebook and also plenty of girls to flirt with at the bar.

But Lu Shu thought, had Li Xianyi not made his successful ascension to Cla.s.s A, the position of the Golden Foundation would have been toppled in no time.

In times of depleted Spirit Qi, cultivation was an extremely difficult feat. Everyone was putting in twice the effort but receiving only half the gains. However, after the regeneration of Spirit Qi, the rate of practicing had been significantly improved.

It seemed unfair to people like Li Xianyi. Back in their times, they had to overcome too many obstacles in training, like nurturing a stick of flowers in drought. But now, it was spring.

Nonetheless, unfairness was the norm in this world.

One had to have the capabilities to enjoy a fairer treatment.

And there was no justice in the face of fate.

Closing his eyes for rest, Lu Shu's flying daggers started against the snow mountain at a faster rate. Despite being one of the strongest currently on the beach, he was still not satisfied. Just like how he strived to be the top performer in his studies, he would endeavor to do his best in whatever he set his mind to.

Just when the ferries left the beach, another round of deafening howling suddenly swept outwards from the inner regions of Koh Chang, as if something had crawled out from the abyss!

The sound seemed to have been produced by ten thousand people being caned. Some girls' faces had paled in terror.

Sometimes, the young loved to be adventurous without having a clear idea of how much risk they were taking.

At the end of the day, they would realize in horror that they were not ready to face the path they had chosen.

Many had already planned on retreating upon hearing the baying!

Lu Shu turned to Lu Xiaoyu with a smile, "Scared?"

"No," Lu Xiaoyu shook her head calmly, "You must… come out alive. Be safe."

"Rest a.s.sured. Let's go, then."


The remains were finally open!

Just when terror seized everyone's mind, to Meng Jingchan and the others' astonishment, Lu Shu led Lu Xiaoyu straight to the core regions of Koh Chang. In their impression, Lu Shu used to be a Cla.s.s E rookie, who was rash enough to bring his younger sister to such a peril.

But they had brains. The young man's composure was telling them that he was never as simple as they had thought!

He was probably an expert hidden among the individual Pract.i.tioners. A true expert!

Meng Jingchan could be positive about at least one thing, that this Lu Mu had certainly been to remains before! But the question was, could the little girl be a pro as well?!

In a split second, a white fog rolled out from deep inside Koh Chang and devoured everyone without exception.

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