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Chapter 309: 309、Final Lesson (Part 1)

Ultimately, Energy Sea Snowy Mountain was unopened. Lu Shu brought Lu Xiaoyu home and expressed to Li Xianyi there and then that the foundation of mutual trust was basically gone.

He now felt only revulsion when people ask questions when speaking to him, both true questions and rhetorical ones!

Li Xianyi was here obviously trying to use a first person t.i.tle to rea.s.sure Lu Shu, but Lu Shu would not have any of it…

However, despite saying that, Lu Shu was not a person who gave up easily. There was a toughness in him, something that a hard life had imbued him with.

Somebody had once said, be thankful for the hards.h.i.+ps life gives us, because they make us grow.

Lu Shu, that was nonsense. What everyone should be thankful for is not hards.h.i.+ps, but the fact that we could get through it. We are stronger and more mature because of our own will.

Hards.h.i.+p is hards.h.i.+p, to brave through that is achievement. If not, one is already defeated. Some may never recover from that in their whole life.

There is no one to thank but ourselves if we can endure through hards.h.i.+ps, and only ourselves to blame should we not. We made our own choices.

Lu Shu pondered, even though he did not have the sword gut, he still had other swords!

Unlike Li Xianyi, this was not the only path he had walked on.

Can the Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow hone Snowy Mountain? Only after trying would he find out.

That night, Lu Shu sat on his bed and began his attempt to hone Snowy Mountain using Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow. The two small blades were moved by Lu Shu's will and flew out of the Celestial Map straight towards Snowy Mountain.

Lu Shu discovered to his surprise that his method worked, because when in the body, Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow were both existing as soul-like ent.i.ties. They could enter straight into the vicinity of Energy SeaSnowy Mountain.

He was trying to bring Corpsedog to Snowy Mountain to hone it upon this giant whetstone.

Lu Shu suddenly noticed, every time he grind Corpsedog, a faint beam of light would flash across within its body. Corpsedog seemed to shout and jump for joy every time that happened.

Moreover, Corpsedog easily left a long mark upon Snowy Mountain.

It works!

Even though he did not know if doing this was right, whether it was beneficial for Corpsedog, the problem was that Lu Shu half-agreed with Li Xianyi: Since Snowy Mountain had suppressed Energy Sea, they could just destroy Snowy Mountain to reopen an Energy Sea!

That was the kind of viciousness Lu Shu possessed. Destroyed is destroyed, Snowy Mountain could still be cultivated once again someday.

Li Xianyi did not tell him how to go about destroying Snowy Mountain, because he was not sure if the method was truly correct. He had to ponder more.

Since Li Xianyi did not say, Lu Shu would try it out himself.

Now, both Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow could be honed. Furthermore, they could put pressure on Snowy Mountain. In that case, he should go on grinding it. Lu Shu felt that there would be a change one day! Even though the Snowy Mountain was big, it would one day be grinded down by Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow.

Lu Shu was controlling Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow to wear down Snowy Mountain from the base, just like sawing a tree…

The next day, Lu Shu resumed to his usual sword training. Even though the cultivation of Energy Sea Snowy Mountain had stopped, Lu Shu did not think sword training should end totally. Only the consumption of Energy Sea fruit should stop.

Because in actual combat, he had experienced first-hand the benefits of a high level of physical control. Channelling of energy through one heart, this was true “understanding of self”. As for “understanding the other”, it would be up to the level of preparation in the future…

Li Xianyi looked at Lu Shu. Even after possessing Energy Sea Snowy Mountain, he would still continue practising diligently the basics of swordsmans.h.i.+p. Li Xianyi could not help but exclaim, “His success is not by chance.”

Auntie Liu asked from behind him, “Must you leave in such a rush?”

“Hmm,” Li Xianyi nodded.”In this great age of magical energy rejuvenation, if the foundation does not have top masters standing guard, it would gradually lose its authority. This is what we do not wish to see. The capabilities of each country are improving, if the foundation were to stagnate, it would one day be knocked out. Remains, resources, sometimes it is not whether we should fight for it, but it's an imperative. Because this world is like this now. I have been absent long enough on the world stage.”

“Okay,” Auntie Liu nodded. “Today…let me cook for Xiaoyu once more.”

“Hmm, let me give Xiaoyu one last lesson,” Li Xianyi said slowly as he looked at Lu Shu, who was outside practising his swordsmans.h.i.+p.

Upon hearing that the old man was giving his final lesson, Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu knew immediately that once promoted to Cla.s.s A, Li Xianyi would be returning to his original path in life.

Li Xianyi had returned home to recuperate because of his foundation degrading. Now that it had recovered and his power greatly enhanced, there would definitely be new targets coming up.

It would be a lie to say one was not sad. Lu Xiaoyu carried her small bag and went to school. Lu Shu leaned against the railings and looked on.

Li Xianyi also felt a tinge of sadness. In fact, he had once thought that if his foundation had not recover, it would alos be nice to still be with these two kids.

Next moment, Lu Xiaoyu fished out a High School Year One Mathematics book, “What is going to be taught today?”

Li Xianyi looked quietly at the Junior Secondary Year Two Mathematics textbook on his table…

“From Li Xianyi's distress, +399!”

Am I crazy to insist on giving this lesson?! And, Lu Xiaoyu aren't you only in Junior Secondary Year Two, why self-study to High School Year 1?!

“Ahem, let's not learn new things in our final lesson. Lu Shu you can sit down and join us too…” Li Xianyi said calmly.

Lu Shu sat down curiously. The trio, Li Xianyi, Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu, sat around the stone table in the yard. The sky was clear, and the cicadas were incessant in their songs.

Li Xianyi asked, “What do the two of you want to do in the future?”

“Go to school,” Lu Shu said.

“What about after graduating?”

“Never thought of it,” Lu Shu shook his head. He really had never thought through that.

“I feel that you two should start thinking about this question.” Li Xianyi would say this as the siblings were now one a Cla.s.s C and the other a Cla.s.s D. They were not too weak as pract.i.tioners, and were both still very young.

The rate at which the world will be changing in the future is beyond human imagination. Just a year ago, Li Xianyi was still sceptical of the rejuvenation of the tides of magical energy. He had thought it was merely an occasional phenomenon of returning magical energy, but it was now a fact.

Pract.i.tioners in the country were restrained by the Heavenly Network and did not cause much trouble. However, many pract.i.tioners and Awakened ones overseas were slowly ascending the world stage.

This world, would not always be so peaceful.

Lu Shu nodded upon hearing this, “Understood. I will give my future more thoughts. Are you about to leave?”

Li Xianyi was suddenly lost in thought, “You kept asking, what is the aspiration of the foundation…”

“I did not,” Lu Shu replied.

“From Li Xianyi's distress, +199!”

“Please continue, please…” Lu Shu quickly added upon seeing the distress points.

Li Xianyi, “…what was I going to say?”

What the heck, his emotions were incoherent!

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