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This time, the entire line of Pract.i.tioner trafficking had been uprooted after the extermination of its head. Most pitifully, though, Lu Shu and his sister did not get any monetary benefits in the end…

He had noticed a general trend on the Darkness Kingdom site, that trading was a considerably popular thing. If the times were not right, people would rather keep their items than an unfavorable sale. Thus, exchanging for cash had become less preferable.

In fact, for those organizations, they had no shortage of money, only for resources like suitable weapons for their members.

But Lu Shu was not that rich and money was still of use to him…

His greatest loss was his inability to search the Cla.s.s B professional for precious loot.

Speaking of which, he suddenly recalled another treasure of his, which almost slipped his mind due to the one-month training following the acquisition.

His magical instincts probed into his Seal of Lands, in search of the item. To his surprise, the originally dimly-lit interior of the Seal was now as bright as the daylight. A stream of glowing water was wandering inside haphazardly, like a cotton-like cloud in the sky. But its golden radiance was too blinding.

Was it still water?! Using his water-control special powers, it behaved exactly the same as normal water. Moreover, there seemed to exist a higher order connection between himself and the water, which made it easier to control.

Keeping his door shut, Lu Shu retrieved the glowing river from his Seal of Lands. A stream of golden light then appeared in front of him, it flowed in the air and harbored terrific power.

To the best of his memory, Lu Shu could not remember this force in the approaching tides back then. Could it have been his trump card in case of emergencies, but before he could use it he ended up getting killed by Nie Ting who had unexpectedly ascended to Cla.s.s A? In the end, however, Lu Shu became the final beneficiary.

But what use did the water serve? As lighting? It seemed a pretty practical function…

Out of curiosity, Lu Shu moved the glow closer to floor. Then, he was shocked to see a hole in the floor at the point of contact.

Frightened, Lu Shu immediately recalled his golden river back into midair. Was it really so powerful? After some deliberation, he took out from his Seal of Lands the rusted sword, his loot from the Gongyi black market, and brought it closer to the light. In the next second, the blade became agitated, and all energy therein concentrated at the contact point with the golden light for resistance. But it was useless. Soon enough, all energy was depleted and the magical weapon turned into an ordinary article, while the golden water seemed to have become stronger.

"What the… Is it eating magical weapons?!" Lu Shu was astounded. Despite its excellent corrosiveness, the glowing water required magical weapons for further strengthening of its power. Such a costly project for Lu Shu!

However, Lu Shu had always been envious of Anthony's ability to cause temporary failure of magical weapons by surrounding them with deep sea white sand. Now, he could perform the same, or even better.

But he could not set his expectations too high either. If his opponent was a Cla.s.s B flying dagger user, the dagger would obviously be faster than his golden water and he would surely be dead before his water started siphoning power from the dagger.

Then, Lu Shu heard the door open, followed by Li Yixiao's voice, "Hahaha, how boring it must be to stay in this safe house! You should have witnessed the splendid nightlife of Pattaya with me. What an experience!"

His tone was overflowing with pride and satisfaction.

Lu Shu took back his golden water at once and walked out of his room, but froze immediately, "Did you get struck by lightning?"

Li Yixiao was as black as charcoal from head to toe, as though he had just been grazed by lightning. Do you not know you are like this now? Then Lu Shu remembered the fight just now as recounted by Lu Xiaoyu. Li Yixiao went through the thunderbolt and drove a fist into the materialization-type pro…

So, he was indeed struck by lightning…

Legend has it that people acquire superpowers after getting struck by lightning. Therefore, Lu Shu asked in hesitation, "After the lightning, do you feel that you are somehow different?"

Lu Xiaoyu sneered, "Experience? Of how it feels like to get scorched by a thunderbolt?"

That displeased Li Yixiao. He then drew a startled breath at his reflection in the mirror. My goodness, who was that poor man looking back at him? He wanted to boast about his adventure that night, but was totally unaware that Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu had had a front row seat of what truly happened…

Having failed, Li Yixiao scratched his head in embarra.s.sment, "It's not a big deal, you know? I had a fight on the way but that guy's capabilities couldn't match up to mine at all. After so many years, I, Li Yixiao, am still a success in the cultivation society. Do you know what my greatest strength is?"

Lu Xiaoyu curled her lips, "Shamelessness?"

"From Li Yixiao's distress, +666!"

Lu Shu pondered for two seconds, "A tough head?"

"From Li Yixiao's distress, +666!"

Li Yixiao felt misunderstood, "It's my wisdom and courage!"

Lu Shu showed no effort in hiding his sarcasm, "Well done."

Meanwhile, Lu Xiaoyu whipped out her phone at once, "h.e.l.lo? Grandpa, there's someone showing off here and it's spinning out of control. Of course, we are at…"

Li Yixiao was stunned, "Who are you calling? Which grandpa?!"

"Who do you think?" Lu Xiaoyu tilted her head to Li Yixiao, her face emotionless.

"From Li Yixiao's distress, +999!"

"Hahahahaha, look how naughty you are! I'm going out for a walk now. Sleep early!" Li Yixiao immediately walked out of the house without a second thought.

How many grandpas did Lu Xiaoyu have? Two. The old priest and Li Xianyi. Now in Pattaya, who would she call for help? Definitely not someone friendly.

Lu Xiaoyu's phone number had been changed to a temporary one for overseas use, including hundreds of MB of data and one hundred minutes of free call. But Li Xianyi used a satellite phone and his number had remained the same…

Just a while ago, all pract.i.tioners in the city were alerted to his arrival. Since they had not seen each other for a long time, Lu Xiaoyu phoned the old man.

Initially, Li Xianyi was upset about the disruptive chaos in the city.

But now, Lu Xiaoyu's timely call informed him of her whereabouts, it was a piece of uplifting news, just like the noon sun over the sea…

The old man casually rose into the sky and hurried to the southern part of the city. He almost could not help but start to hum a song to express his good mood…

It was a strange mixture of happiness and the sense of accomplishment, it was even more pleasing than his own breakthrough to Cla.s.s A, which mainly brought about greater responsibilities. At the current moment, however, it was pure joy. He felt as if his granddaughter had just prepared him a thoughtful gift after traveling elsewhere.

In summary, all the love and care he showered on Lu Xiaoyu had been worth it…

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