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It was Li Yixiao's first official invitation to Lu Shu since the last time they talked about bringing Lu Shu to the remains for some good stuff.

In fact, it was Lu Shu who had forgotten about that appointment, not Li Yixiao…

In any case, the Salt Lake remain was so far away and now as a Major, Lu Shu could visit any remain as he pleased. Coupled with the absence of new remains in the central area, the two had rarely brought up their plan again.

But this time when the topic returned, it seemed they were going overseas…

Until then Lu Shu was still unaware of where they were going. But based on Li Yixiao's expression, it was highly likely the Heavenly Network had dispatched him there. Lu Shu was at a loss, "Why don't they send a Cla.s.s A there? They'll surely win."

Li Yixiao grinned, "Is unbridled use of nuclear weapons acceptable? There's a tacit agreement among organizations and we can't really kill them all, can we? Sooner or later the external cultivation organizations will have a Cla.s.s A too."

Lu Shu nodded, the efficiency of the formation of the agreement was unexpected. It was understandable, though. Li Xianyi's last fight had aroused a storm on the global scale, as his act of killing a Cla.s.s B with merely one blow was way too scary. Thus, all organizations without a Cla.s.s A had established a united front, there would be no Cla.s.s A partic.i.p.ation in foreign affairs. If not, they would join forces after the birth of their own Cla.s.s A's and launch a grand attack. Unless one could wipe out their seeds and side against all cultivation organizations across the world, no one would send a Cla.s.s A.

Could they be wiped out? No. Moreover, Nie Ting seemed to have no interest in waging a war, but was purely curious about the remains.

To put it frankly, those external organizations were both scared and unable to fight back, hence they could only start a unified protest…

"So as long as we get into that remain, don't we have the final say about how much we take from it?" Li Yixiao was fascinated by his daydream.

"Let me consider it," Lu Shu did not choose to accept the invitation at once.

"Sure, no rush. We still have some time before it's opened," Li Yixiao left.

Lu Shu's hesitation stemmed from his worries.

If the reality was indeed like Li Yixiao's description, it would be perfect. But Lu Shu was well aware that it was not.

In such a short timespan, he had already encountered two foreign Cla.s.s B Metahumans, Anthony and the one who could control flood peaks.

Locally, there was not any opportunity to gain exposure on the real situations of foreign Pract.i.tioners and Metahumans, and even information on the Golden Foundation might not be totally reliable. But Lu Shu once saw dozens of user accounts with the Cla.s.s B symbol on the Darkness Kingdom web page alone. What about those who had not revealed their levels?

Remains were commonly known as the party for world cla.s.s experts. They all had a rough idea of what to expect in a remain, so how could it be that simple?

Indeed, Lu Shu loved money. But the question was could he get it? He himself did not have full confidence in surviving in a remain populated with Cla.s.s B's.

He was not slower than any Cla.s.s B, and could probably win in a one versus one combat situation. But his enemies had more people.

After all, Lu Shu was not a rogue. He was merely an ordinary citizen whose biggest ambition now was to graduate safely and enter a university for Pract.i.tioners.

The school on the Beimang remain was rapidly gaining strength, and its architecture suited Lu Shu's taste as well. He really wanted to visit there someday.

Currently, however, he was going abroad to enjoy himself while his peers were busy training and studying? Lu Shu would like some more time to think it through.

Up until now, Lu Shu had certainty of success in all his plans. But he had no such confidence in an overseas remain.


Gradually, the group thinned out as other geniuses returned to the Capital for mission submission. Those who completed their tasks were rewarded with the Cla.s.s C cultivation method, Yinyang Kins.h.i.+p of the Three, which was their greatest temptation for the entire journey.

Unlike their original mindset prior to the progress report, the desire for fame and power, Nie Ting only used one and a half months to instill in them calmness and composure.

Were the a.s.sessment and the urban survival test necessary?

That was akin to asking whether standing still like a soldier and turning left and right everyday was necessary in an army. One would only know its significance when its effects were seen over time.

Based on the outcome, the training for the Cla.s.s A apt.i.tude geniuses had been successful.

After everyone was gone, Lu Shu headed straight back to Luo Cheng. He had no need for the cultivation method, which Li Yixiao had communicated to the superiors in advance.

It was finally over. Lu Shu was suddenly relieved. On the train back to Luo Cheng, he saw the fields joining the sky in the far horizon, the clouds dangled low over the vast lands.


In a courtyard along the Liuhai Lane, in the Capital, Nie Ting was studying his doc.u.ments under a walnut tree, while s.h.i.+ Xuejin was lounging casually in a deck chair beside him, reading his book. His pace was very slow. What took other people a few minutes to read would take him an hour in total.

Next to s.h.i.+ Xuejin was a stack of precious thread-bound books, and he would get himself a cup of tea from the Zisha pot when he was thirsty. It was as if his sole interest in the world lay in the books alone.

Nie Ting's gaze remained glued to the pages, "If you didn't give that red fruit to Lu Shu, you wouldn't have to spend so much effort trying to figure out an alternative. When you are done, you probably won't have much time left."

s.h.i.+ Xuejin smiled, "I wouldn't steal something from a kid. It's fine. As long as I find it, I will be able to rest in peace. However, I'm curious about one thing. As someone who cares only about the grand picture, why do you pay so much attention to a kid this time?"

"I can foresee that he may become an indispensable link in the entire situation," Nie Ting replied calmly, "Li Yixiao isn't that dependable, Chen Baili is too honest while aggressive, Feng Yeming is not fond of violence, and the other three are focused on their ascension. Meanwhile, I have to take the helm, but the Heavenly Network needs someone to take care of external affairs."

"Li Xianyi used to be the best suit, but sadly he shares a different ideology," s.h.i.+ Xuejin's eyes twinkled, "But why do you think Lu Shu can live up to that role? Speaking of which, do you think he will follow Li Yixiao overseas? You sent Li Yixiao there just to indirectly coax him into going. I'm afraid Li Yixiao himself had no idea of that."

"Li Yixiao will convince him," Nie Ting rose, his gaze turned to the walnut tree beside him. It was planted by his teacher, who had already pa.s.sed away, and he himself was no longer the boy that squatted under the tree everyday, as he waited for the fruits to ripe.

s.h.i.+ Xuejin remained non-committed, "Chen Baili had broken free of the Heavenly Shackles. I'm afraid the day of the birth of new Cla.s.s A's overseas is drawing close."

At that moment, the lush leaves and branches on the tree suddenly started swaying. Nie Ting sighed, "It's getting windy."

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