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Chapter 353: Shura

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Gongyi was heavily industrialized and had always played a pivotal role in the Luo Cheng Industrial Corridor. Afterwards, due to its rapid economic development, it became independent from Luo Cheng’s administration and fell under the direct jurisdiction of Yuzhou.

With a black mask on his face and two spears on his back, Lu Shu walked into a huge yard, which was piled up with car wheels and rusted car frames, that resembled a labyrinth. The twisty narrow path between the walls of abandoned cars seemed to lead to nowhere.

The black market was far more deserted than Lu Shu had expected. In his imagination, it was a place where people traded herb pills…

It could only be attributed to the fact that most Pract.i.tioners and Metahumans were concentrated in the Heavenly Network, with very few loafing about outside.

It was not that the rats in the gray areas were too weak, but that the Heavenly Network was too special, incomparable both locally and abroad.

Everything yet to happen was already in Nie Ting and s.h.i.+ Xuejin’s vision.

For reasons unknown, Lu Shu vaguely sensed the weight of duty on his shoulder, as a Major in the Heavenly Network, at the dawn of a time of turmoil.

Lu Shu smiled and then shook the thought away. Seeing him walking inside, the three people at the door who were playing cards stood up, “Which faction?”

Lu Shu hesitated, “I’m not from any faction, but I have fifteen magical stones.”

The three brightened up, “Go in.”

A rich one!

However, instead of taking the narrow path, Lu Shu leaped onto the highest point of the heap for a bird eye’s view. His breach of the rules shocked everyone in and out of the yard.

Those people had been used to posturing. Thus, all past customers had to walk through the maze-like paths. Not all newcomers would be robbed anyway, as they still needed some form of publicity.

Looking up at Lu Shu, the three doorkeepers were indignant, “Come down! Do you not understand the rules!? What on Earth are you doing here?”

In other times, he would have to hide, but at that moment, it was completely unnecessary. Lu Shu clearly understood that everyone on the target list had their hands stained with the blood of other Pract.i.tioners. They clearly deserved to die.

Moreover, different from other groups targets, those in this black market were ganging up with foreign organizations to transfer their stolen goods overseas through a businessman in the south.

It was equivalent to those tomb raiders in the past who sold the national treasures found, to other countries.

Just three days ago, after getting drunk, this group of people wanted to carry off a young girl from the streets, but were fortunately stopped by a local policeman on patrol duty. Even as Pract.i.tioners and Metahumans, they had no guts to defy the security force of the country.

But, what would happen to the girl had the policeman not noticed the incident?

There was neither surveillance nor the Heavenly Network.

Hence, Lu Shu did not plan to waste his time with these dregs of the community, and neither did he intend on a secret attack.

In other words, none of them would be spared their lives.

To put it bluntly, keeping his trump card a secret everyday felt like his hands and feet had been chained up. Why was Lu Shu so ecstatic after reading through the mission information? It was because he no longer had to restrain himself in front of these people!

Perched on top, Lu Shu grinned, “Take all your good stuff out for a look!”

On the floor, a man with a long scar which seemed jarring on his arm sneered, “Why should we listen to you? They are in the room. Do you have the guts to take them?”

Lu Shu frowned, “Why are you so unfriendly? Is there anything wrong with taking a look in advance at my goods?”

“From Feng Hao’s distress, +199!”

“From Ren Hengqi’s distress, +177!”


Never had they expected that this fellow would be so shameless. Who the h.e.l.l was he?!

One whispered, “Could it be he’s from the Heavenly Network?”

“Not likely. The Heavenly Network uses swords, but look at the weapons on his back, they look like spears…”

To those rats in the gray areas, there was a pretty easy way to differentiate the Heavenly Network fighters from the rest. Their standard sword was unmistakably recognizable.

Of course, they would not know about Lu Shu’s spears, which were a special reward from the Network itself.

At that moment, the only thought in Feng Hao and the rest’s mind was that the kid perching high up was so unruly and impetuous!

Suddenly, Lu Shu opened his hand, and over ten magical stones of the size of a thumb were s.h.i.+mmering in the sunlight on his palm.

Feng Hao was shocked at once, “So many magical stones! Did you rob some Heavenly Network fighter? We can’t take this kind of thing on.”

Lu Shu was amused at the twist in their att.i.tudes. Generally speaking, they bullied the weak and feared the strong.

“Rest a.s.sured. I have shown my sincerity. So, let me see yours,” Lu Shu smiled.

But, instead of any impressive weapons, Feng Hao took out a sack of cash…

Could it be they had already sold all their stolen goods overseas?

Lu Shu frowned, “Only cash?”

“Then what else do you want?” they asked in reply.

“Show me everything. Let me see if there’s anything I can use…” Lu Shu grinned.

But Feng Hao shook his head, “That’s all.”

“Show me all my goods! Hurry!” Lu Shu became impatient, suspecting that all stolen goods were hidden in the room at the back.

Feng Hao was exasperated, what do you mean by YOUR goods?

But before they could react, Lu Shu had taken out his phone and opened his digital memorandum, smiling, “Forget it. Without further ado, I’ll now make a roll call. Report when your name is called.”

Those below exchanged confused a look, roll call? He thought he was a teacher?

“Take your weapons! Kill him!” Feng Hao immediately turned to the room to get their stolen weapons.

As soon as he turned, Lu Shu laughed, “I’ll take it as you are trying to resist.”

At that instant, Lu Shu had already taken out his head-twisting gourd from his Seal of Lands, hanging it at his waist level and calling the names, “Feng Hao!”

With a crisp sound, Feng Hao’s head suddenly turned one-hundred and eighty degrees to face Lu Shu, his neck completely broken like a fried dough twist.

Lu Shu continued, “You are suspected of intentional homicide and treason.”

“Ren Hengqi!”


Frightened, Ren Hengqi tried to get his weapons and avenge his comrade. But before he could do so, his neck was also twisted one-hundred and eighty degrees to his back, unable to die in peace!

“You are suspected of intentional homicide and treason.”

The rest were almost petrified by terror. Lu Shu’s measure was really way too horrifying.

But no one could explain what was going on. The young man was like a judge, announcing the names of the dead, and none could ever escape.

Earlier on he said that he was doing a roll call. What special power was roll call?

The two most powerful people in the entire black market were already dead. If Cla.s.s D’s could not even resist, how could Cla.s.s F’s and E’s survive?

The young man standing high up suddenly became unfathomable. He had not even used his weapon!

All of a sudden, the abandoned yard turned into an inferno, everyone’s consciousness had been engulfed by terror. It was not that they had never seen bloodshed, but no one had ever treated killing so lightly and easily!

The sunlight was sweltering, but it felt icy on the black market men’s skin.

The head-twisting gourd was not only capable of making a person turn his head, but could also kill.

“Song Yinhan!”


“Guo Wei!”


For those who had their backs facing Lu Shu and trying to escape, their necks were twisted with no exception.

However, some people were too scared to run. They knelt down and pleaded for mercy. Suddenly, they realized that when their names were called, they did not get killed!

It was slowly registered that only those who had their backs facing the young man would die! Despite the irresistible force acting on their head, instead of being killed, they would only be compelled to look at the man on top.

“Hahaha, we can kill him! As long as we are facing him!” one person released a wild roar. At that moment, they were all eroded by horror. Honestly speaking, they could no longer make discerning choices, but could only boost their own courage.

Since they could never escape, all they could do was fight back!

After finis.h.i.+ng his roll call, Lu Shu put his phone back in his pocket and gazed at the remaining few coming towards him. Suddenly, Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow swooshed out of his celestial map at the same time and delightfully began reaping lives.

“Cla.s.s C! Flying daggers!” seized with terror, a person shouted at once. In a split second, something pierced through his chest. Until then, he still could not understand why a Cla.s.s C expert from the Heavenly Network would appear here.

Those who thought they would survive simply by facing Lu Shu had already jumped out of their skin at the sight of flying daggers. It was a clear indication of a Cla.s.s C. Furthermore, they had never heard of anyone in Cla.s.s C who was able to wield two flying daggers concurrently!

Lu Shu jumped off from the rusted car tower and sauntered over to the bodies. Looking around, it was probably the inevitable sight of life and death on the journey of cultivation.

Sometimes he would wonder what was on Nie Ting’s mind after he had killed someone, or Chen Baili’s. But he had never figured it out.

In his imagination, he might feel faint-hearted after taking someone’s life. In this world, there never existed any real devils, except for the timidness hidden in people’s hearts.

However, since a long time ago, he was no longer the weak teenage boy who could only keep his sister alive by selling steamed eggs.

Gazing at the bright sunlight, Lu Shu wondered, would he regret his path in the future?

Probably not.

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