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Chapter 235: 235、That's Unfair! (Part 3)

w.a.n.g Shuli and friends were lying drunk along the sh.o.r.e as the sunset was almost over. The red sunlight refracted through the clouds and shone onto their messy and uncivilized postures.

Lu Shu instructed Lu Xiaoyu to look after them as he wanted to go over to Li Dian.

Lu Shu also wanted to check out the familiar figure he saw.

He remembered the location of Li Dian's tent and slowly approached it amidst the commotion. Lu Shu stood beside the tent and tried to listen to the movements inside.

He heard an ongoing conversation. One of the voices belong to Li Dian while the other voice sounded familiar but he couldn't recognize it at that moment.

"Is there a need to be so careful to take cover as tourists? I don't think the heavenly network's focus is on the Qingzhou's side."

"It's better to be safe. Do you know how much I've suffered when I escaped from that place?"

"That's true… How do we approach at night?" Li Dian asked.

"Are you certain that your compa.s.s is accurate? I do not wish to waste this trip. You may have achieved Cla.s.s E but I would have wasted my time and risked getting found out by the heavenly network for nothing. Zhou Ziheng is still waiting for us at the no man's land. The team is strong this time and we might

accomplish something big!" The other voice said.

"What big thing? I'm quite certain. My compa.s.s is rarely wrong and the thing should still be in the sun-moon mountain," Li Dian replied.

"Your standing in this organization is too low. The things you should know will be made known to you but the things you shouldn't know, you shouldn't ask," The other voice said, "We will depart when the sun has set. I rode a motorbike here along with a group of riders. Later on, I would like you to seat on my motorbike and we will reach the sun-moon mountain within an hour. We will quickly retrieve the item and head back without getting found out. Also, we shouldn't underestimate the heavenly network. You rely on your compa.s.s but there are people in the heavenly network with the natural ability to sense magical energy. These people are known as the sensory type and who knows how many of them are in that place?"

Lu Shu was suddenly reminded of a conversation with Li Xianyi. He had been wondering about how Yuan Liangtuo and his company's sensitivity to energy waves weren't as strong as his.

Did this mean that he himself was a sensory type? And this ability of his was magnified after obtaining the seal of lands.

But what is this thing inside the sun-moon mountain that they're talking about?

The other person inside the tent said that he arrived with a group of riders on motorbikes. So could he be the person Lu Shu found familiar?!

Lu Shu was extremely curious, who could this person be?!

The two of them continued chatting for quite a while about the changes in this world which Lu Shu already knew off. In fact, Lu

Lu Shu knew more than them and the things they mentioned were merely speculations while Lu Shu experienced them first-hand.

This was one of the greatest disadvantages of training independently- the lack of information.

Some people thought of training independently as cool and unrestrained. But in fact, leaning against a large tree was the most cooling.

Training independently was tough...

Lu Shu was staring at the other party's motorbike, thinking to himself that the other part was going to ride that to find something at the sun-moon mountain. So how should he proceed…?

At this moment, the tent's curtain opened up and Lu Shu walked away discreetly. Glancing back, he realized that the other party was someone he knew!

Liang Che!

Lu Shu's first encounter with Liang Che was the same day he obtained the celestial map and the memories of that day were still etched deep inside his heart.

Just like every other turning points in life, the details of these important moments would be deeply etched in one's heart...

Lu Shu's life had started to change since that day. On that same day, Lu Shu met Liang Che who was also being chased by the heavenly network.

In the afternoon, he even witnessed Liang Che performing in the circus before being taken away. At night, he saw Liang Che escaping for his life.

After that many encounters with Liang Che, he could remember clearly how he looked like.

No wonder the sense of familiarity, it was him!

Seems like this guy was never caught by the heavenly network and even joined some organization made of secret pract.i.tioners. Lu Shu felt a strong wave of energy from him which was strong when they first met. He should be of at least a middle-Cla.s.s D.

He must have awakened again.

At the same time, seeing Liang Che gave Lu Shu a bad impression of the organization. Li Dian was a cheat and Liang Che tried to extort from him. Both of them weren't anything decent.

As the saying went 'birds of the same feather flock together', Lu Shu imagined this organization to be filled with people that would use any means to achieve what they wanted.

And his feeling was right. Li Dian and Liang Che's motives here were not pure. Taking cover as tourists, their real motive was something inside the sun-moon mountain.

But… what could be in the sun-moon mountain? Lu Shu thought that although that bare place was the main city of ancient Tibet, everyone had pa.s.sed by it and there weren't anything interesting or any tombs there.

Hmm, wait. What about the treasure mirror of Princess Wen Cheng?! It can't be…

Liang Che stood in front of the tent and whispered, "I'll go grab the motorbike. Meet me on the 109 national road."

"Okay," Li Dian replied.

Lu Shu suddenly realized, the other parties had motorbikes, what about himself?!

Could they ride motorbikes while he would have to rely on his legs? That's too unfair!

Lu Shu wasn't happy.

The sun had already set and the light rays were gone. The clouds were slowly disappearing into the horizon.

Liang Che was humming a little tune as he walked towards the road, excited at the thought of obtaining a magical item.

However, when he was about to arrive at his motorbike parked at the roadside, his was jaw-dropped to see a skinny figure escaping with his motorbike...

Who the f*ck is that?!

"From Liang Che's distress, +999!"

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