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Chapter 233: 233 The Meat-eating Squirrel (Part 1)

The first station was k.u.mb.u.m Monastery, and the itinerary of the afternoon was to pa.s.s through the scenic area of the sun-moon hill and arrive at Qinghai Lake eventually.

It was important to catch the sunset at Qinghai lake according to the planned itinerary, which was why tour guide w.a.n.g said they would wait for Yuan Liangtuo for one hour at the most. Otherwise, they wouldn't make it for the sunset.

Yuan Liangtuo, as a pract.i.tioner, was physically strong. Even though Li Dian's laxatives were very strong, Yuan Liangtuo eventually recovered albeit being much weaker. Throughout the remaining bus ride, he leaned on his girlfriend, Yuan Li, to rest.

A hint of a grin appeared on Li Dian's mouth. This was merely a small punishment. A refund was definitely out of the question. The magical energy of the magical stones was already absorbed into his body. The originally s.h.i.+mmering magical stones were now useless stones.

In actual fact, Lu Shu couldn't make out where this man's confidence stemmed from.

As the bus arrived at the sun-moon mountain, it didn't slow down. Tour guide w.a.n.g said with his microphone in hand, "Because we have limited time to make it for the sunset, we wouldn't be stopping for the scenery at sun-moon mountain today. We'll pa.s.s by here again when we make the return trip where I'll bring everyone along to see this place."

"I'll give you guys a brief introduction on it first: The origin of the name Sun-moon mountain is related to Princess Wencheng. Legend has it that when Princess Wencheng took the initiative to go to Hefan in the west, the Tang Emperor, being extremely depressed, bestowed her with a precious mirror. He wanted her to look at it when she reached the border of Han and the Tibetans. From the mirror, she would be able to see her hometown, parents, and relatives. After a long time, she reached Chiling, and being homesick, the princess retrieved the mirror to look at it. The only thing which appeared on the mirror

was her skinny, fatigued face and the Chiling hills under the sun. Only then did she understand that her parents were doing everything for her. In her grief, she threw the mirror which shattered into two parts, each landing on a side of the mountain. This was how the Sun-moon mountain got its name."

Tour guide w.a.n.g then cracked a joke, "Actually, everyone understands! How could an ordinary mirror show relatives and parents from far away? So this is but a myth. And the bronze mirrors in the past weren't that fragile to be so easily broken. And even if they did break, they wouldn't fall two mountains apart…"

"Lu Shu," Lu Xiaoyu turned towards Lu Shu suddenly upon hearing the words of the tour guide, "You said you were going to give me a mirror last Christmas but I've still not received it! I even forgot about it…"

Lu Shu froze, "Keke, I'll buy it for you when we get back…"

"Would you have forgotten if I didn't mention it?"

"Don't be so smug about it…"

To arrive at Qinghai Lake, one had to pa.s.s through 109 national road here at the sun-moon mountain. Only after another hour upon pa.s.sing through here would they arrive at Qinghai Lake.

They would have to spend the night at Qinghai Lake after watching the sunset as they were scheduled to watch the sunrise early the next morning as well.

The accommodation arranged by the travel agency tonight was made up of tents next to Huanhu road. There were single, double and triple rooms. There were even quadruple rooms suitable for families...

They only understood what it meant by a prosperous tourism season when they reached Qinghai Lake… A small and simple public toilet had bright red words written on it: No urination or defecation at undesignated areas. Offenders will be fined 50 dollars.

And outside this toilet was a queue which was already extending more than tens of meters…

When they arrived at the sh.o.r.e of Qinghai Lake, there were already more than a hundred pitched tents. Many people were weaving around amongst the tents and it looked extremely bustling.

Apart from tourists, there were locals selling food and drinks. It seemed like everyone was used to the huge surge in tourists who came to watch the sunrise and sunset during this time of the year.

The meals prepared were for ten people per table. There was quite a small variety but the portions were huge. There was chinese cabbage, buns, mutton, grilled beef… all of which were hard to come by when following a tour group…

Lu Shu, Lu Xiaoyu, and Little Fury were each holding a lamb chop. w.a.n.g Shuli laughed at that sight, "Your pet squirrel eats meat?"

Little Fury shot her a look. Haha. What's the big deal over eating meat? I can still read and write, would you believe it?

"From Little Fury's distress, +1+1+1…"

Ten people to a table meant that the tour group had to be split into two tables, and Yuan Liangtuo and his company were at a loss. On one hand was the group of six including w.a.n.g Shuli and Lu Shu while on the other was uncles and aunties...

The conflict from that afternoon was still fresh in everyone's heads. These uncles and aunties definitely cast a negative shadow over the younger generation.

Take Luo Cheng for example. The basketball courts and etcetera were usually taken up by seniors. The younger generation had to risk being scolded if they wanted to play ball.

But honestly, Lu Shu couldn't get used to such behavior. There were too many seniors who didn't know respect.

On one table, the aunties had moved the better dishes in front of them while the vegetables were left on the other side. Seeing that, Yuan Liangtuo was troubled and simply went over to Lu Shu's table to sit with them.

But it was not relaxing to sit here as well. Facing someone as powerful as Lu Shu, especially since they had gotten into a conflict with him previously, they were evidently in a debacle.

Only when they realized that Lu Shu was acting as if he didn't know them at all did they relax a little. They could just treat each other as strangers, to save themselves from some awkwardness.

w.a.n.g Shuli scanned both parties with her eyes. In the tense atmosphere, it was obvious that the daoyuan students were more powerful and superior, but why did it seem as if these four daoyuan students were harboring some sort of fear towards Lu Shu?

She couldn't verify if her instincts were correct. Previously, she was still thinking that she would help Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu if the other party wanted trouble with them. But now it seemed like she had worried too much.

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu looked at ease, without the slightest hint of worry. In contrast, Yuan Liangtuo and his friends looked rather troubled.

w.a.n.g Shuli was not an idiot. Although she did not know the reason, she would definitely catch on to some clues as to what was amiss.

She had many guesses but could verify none of them because Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu never exhibited any abnormality.

But this was nothing. Even if the siblings didn't have any special ident.i.ty, she was willing to befriend them as long as she thought that they were decent people.

For some reason, w.a.n.g Shuli always felt that Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu exuded a unique quality… which was very attractive.

Li Dian sat alone at that table with the aunty, looking at the vegetables in front of him. He was rather upset as the vegetables looked pathetic. He had been through the storms of society for years, and one thing he learned was… never go against an aunty head-to-head. They really can't be messed around with.

At this moment, his eyes lit up when he saw Little Fury next to Lu Xiaoyu. Since he was on the path of training, he wanted to have one magical pet to play with. But this sort of encounter can only be changed upon with luck, now that the price of such pets are insanely high on the market and he couldn't afford a single one.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if he could coax this pair of siblings into giving him the squirrel? With his compa.s.s in his hand, he was extremely certain that this pair of siblings weren't pract.i.tioners. This should make things easy.

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