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Chapter 217: 217、Testing

A stall could be set up just by finding an empty spot? No one is managing the entire black market?

That also meant that no one from the heavenly network was meddling in this affair. Everything was developing naturally, was it because… they didn't have the capacity to?!

After all, the management of a black market should be handled by someone who was in the business? If the government meddles in these affairs, a bunch of people would definitely be scared off within moments.

Lu Shu felt that such a black market probably wouldn't exist for long. Sooner or later, someone would see the benefits of this place and rules and regulations will be set up.

At least don't let such a disco-running scammer here. At least have some morals when scamming!

Lu Shu continued to walk forward, feeling as if he was looking at people similar to the boss he encountered. The items offered in the stalls were not special at all, and he could feel no magical energy from them at all.

The spears he obtained in the remains all reverberated intensely with magical energy! Especially that one from the general's hands, which was the one possessed by Li Yixiao now. Back when the black dragon was released, Lu Shu could feel the terrifying waves of energy from far away.

To be honest, his expectations for these stalls shouldn't be too high. After all, there's not a single pract.i.tioner here after a long while. It would be real mysterious of they could actually differentiate which ones exuded magical waves.

Lu Shu previously wanted to see how much his spears were worth. After all, one day he would completely master his sword manipulation. His spear throwing, although powerful and terrifying, was just an ability he currently used.

This led Lu Shu to think, one spear could probably match the price of one plot of magical land? After all, plots of magical land were readily available but magical equipment was quite rare, and not available to just anyone.

But looking at things now, there was nothing he could make comparisons with. Everyone else put items from home and made them seem like special items. His spears would really seem mediocre…

He moved deeper inside quietly. Initially, Lu Shu thought that the stuff in the shophouses would be different, but he was ultimately disappointed. Even with a bigger storefront, there wasn't much difference in the items.

It was already dawn, but the black market was still bustling. There were people who really came to buy stuff, while there were those who came just to see what all the commotion was about...

Lu Shu was rather disappointed as he saw hordes of people moving around, d.a.m.n… this black market was absolutely the biggest joke in his vacation…

He then saw Yuan Tuoliang and his friends. Even when Lu Shu brushed past them, the other party didn't realize Lu Shu's ident.i.ty.

"There's so much stuff here!" Yuan Tuoliang and his friends couldn't hide their excitement and looked around in enthusiasm.

"But we don't know which items are real. The owners wouldn't let us try them, there's bound to be plenty of fake stuff!"

"What if we unknowingly get ourselves a great steal?" Yuan Tuoliang discussed excitedly.

Lu Shu couldn't feel more annoyed as he listened to their conversation. Can't you… differentiate between actual magical instruments and daily household items?!

d.a.m.n, wasn't this like walking across a landmine blindfolded?

No, Lu Shu realized a problem all of a sudden. He knew the difference between magical equipment and normal items because of the magical equipment he obtained in the remains. But students outside of Yuzhou had never set foot in a remain. They might be daoyuan students, but that didn't mean that they were exposed to magical equipment.

This meant that they were misinformed and there was information asymmetry. Lu Shu suddenly felt a sense of superiority...

The term 'getting a steal' is too tempting. Most people hope to get lucky and get a steal in their daily life, to take the shortcut in anything they do. But the truth was, many of these people who hoped to get a steal would, more often than not, get played by others...

And scammers loved these people who thought that they could get a steal.

Lu Shu didn't waste more time on this group of people. He had more important stuff to do, and what's most important now was to check if anyone sold anything genuine here!

He was rather troubled. In such a big black market, he had still yet to make a legitimate finding in over 20 minutes of exploring.


Or could it be that the shop owners hid their best stuff unless they encountered some rich tyc.o.o.n?

At this moment, a shop owner in front of Lu Shu was bellowing merrily, "Everything here is good stuff. Look at the whisk on the left, it's traded to me by a pract.i.tioner. Have you seen the great daoist priest on television? This is from him!"

Lu Shu remained expressionless. Anything without magical waves had to be fake. As for that daoist priest, Lu Shu indeed asked Xi Fei about him. That priest was one of the few cla.s.s C experts in the country, a.s.sisting a heavenly king in looking over Nanjiang.

Seeing that this shop owner was clearly spreading lies and conning pa.s.sers-by, Lu Shu turned around and decided to leave. Seeing him leave so willingly led the shop owner into thinking that this kid knew what's going on in this field. Under normal circ.u.mstances, most people would be captivated by what he had said...

The shop owner a.n.a.lyzed Lu Shu's expression closely. After he stared for a few moments as if trying to confirm something, he suddenly spoke, "Are you a pract.i.tioner?"

"Yeah," Lu Shu nodded his head. There was no point in hiding this fat, what was the point of coming here if he wasn't a pract.i.tioner?

The shop owner's eyes immediately lit up as Lu Shu admitted to being a pract.i.tioner, "Then I might have exactly what you need."

Lu Shu was stunned for a moment. Could it be that the genuine transactions will only take place after he had revealed his ident.i.ty as a pract.i.tioner?

As if he looked through Lu Shu's doubt, the shop owner lowered his volume and explained, "This black market of ours might not have been in operation for a long time, but it does have a huge reputation. It's not that we don't dare to don't dare to sell some stuff, it's just that many commoners come here every day to ask about everything without making any purchase. It's just a pure waste of time! So afterward, we discussed and decided that only pract.i.tioners could purchase the good stuff. Why would commoners need all these? So we will choose our customers. We will make sure our customer is a pract.i.tioner before we take out the good stuff…"

Oh… Lu Shu was rather shocked. It was so troublesome? He then asked, "What do you have here? Forget about those that are colorful and emit light. Share something good with me."

"Expert," The shop owner smiled and stuck out a thumb, "Sadly, I do not have the magical equipment you want. But… I have magical stones!"

Lu Shu acknowledged him, "Can I have a look?"

The shop owner replied softly, "Could you perhaps exhibit some of your abilities please…"

As he finished, the shop owner brought a wooden ball forward. Lu Shu received the ball and with a squeeze of his palm, the ball was crushed to smithereens. The integrity of the wood was strong, and it required an immense amount of strength for it to be crushed.

The shop owner was shocked. Previously, there were buyers and they just had to cause a crack or dent in the ball. As long as they could do it, they were not commoners.

But Lu Shu's move was extremely terrifying. Lu Shu himself didn't think much of it as it was just a breezy squeeze of his hand. But in the eyes of the shop owner, Lu Shu had become the minority of great pract.i.tioners!

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