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Chapter 196: 196、Quality Training(Part 1)

The soul had yet to run out but Lu Xiaoyu was already in a state of fury, "I already told you not to give him that weird pill of yours but you just had to give it to him. Look, now he's gone mad!"

Lu Shu felt there was no point in reasoning with Lu Xiaoyu here as she was too agitated although there was really an evident increase in ability!

"Stop getting angry over this alright," Lu Shu started painstakingly, "You get him out of there first! Don't care about the guard and just escape from the closest exit… No, knock that guard out and get the test tube before back before coming out!"

Lu Xiaoyu was confused. She had painstakingly swapped the two test tubes. Why swap them back?

But when it came to this sort of important decisions, Lu Xiaoyu would heed Lu Shu's instructions regardless of what she thought.

Lu Shu was currently observing the situation closely using his seal of lands and noticed that the two guards outside were still oblivious to the situation inside.

Lu Xiaoyu then focused solely on controlling the actions of the soul puppet. Initially, only the light from the torchlight lit up the corridor but the sky had gotten brighter gradually and as the first ray of light shone onto the corridor, the soul puppet suddenly disappeared in front of the guard!

The security in Luo Cheng International School was extremely tight, but it wasn't tight to the extent that there were pract.i.tioners from the heavenly network situated there as there were no highly

cla.s.sified or important items there.

Lu Shu could also understand this reasoning: It was an accessible school with fences about only two meters tall. The windows were also fragile and could be easily broken by pract.i.tioners or metahumans. Under these circ.u.mstances, if important items were kept here, how many people would be required to protect the area?

And this was why the heavenly network never treated the school as a base. It was treated merely as an education facility.

The security guards here were ordinary soldiers, and ordinary people stood no chance against a cla.s.s D strength type metahuman.

At the moment the soul puppet disappeared, the guard wanted to press onto his walkie-talkie to request for backup. But just as he pressed the transmit b.u.t.ton, darkness enveloped his immediate front and he was knocked out cold onto the ground.

Lu Shu was getting a little nervous. Once the transmit b.u.t.ton was pushed, there would be static noises on the walkie-talkies and he didn't know if these noises could alert the other guards.

In actual fact, this group of people was well-trained and could put up a fight!

Even if it seemed like someone accidentally pressed the transmit b.u.t.ton, the group was alerted!

The soul puppet stood at the corridor as the walkie-talkie on the floor echoed, "All units report status."

"A1 no problem."

"A2 no problem."

The reports stopped abruptly at A8. At this moment, Lu Shu noticed a half the security guards rus.h.i.+ng to the building orderly. The remaining guards then stood at attention at the exits.

Within a short amount of time, they had sealed all the exits.

Lu Shu was rather amazed. If pract.i.tioners had such chemistry, discipline, and tactics, 'battles' between pract.i.tioners could be escalated to 'war'.

"Leave the compound once you swapped the test tubes and get back to our area as soon as possible. With the soul puppet's speed, it would probably take less than a minute!" Lu Shu said, "Don't hurt anyone innocent and be discerning in your approach. The best would be to avoid all confrontations."

The soul puppet went on to swap the test tubes, and even its original position was exactly the same. After that, it jumped right out of the window of the's office!

This jump reached a height of tens of meters!

Although the security guards were well trained, they didn't have any way to deal with this thing which was too strong for them. It was not that they were weak, but the cla.s.s D soul puppet was too strong!

They locked down all the normal exits, but those exits were for normal people!

In reality, the heavenly network wasn't warding off

warding off pract.i.tioners with these security guards as they stood no chance against them!

Someone started firing at the soul puppet with a rifle from the top of the building. Lu Xiaoyu frowned as the shots were fired well. Even under such circ.u.mstances, one bullet hit the soul puppet.

The gunshots jolted the town awake as such situations were rare in the country. Most people within the country had never heard a gunshot in their life.

It was so rare that even if a gunshot was heard, they might not know that it was one.

That's because a real gunshot was different from the ones in movies.

Lu Shu noticed the soul puppet losing its balance in the air slightly upon being hit before returning back to normal. He asked immediately, "Are you affected when the puppet is. .h.i.t? Does it hurt?"

"Nope," Lu Xiaoyu shook her head, "The puppet doesn't seem to feel any pain at all as well. The bullet hit it, but it didn't go through and the wound is very minor. There'll be issues, but it isn't a big problem. I tested it out on the sparrow previously. As long as it doesn't die, it'll recover through the celestial energy once I absorb it back into the black hole."

Lu Shu was relieved and he suddenly felt that the soul puppet seemed like one of the best underlings in the world. Although a bullet would cause damage to it just like humans as it was susceptible to injuries, it didn't feel any pain. It also heeded instructions of its superior entirely without any threat of betraying the superior.

What else in the world was more suitable to be an underling? Perhaps not.

The puppet then jumped past the school wall with ease and the security guards in the building lost sight of it. Its speed was too fast and with the shadows formed due to the rising sun, the guards had no clue where the dark figure went amid the shadows of the buildings.

Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu immediately left for home as they retrieved the soul puppet. Lu Shu whispered, "You don't speak later. I want to talk to the old man."

As they entered the yard, Lu Shu knocked the door. The old man came out from his house and asked, "What happened?"

Lu Shu shook his head, "I wanted to swap the test tubes, but there were gunshots from that place and I dared not go any nearer. Could you possibly help with the swapping of test tubes?"

Lu Shu opened his hand to show the old man the test tube. The old man hesitated before replying, "Since you've already asked, I'll help you. Just this once."

"Thanks, grandpa," Lu Shu said in joy.

The facts were clear to Lu Shu. The old man knew even the place the test tube was kept, which meant he definitely had some stealthy way of swapping the test tubes. It was clear that the old man wanted him to be independent at the start as he couldn't help them all the time. But with the unexpected events that followed, Lu Shu couldn't handle the situation himself.

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