Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 185: 185、Lu Xiaoyu's First Day Of School(Part One)

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Li Yixiao never mentioned that Lu Shu was a student and neither did Lu Shu. Although he looked young, he was dressed maturely. And the main point was that Li Yixiao brought them!

Previously, Lu Shu had exemplary results and didn't stay in school. So the students' affair office never had any interactions with him and it was normal that other teachers did not recognize him.

But this time, it was a problem for both Zhang Haitao and the director… But what could they say?

But they immediately thought that Lu Shu must be a daoyuan student, why else would Li Yixiao step up for him?

The students' affair director was stunned. Wait, the name Lu Shu sounds very familiar...

Lu Shu wasn't too concerned as he had Li Yixiao backing him. And he only wanted to settle Lu Xiaoyu's admission quickly, "Mr. Zhang, I shall leave Xiaoyu with you. Do you need me to do anything else?"

"Where are your parents?" Zhang Haitao asked Lu Shu.

"We're orphans," Lu Shu did not want to mention this to prevent any labels being placed on Lu Xiaoyu but the other party had to ask, "Anything else, Mr. Zhang?"

"Er," Zhang Haitao was stunned for a moment, "Nothing else. I'll introduce her to her cla.s.smates!" Frankly speaking, Lu Xiaoyu was incredibly pretty and Lu Shu being a pract.i.tioner, was trained in the essence of spirit which was reflected in his heightened physical aura and energy. The two of them didn't look like orphans at all.

"Then I shall go back first!" Lu Shu said cheerfully as he had resolved one of his main worries!

Lu Shu turned to Lu Xiaoyu and reminded softly, "Study hard and strive to be someone useful for the country… That's probably what other parents would say? But I only request one thing… please do not hit your cla.s.smates!"

Zhang Haitao and the director were confused, what is this?

Once Lu Shu and Li Yixiao had left, Lu Xiaoyu was suddenly energetic again. If anyone asked why she's in school, she only has one answer in her mind- Lu Shu wanted her to go.

Having Lu Shu by her side was very stressful. Although Lu Xiaoyu would frequently argue and scold Lu Shu, she knew that Lu Shu was irreplaceable.

This was like how the moon had always been orbiting around the earth and Lu Xiaoyu felt that this wasn't bad at all. When Lu Shu was so poor that he couldn't afford to feed Lu Xiaoyu, he tried to send her back to the orphanage so many times but she always found her way back to Lu Shu.

Along the way, Lu Xiaoyu was enduring the stress. But now that Lu Shu had left, she felt as if a shackle was taken off her...

As Lu Xiaoyu followed Zhang Haitao to the cla.s.sroom, she suddenly looked up and asked, "Mr. Zhang, can you not tell Lu Shu if anything bad happens?"

Zhang Haitao was shocked. It was his first time hearing such a direct request from a student… But, of course not!

In Zhang Haitao's impression, Lu Xiaoyu's parent Lu Shu must be one of the daoyuan students closer to Li Yixiao. Everyone knew that Li Yixiao wasn't from this area and this was his first time in Luo Cheng.

His teaching style had always been to call the parents whenever students misbehaved. Today, many teachers had the same mindset as him; that calling parents was the best method to correct the students' behavior. Furthermore… the parents that were called over wouldn't appear empty-handed. They would offer to buy a meal at the very least.

But Zhang Haitao wasn't a profit-seeking person as he casually asked, "The squirrel on your head, can you stop bringing it tomorrow? Students are here to study, not to bring their pets."

Lu Xiaoyu was unhappy upon hearing that, but she didn't change her att.i.tude because of this one sentence. Lu Shu had just left and Lu Xiaoyu wasn't an unreasonable person. She thought for a moment before putting little fury into her school bag. There's no need to make a fuss over this matter.

Zhang Haitao led her into the cla.s.sroom and clapped twice, "Silence everyone. Today, second-year Cla.s.s 9 will be welcoming a new student and I hope that all of you can help her. Lu Xiaoyu, go up and introduce yourself."

Lu Xiaoyu walked up with her little school bag and everyone else was suddenly silent. Lu Xiaoyu was just too beautiful and at just 10 years old, her eyelashes were thick and dark, fluttering up and down.

At this moment, the afternoon sun rays reflected off the cla.s.sroom door, s.h.i.+ning upon the rostrum. Lu Xiaoyu stood there looking very exquisite. Her short hair was smooth and clean, and her s.h.i.+rt was newly bought and washed by Lu Shu. Below her white long sleeve t-s.h.i.+rt was a pair of denim overalls stretching all the way down to her ankles and a clean pair of white shoes to complete it.

Lu Xiaoyu had matured fast and if she didn't mention, everyone else would have really thought that she's in the second year of middle school. Even her height was about that of the other cla.s.s girls.

Some of the boys were secretly delighted that a beauty finally joined their cla.s.s. At this point in time, middle school students were already writing love letters, confessing their love and dating.

The already had the basic concept of beauty and ugliness.

The girls had mixed reactions. Some felt envious and jealous while others were delighted.

Although school bullying was normally due to the jealousy of girls, not everyone was so small-hearted.

"My name is Lu Xiaoyu," She turned to Zhang Haitao after that, what next?

Zhang Haitao had always thought that this girl was a little weird as he cleared his throat, "Zhang Liang, sit in the empty seat behind. Lu Xiaoyu, sit in Zhang Liang's seat."

Some teachers liked to decide the seating arrangements based on their relations.h.i.+ps with their respective parents, but Zhang Haitao wasn't like that. Whoever had the better grades could choose their own seats.

Let's let Lu Xiaoyu seat here first and rearrange her seat based on the next exam.

The school bell rang but Zhang Haitao still wasn't a.s.sured. Since he had other, he had no choice but to leave.

A fat middle school politics teacher walked past Zhang Haitao and exchanged a brief greeting. Sitting there, Lu Xiaoyu felt as if everything was unreal. She should have just finished her breakfast and would be going back to sleep at this time before going to the grandpa's place for some snacks.

And during her lessons with the grandpa in the yard, Aunty Liu might even give her some little meals.

Sitting in the yard enjoying the breeze and eating little snacks, Lu Xiaoyu had found Aunty Liu and the grandpa rather interesting, at least it was much better than going to school.

What am I doing here?!

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