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Chapter 180: Military Schools (Part 3)

Jiang Shuyi followed Lu Shu to his yard and on the way, he asked curiously, "You don’t look too well, are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?"

"I’m fine," Lu Shu wasn’t uncomfortable but was constantly worried about his chi colliding into his sea of chi. It was tough.

In fact, Li Xianyi’s sword of the will was much harder than the daoyuan cla.s.s’ training. Even the initial swordplay training was something many wouldn’t be able to persevere through, not to mention the subsequent endurance game.

It was Jiang Shuyi’s first time at Lu Shu’s house, and seeing the plants in the yard gave him a feeling of comfort.

This yard was like a little utopia amongst the bustling city.

Entering the house, Lu Xiaoyu was still sleeping. It had become a routine for her to go back to sleep after eating breakfast and little fury must be playing somewhere.

Lu Shu put down his stuff, "what do you want to talk about?"

"Oh, just wanted to ask about the daoyuan cla.s.s. Are you quitting or staying?" Jiang Shuyi asked.

He checked out the interior of the house. The electronics looked new but the television shelf, cutleries, and sofa all looked really old.

Despite the shabbiness, there was a feeling of home. On the

new fridge were some little fridge magnets that looked extremely cute.

Must have been placed there by the little sister, Jiang Shuyi knew for sure.

He used to think that since Lu Shu relied on setting up stalls for a living, his house must have been in a poor state. He had the impression that the poor had not much fun in life since they’re probably desperately trying to make ends meet.

But looking at Lu Shu’s place, despite the shabbiness, it wasn’t messy at all and had a very cozy feeling to it.

"I’m definitely staying in the daoyuan cla.s.s," Lu Shu laughed, "only by training can I change my fate."

Lu Shu mentioned training, not the daoyuan cla.s.s. But others wouldn’t understand the hidden meaning behind his words.

He also wanted to find out Jiang Shuyi’s own opinions since he had more knowledge about the current situation, "Do you know what the new changes to the daoyuan cla.s.s could be?"

Jiang Shuyi thought for a moment, "there wouldn’t be many changes now and we have to wait and see. But you don’t have to worry. The rewarding of rank isn’t based on apt.i.tude. As Long as you’re cla.s.s E, it’s enough."

Lu Shu wondered, "Will the still be conducted in school?"

"Right now, the construction of seven special military schools is in progress. And these seven schools are spread across the nation," Jiang Shuyi explained, "but the

the construction will take awhile so we have to wait. There’s one located in Luo Cheng- at the same location as the remains."

Lu Shu didn’t understand, "Why can’t they just build one school?"

Jiang Shuyi shook his head, "Not enough magical energy!"

Lu Shu had a sudden realization. He had never considered that and it was true. Training required magical energy if not, the only alternative was magical stones!

Seven military schools, and 10 thousand plus people in each. How can the magical energy of a normal location be distributed amongst so many people? Meaning that the current schools were definitely not suitable.

This was the difference between a school for pract.i.tioners and a normal school for the other students. Normal schools’ locations could be chosen randomly but not a pract.i.tioners school.

At the remains site of Mt Beimang, the magical energy had dispersed following the disappearance of the remains. But it was located at a very high point which was at least a 15mins ride from the nearest city, making it a very suitable place!

"How long would this take, probably more than 1-2 years?"

"We shouldn’t underestimate the power of numbers, it should be fast," Jiang Shuyi said, "the plan is for all 7 military schools to be completed within 1.5years. The doc.u.ment of project management has already been signed."

Oh, Lu Shu nodded. Isn’t that just signing a military order, why calling it such a fancy name...

But Lu Shu sighed. He wouldn’t bear to leave Luo Cheng city and to ask him to study somewhere else was a little uncomfortable… He just bought his house too.

Speaking of 1.5years, wouldn’t that be their graduation?

"The teaching levels of the seven special military schools are roughly the same, so at that time, the school districts will be divided according to regions. Not only will we be enrolled, but many combatants in the heavenly network will be taking entrance exams with us, in order to distinguish the difference in education levels. Based on their apt.i.tudes and strength, there will be additional points. The details are yet to be released but those with low apt.i.tude, education and combat strength would not be accepted into the school but instead, go through three months of basic military training before starting work at the heavenly network."

Lu Shu heard this remark and realized that there will be a large number of students who would not qualify to enter the special military schools but would go through three months of basic military training before starting work.

And those with high apt.i.tudes and strengths would be pulled into the special military school for further training.

What could be trained? War strategy? Lu Shu had no knowledge about military schools and asked, "What could military schools teach for such a long time? And isn’t it a waste for those with strengths of Cla.s.s D and above to be entering the school?"

"It’s not a waste," Jiang Shuyi said, "There are many things that can be taught. Some of them could be trained to become leaders with super combat capabilities, and some with special abilities could be trained to, scout, etc. There might even There might even be some rare brain-type metahuman who could be trained in a deeper level of military strategies. There’s a wide variety and although the whole system is still being figured out, there are in fact a lot of things. Did you think that there was no systematic approach to the pract.i.tioners world? Everyone should at least learn to cooperate with comrades in times of battle. Furthermore, in the ways of Daoism… There are many aspects to Daoism and each and every aspect requires specific research. And these aspects cannot be mastered immediately which explains why the need for people specializing in each of them. Some are talented in magic, while others might be talented in alchemy or even swordplay. It’s just like physics and computer science, very few people can excel in multiple disciplines and be a master at all trades…"

Lu Shu was silent. Before the truth was mentioned, he had the impression that in a battle between pract.i.tioners, whoever was stronger would be more awesome and that a fight was a messy exchange of blows. It was the same in the movies, how superheroes would simply defeat the villains in the name of justice...

He suddenly realized that, even for metahumans, everyone wasn’t born with an innate sense for fighting. That Cla.s.s D strength-type fugitive was a good example, his attacks were all very simple.

And at this moment, all the pract.i.tioners and metahumans would be incorporated into the national system and a.s.sembled into a huge machine. Their overall combat strength was meant to serve the nation.

Even if a few Cla.s.s C pract.i.tioners could manipulate a sword, a few flying swords wouldn’t be as effective as a tactical attack.

To be honest, he had underestimated the country’s system and wisdom. All his past opinions were rather naive!

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