Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 171: Wild Opinions (Part 2)

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Nowadays, electronics were delivered on the day of purchase but of course, the customer could choose another day if he preferred so.

Lu Shu brought Lu Xiaoyu home and while they were at their door, Li Xianyi saw them and waved at Lu Xiaoyu, "Xiaoyu, come here, I bought you some good food today."

As he finished, he took out a bag of tidbits from his house for Lu Xiaoyu, insinuating a widening gaze from little fury. Why did this old man have so much good food? Little fury stared at the old man again as if he was a saint!

"What were you guys busy with today?" The old man gestured for them to come over.

But just then, the electronics delivery arrived. Lu Shu ran over to help with the moving and just when the worker wanted to tell Lu Shu he wouldn't be of much help, Lu Shu lifted the air-conditioner without effort and briskly walked into his house.

The worker was shocked. It was his first time b.u.mping into something like this, "Young man, are you a metahuman?"

"I'm a daoyuan student," Lu Shu replied calmly.

The worker calmed down upon hearing the words 'daoyuan student' as if everything explained itself.

Li Xianyi was rather confused seeing such a truckload of electronics. So Lu Shu really did sell those stuff to buy electronics. He then looked over at Lu Shu's empty wrist, "You didn't keep a single one for yourself?"

Lu Shu placed a box down in front of his house and laughed, "What's the point of wearing that extra stuff. It's more practical to trade it for something useful."

"You're rather simple…" Li Xianyi smiled and didn't say anything else. But another question suddenly came to Li Xianyi's mind. How did this kid earn so much from the remains...

Truth to be told, Lu Shu wanted to save that omega watch for his own use but after thinking, he wasn't a wealthy person and would that watch mean he would fit in with the higher rungs of society? Probably not.

So it was better to change it for 20 thousand dollars. This way, Lu Xiaoyu and his plan of going for a holiday could be fulfilled. Looking at their schedules now, they could start planning for the holiday.

They should first decide where to go, and then what to do. Lu Shu didn't really feel like joining a tour group.

Apparently, some less expensive tours loved luring tourists to shopping centers. Not buying anything would result in a less satisfying tour and the tourists might even be threatened by the tour guide.

Although Lu Shu's powers were quickly increasing, and he could annoy whichever wicked tour guide he wanted to, the problem was that Lu Shu didn't want to create unnecessary troubles. After all, weren't holidays meant to be fun and happy?

Of course, there were black sheep in every industry. Not all tour guides were greedy and those greedy tour guides probably made a living in those 'value' tours.

Lu Shu was curious if this sort of tour guides b.u.mped into daoyuan students.

Would people start reminding the tour guides to be more careful and to avoid getting in trouble with daoyuan students?! After all, everyone in daoyuan cla.s.s had basic fighting capabilities.

Lu Shu wasn't too sure...

In fact, most people only heard stuff and rumors about some places. If they were to really know what it was, they had to really go and experience it for themselves.

He looked on as the workers placed his old electronics in his yard. He would hand these over to the rag and bone man when he came over. These things might be able to sell for 50 dollars each.

Lu Shu then turned his head unknowingly to look at his tomatoes. His face turned dark immediately!

The tomatoes which were ripening were gone!


Lu Shu was extremely frustrated. He had waited a whole winter for the tomatoes and they were gone just like that?! Did they gain their own consciousness and ran away?

He looked around for the tomatoes and to be honest, Lu Shu's first reaction was to think that the tomatoes really gained consciousness. After all, he had subconsciously felt that all living things could gain their own consciousness just like little fury. He was pretty sure of this fact after his time in the remains.

Speaking of little fury...

He then looked over at little fury only to see it holding a half-eaten tomato. Moreover, he was still chewing!

Little fury noticed Lu Shu's angry gaze and wanted to run immediately. Before his tiny legs could even move, he was caught by Lu Shu,

"Little fury!" Lu Shu was livid. The tomatoes he grew throughout the entire winter were taken by this squirrel!

Li Xianyi was curious at the side, "Lu Shu, which town did you come from? What accent is this?"

Accent? What accent? Lu Shu did not bother to reply at all, was this his problem? No!

Lu Shu turned around and stared furiously and little fury. It was slightly guilty and pa.s.sed the remaining half of a tomato to Lu Shu, its eyes looking over at Lu Xiaoyu, begging for help.

When he was planting the tomatoes, he had reminded Lu Xiaoyu not to eat it secretly. Once they were ripe, he would make some tomato eggs for her. In the end, he managed to protect the tomatoes from Lu Xiaoyu but not from little fury!

Lu Shu thought for a long time but did not know how to punish it. He then said spitefully, "Let me tell you. Within the next month, you have to come to this garden every day to pluck out the weeds. Not one day less!"

Little fury almost cried, did I have nothing better to do than to go around stealing tomatoes?! It wasn't even as good as its own fruit!

It's alright if I couldn't get into the palace in the remains, it's alright if my tree got uprooted by someone. Now I actually have to work for someone!

Little fury really wanted to run away if it wasn't this dangerous outside.

This world was actually very amicable. But when he was watching television with Lu Xiaoyu, they watched a martial arts film. Little fury didn't know what a drama was and it only felt that the featured people on the television were extremely powerful. My G.o.d, the quick blades and powerful blows! The people could even fly, walk on water and perform all sorts of gimmicks.

Its little bit of squirrel strength could not compare with the humans' at all!

Without even considering the people on the television, he could not hold a candle to the girl right beside him. The aura from the normal old man next door was immense and it made him feel immense fear. He felt much stronger than that fatty who unrooted his tree. Humans are really powerful!

Back then, he didn't see many weaknesses of daoyuan students. When Liu Li stole the fruits, little fury had already gone into the core of the remains with the two trees. What Liu Li stole were merely the remaining fruits. Afterward, little fury even witnessed the pract.i.tioners of the heavenly network in action.

When they were out shopping for electronics today, it also saw many humans, so many that its mind was numb. Why are there so many humans?

In this different world, little fury had many wild and crazy opinions of humans. So wild that it was scared to death...

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