Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 160: Terracotta Soldiers (Part 3)

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After some time, the distress points from Lu Xiaoyu didn't contain the additional words anymore. It seemed like this depended on the amount of distress points.

Lu Shu felt that he should go back and investigate. If he found out the reason behind it, wouldn't there be more methods of communication?

So under circ.u.mstances when they couldn't speak in front of others, wouldn't this mean they could silently devise a plan? Lu Shu was absolutely delighted as he thought of this.

Just then, Zhao Haiping noticed that this teen he was tracking was standing in the middle of a room and laughing to himself. Just what was he laughing at...

This scene sent chills down Zhao Haiping's spine, what kind of indecent thing possessed him?!

Is he mentally unstable?!

Zhao Haiping was worried and decided to kill his opponent immediately, before continuing to kill the heavenly network pract.i.tioners. He could even let Li Yixiao and the ghost general wear each other down and be the one to reap the final rewards! He suddenly thought that if not for this teen, his plan would have been smoother. What kind of broken luck he had to randomly point and manage to find me?!

He's just a Cla.s.s E, Zhao Haiping had absolute confidence that he could kill him on the spot!

"From Ai Sayama's distress, +32!"

Lu Shu was still looking at Lu Xiaoyu's complaints when he suddenly saw this line of distress points and immediately felt something not right.

His corpsedog was suddenly about to burst out and Lu Shu was immediately on alert. He no longer suppressed the corpsedog and allowed it to do as it wished!

The corpsedog's black jade body emitted a dark glow and flew out of Lu Shu's body. Before Lu Shu could turn his head, a 'boom' sound was heard and something behind him seemed to have disappeared.

When Zhao Haiping saw a small black jade sword flew out from this supposedly Cla.s.s E daoyuan student, he knew that the tables had turned. Sword manipulation could only represent one thing, Cla.s.s C!

How could he be Cla.s.s C?

He started brainstorming the various possibilities but could never think that this teen was hiding such a huge secret! Who's this teenager?!

But even with sword manipulation such a technique, Zhao Haiping wasn't afraid, He was a top Cla.s.s C at that point in time!

But in the next moment, this weird looking sword had taken control over his energy, causing him to be rooted to the spot.

The moment the black flying sword touched him, Zhao Haiping felt as though he was a balloon being poked… gas was leaking...

He was leaking...

What is… this?!

"From Ai Sayama's distress, +1000!"

After Lu Shu had turned his head, he received this line of distress points. He wasn't fast enough to see Zhao Haiping disappear. A Cla.s.s C spy had just lost like that…

The murdered and the murderer were both unclear of what just happened… Lu Shu was confused!

And the corpsedog had now returned to his body. Besides the black soul pearl that was created previously, there was a new Ambilight soul pearl!

Lu Shu only just realized that… is the spy dear? He wasn't too sure…

But it wasn't the time to think so much as Lu Shu continued to head into the palace. He was also disappointed that he had not found anything.

What kind of poor ghost general is this?! There nothing in his house!

At a distance away was a pond and Lu Shu even lied down beside the pond to see if there were fishes or something he could catch to eat back at home. But there was nothing.

Lu Shu was frustrated, what's the point of a pond if you don't keep fishes?!

As he reached the main hall, there were two rows of terracotta figure soldiers leading up to the hall gate, which made Lu Shu hesitate.

Who would put such things inside their homes?

There must be something strange if things kept going wrong. Lu Shu had already searched so many rooms but with no success. If there was a place where he could find something, it would be the main hall.

A plaque stating 'strategic castle' was hung at the gate. This was the plaque commonly used by many general's palaces for its main hall.

Lu Shu carefully studied the layout and saw that he had to go through these soldiers if he wanted to enter the main hall. But no matter how he looked, he felt that these soldiers were protecting the main gate.

The appearances of these terracotta soldiers were fiercer than the armored soldiers outside. And the long spears in their hands were of a higher level than his spear. Each of the long spears had an eccentric pattern carved onto it.

Lu Shu tested the waters by walking forward two steps. As a result, the moment he stepped into the doorway leading up to the main hall, the eyes of these twelve terracotta soldiers lit up simultaneously, giving off a red glow as though they were just revived!

He didn't dare to be rash and prepared a spear in each of his hands, ready to engage. His corpsedog also flew out from his chest and stopped right in front of him. The little squirrel peeped its head out of his hair, ready to hide back in at any moment…

Right now, Lu Shu's image was as weird as it could get. He looked like a robot clad in jewelry…

Stone chips were falling off the terracotta soldiers and were about to revive at any moment to attack Lu Shu. But at the moment Lu Shu's corpsedog flew out, the twelve terracotta soldiers' eyes were dimmed out again…

Lu Shu took a deep breath. If he knew that the corpsedog could deal with soul-related stuff this well, he would have come down earlier to begin his killing spree.

He figured out the system. It seemed like ghosts with no physical body would be afraid of the mere existence of the corpsedog and avoid Lu Shu at the sight of him. While physical existences such as terracotta soldiers and skeleton hors.e.m.e.n would only be afraid of the corpsedog after it appears?

Lu Shu was relieved as he walked forward blatantly with his corpsedog. He turned around after just taking two steps to look at these terracotta soldiers. They seemed like dead objects that had never moved before.

Lu Shu thought and reached out to take the long spear off a terracotta soldier's hand. Seeing the twelve awesome looking long spears, Lu Shu would never let such things go...

Just when he was removing the spears, the terracotta soldier suddenly tightened its grip a little...

"From the terracotta soldier's distress, +1+1+1…"

Lu Shu was displeased and directly pointed the corpsedog at its neck. Only then did the terracotta soldier released its grip…

"From the terracotta soldier's distress, +1+1+1…"

Good, good. Lu Shu had a wide grin on his face as he patted the terracotta soldier's shoulder, "Very good, you're obedient!"

"From the terracotta soldier's distress, +1+1+1…"

After Lu Shu removed the first spear, the rest didn't resist at all. Seeing that his spears were almost sold out, it had once again increased to 17! And these twelve terracotta soldiers were constantly contributing distress points, what a pleasing circ.u.mstance!

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