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Lu Shu said sincerely in a low voice, "Can you bring me?! How about this? You bring me, and we split the relic 70% to 30%. You'll have 70 and I have 30!"

The other party stared at Lu Shu spouting nonsense. How could he split a physical relic? What if it was like that mythical sword 'Xin Ting'? Someone take the tip of the sword and another the body?

His body was camouflaged in the middle of the night and no ordinary person would creep silently behind him. This Lu Shu must have seen through his team's plans earlier on!

"From Ohas.h.i.+ Miku's distress, +599!"

The spy thought for a moment and decided to stall him. He continued to spout some nonsense with Lu Shu while looking serious. He lowered his voice, afraid to awake other people, "Alright, 7-3!"

After he finished, the two of them stared at each other without a single movement. Lu Shu asked curiously, "What's wrong?"

"... Could you release me first," The spy said with slight frustration, "... the two of us might not be enough. Would you want to ask one more person?" The spy remembered clearly that Lu Shu had a friend.

Lu Shu smiled and released his grip, "I'll go get him now!"

He turned behind upon finis.h.i.+ng his sentence.

Both of them were not stupid. Upon ending their pretense, the spy jumped right into the hole the moment Lu Shu turned around. As long as he could find the relic with his teammates down there, they could shut this remain down and return to the outside world.

The people receiving them from outside should have been prepared. They had a thirty percent chance of escaping China!

Thirty percent chance was no longer as low as before. As long as they could bring this relic back to their country, all their sacrifices would have been worth it!

By his judgment, being a cla.s.s D pract.i.tioner, he believed that the teenager behind him would not be able to stop him in time! He also didn't believe that this Lu Shu would risk his life by jumping with him!

But… his right foot felt another huge tug which pulled him back!


The spy turned around expressionlessly at Lu Shu: ???

"From Ohas.h.i.+ Miku's distress, +999!"

At this moment, the spies who reached the bottom of the pothole observed their surroundings. The eighth man turned around to look at the situation behind him only to realize that his comrade was missing! Missing!

He saw his comrade jumping down when he turned around after his own jump, but why did he go missing? They might have floated down the pothole slowly, but Lu Shu and his comrade's conversation took place when they were already tens of meters into the pothole, so naturally, they didn't hear the events that took place. So...

Could it be that his comrade was eaten by some monster within this pothole? Shudders ran down his spine as this thought floated in his mind!

He lowered his voice, "There's something wrong with this pothole, someone's missing!"

Everyone grew cautious… this disappearance was indeed mysterious!

But logically, if there was something wrong with this pothole, wouldn't the ones who jumped first meet with the mishap?

This incident sunk their morale like a huge rock. It was as if something terrifying was lurking around and watching their every action!

They were in trouble! What kind of monster was so terrifying that it could eat their comrade without a single sound?!

It could only be said… that this was a misunderstanding...

Lu Shu didn't want to squabble with this trash anymore. He was making it difficult for this spy because of his anger at the incident from this afternoon. The spy did not know how petty Lu Shu was...

Having nothing better to do and trying to rip off a spear from me huh? Huh?!

The spy who was held back by Lu Shu no longer saw a point in hiding his ident.i.ty. Since he had no chance of reuniting with his comrades anymore, he'll start his killing spree! He believed that as a cla.s.s D, he wouldn't have any problem killing off this daoyuan student.

In a flash, the spy whipped out his broadsword and chopped it towards Lu Shu. Simultaneously, his left hand retrieved two talismans from his sleeve, one of which was a protection talisman which he was going to stick onto himself. The other was an explosive talisman he planned to stick on Lu Shu.

But to Lu Shu, his opponent's movements were too slow!

Below cla.s.s C, strength type metahumans were now a notorious force. Once this sort of metahumans was in close proximity, there would be huge trouble no matter what techniques one adopted as the strength type metahuman would overpower a normal human in terms of speed.

The moment the talismans appeared, Lu Shu had turned around in retreat...


The spy was left alone with his sword on his right hand and talismans on his left hand, flailing his sword aimlessly in the dark. He was still thinking if he should use his protection talisman… Lu Shu's speed was too fast, his sword would never be fast enough to catch up with Lu Shu!


"From Ohas.h.i.+ Miku's distress, +999!"

To be honest, it wasn't that he couldn't beat Lu Shu. Even if he had the ability to kill Lu Shu with a killer move, he was too slow to use it on Lu Shu.

On the night of the criminal chase in Luo Cheng, one cla.s.s D pract.i.tioner sacrificed his training future by using an ultimate attack. Its power was immense and its speed even caused sonic booms.

Lu Shu did not have absolute confidence in dodging such an attack

But the problem was that Lu Shu was in close proximity to the spy. In such close proximity, the other party stood no chance against Lu Shu.

Beneath cla.s.s C, the existence of strength type metahumans by itself was against the laws of nature. Although Lu Shu wasn't actually a strength type metahuman, his strength and power were exactly the same as a strength type metahuman.

But Lu Shu couldn't fight with him as Lu Shu might not be able to conceal his secrets in an all-out fight!

The spy watched helplessly as Lu Shu ran back to the side of the heart of the remain. Lu Shu then shouted at him, "Hey, why are you standing there?"

Echoes from the loud voice reverberated around the heart of the remain. Why are you standing there… standing there… there...

The spy, "...???"

Do you have no idea why I'm standing here… you're absolutely p.i.s.sing me off!

"From Ohas.h.i.+ Miku's distress, +1000!"

Lu Shu was curious, "Are you thinking of stealing the relic down there!?"

The spy went extremely frantic. Almost at the same moment, pract.i.tioners who were training opened their eyes and looked over at the pothole while those who were sleeping were rudely awakened by the loud noise.

It was now an impossible task to kill Lu Shu. He glared at Lu Shu fiercely as he prepared to jump into the pothole to reunite with his comrades. It was impossible to stay here any longer!

But just as he was preparing to jump down, a terrifying aura had arrived. The initially asleep Li Yixiao was missing from his original location.

The spy could only feel the presence of the cla.s.s B expert. His stature and aura were imposing, striking and overwhelming!

He could hardly even see him move! He was too quick!

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