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Prior to this, everyone had a consensus that in a skeleton squad, the unique one must be the captain.

It wasn't a mistake as everyone had already proved this point. Once this unique individual was identified and taken out, the whole skeleton squad would lose its teamwork and become scattered and chaotic.

From a certain perspective, they felt that the average intellect of the skeleton squad wasn't that high and the only intelligent one would the leader who also gave the orders, resulting in a highly operative squad.

Someone previously said that the skeleton must have lost his spear and everyone else thought that it was hilarious, how could that be possible? We're talking about a skeleton and a combat weapon. If you said that a human being lost an eraser or a pen, it would be believable but a skeleton losing a weapon was too ridiculous!

But the truth was… it was really lost! Wait, no, someone took it!

Everyone suddenly realized that their mindset was too narrow to consider such a point. But it was unthinkable that the daoyuan student would actually rob a horseman!

The first instincts of anyone who saw these skeletons would be to kill them or they would be killed. Who would even think about robbing them of their weapons?

In reality, everyone admired this guy. This daoyuan student wouldn't be able to defeat the hors.e.m.e.n and with any delay, he could be instantly surrounded!

In the end, he did the unthinkable- instead of killing, might as well rob the weapon and run!

What kind of thinking was that?!

Lu Shu was still on the run and as he was agilely pa.s.sing through the mountains, he suddenly received a bunch of distress points of about 3000+ in total.

He was confused. Where did this distress points come from and why were all the names foreign to him?

An occasional distress points from an individual was understandable but what was going on with this sudden income? Could it be that… his comment on a life lesson on the Golden Foundation website was finally seen?!

Lu Shu was suddenly excited, do I have fans?!

It never occurred to him that the incident of him s.n.a.t.c.hing the spear had resulted in the distress of the group of heavenly network and soldiers. They weren't from Luo Cheng and so he didn't know their names.

At this moment, Lu Shu was immersing himself in the thought of his ID becoming famous on the golden foundation website...

"Speaking of which, was that person really a daoyuan student? What he did, can we do that too?"

Someone had started thinking, these words made everyone wonder about the difference between them and this student.

Everyone had fought with those hors.e.m.e.n before and if they couldn't disarm a spear from them, they would know.

A horseman's strength was about that of a Cla.s.s E pract.i.tioner at his peak, about 2700 pounds of strength. A Cla.s.s E heavenly network member wouldn't be able to achieve what Lu Shu did.

"It would make sense if he was a Cla.s.s D and he must have entered Cla.s.s D quite a while ago. Amongst all the daoyuan students in Yuzhou, there were only 3 Tier A apt.i.tude students who have entered Cla.s.s D and had only recently been imparted a training method. Even these students couldn't achieve such a feat."

Everyone couldn't figure it out, could it be that this person isn't a student? Could he be a foreign expert?

"Wait," someone suddenly said, "what if he awakened as a strength-type? Aren't there over ten strength-type metahumans in Yuzhou?"

"Yea, that's right. If he was a strength-type then it makes sense. After all, strength-types are much stronger than all of us."

At this time, all the soldiers, heavenly network members, and daoyuan students were shocked and gathered on the cliff. After hearing the detailed explanation, two Luo Cheng daoyuan students linked it to the infamous strength-type metahuman Lu Shu...

They looked at each other and tried to recall the looks of that person and compared it to Lu Shu. If not for the reminders, they would not have recognized that dirt-covered face. But no matter how dirty, the overall face shape was the same and he was easily recognizable!

That person just now… was Lu Shu!

Ever since the arm-wrestling incident, Lu Shu was definitely ranked top 3 in the most known figures in Luo Cheng daoyuan cla.s.s. When Lu Shu awakened the second times, everyone was there to witness it and as of now, the top 3 ranking was roughly Cao Qingci, Lu Shu then Liu Li…

The two daoyuan students said grimacingly, "You guys are right, he's really a Cla.s.s E strength-type metahuman and his name's Lu Shu. He's our daoyuan cla.s.s schoolmate. Only after hearing what you said could we confirm that, for sure, it was him."

The pract.i.tioners looked at one another, so it was a Cla.s.s E strength-type metahuman, not some foreign expert!

They had seen plenty of Cla.s.s F strength-types and just that one Cla.s.s D strength-type who awakened so easily but was killed. Someone asked curiously, "Did he raise his strength-type cla.s.s to cla.s.s E through completing training?"

Completing training could simultaneously increase awakened powers wasn't a secret in the heavenly network.

As soon as that person finished his sentence, they noticed a troubled look on the two students' face, "No, he has a Tier F apt.i.tude and did not have much progress with training…"

The two of them gave everyone a rundown on Lu Shu's arm-wrestling incident and the gist of it was that arm-wrestling this guy called Liu Li would help you awaken.

Everyone was shocked, "Awakening is so easy?!"

But thinking about it, even as a Cla.s.s E strength-type metahuman, it was an extremely difficult feat for a student to be able to adapt to this remains and face skeleton so courageously.

Look at these group of daoyuan students, all are wusses.

But everyone understood that incubated flowers being terrified under such conditions was a natural reaction, but this also filtered out the brave ones.

That Lu Shu student from just now had already hidden inside the mountain gap. His patience was really admirable and the experts from the heavenly network all felt that they weren't as good as Lu Shu.

The following execution was smooth and flawless as he s.n.a.t.c.hed the spear and ran. It all seemed to be part of his plan.

Truthfully, no one ever thought that a daoyuan student could achieve such a feat.

But after considering what those two students said, the pract.i.tioners were suddenly foolishly excited, "Do you know where Liu Li is?"

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