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Chapter 27 Kneeling on the Stone Path “If I were given another chance, I would still choose my brother,” Bai Languo answered honestly. Then, before Pu Yangyue’s face suddenly turned dark, she urgently explained. “But it’s impossible for me to choose again! Now we all have a good ending, don’t we? I will continue to be your bodyguard, and, by the way, you will accept my brother as the princess’ bodyguard!” Pu Yangyue looked at Junzhi. He saw that Junzhi was covered with injuries, which were really all for the reason of saving his daughter. In his heart, he naturally appreciated the young man who was reckless but just. So he opened his mouth slightly and promised Bai Languo, saying, “Keep him here! But . . . you can go now.” Bai Languo was shocked and screamed, “Why?” She immediately went to catch up with Pu Yangyue, who was going to leave in the wheelchair, and then she asked, “Why drive me away? What mistakes have I made? I am also your daughter’s savior! If I hadn’t arrived in time, your daughter and my brother would have died!” “I will reward you for your help, but you shouldn’t neglect your duty.” “Excuse me, are you serious? At that time, I was in a hurry to save people! What’s more, when I went out, you seemed safe and didn’t need protection, right?” “Whether I am safe or not, you are my bodyguard, so regardless of when and where, you must be dedicated to me. You must never be of two minds!” “You are too domineering!” “If you think I’m too domineering, you can choose to leave.” Pu Yangyue’s wheelchair continued to move forward.   Bai Languo was angry. Fortunately, two wheels were certainly not as good as her legs, so Pu Yangyue was blocked by her in no time. “Why are you so unreasonable? Your daughter has been saved, however you not only have no grat.i.tude to me, but you also want to drive me away! What . . . What am I doing wrong, anyway? You can punish me, but why do you have to drive me away?” That was so terrible. How could she have met such a boss? If it hadn’t been for his handsomeness and power, she would have turned hostile and slapped his face. “I’m afraid that you are too weak to bear my punishment.” This was Pu Yangyue’s reason. Bai Languo was shocked; weren’t the family rules of the prince’s palace that one should be whipped if they made a mistake? Although she was not a rough person through wind and waves, she was absolutely not an effeminate girl. Anyway, she had followed Master Bai Yan for two years, and these two years of whipping were not useless at all. Then she summoned up courage, patted her chest, and proudly said, “Don’t look down on me! I can stand any punishment, so you don’t have to be merciful. Anything, as long as you don’t drive me away!” Just now, she managed to save the job of prince’s bodyguard in the eyes of many jealous women. She really didn’t want to leave the palace of the prince in disgrace. If she was driven out now, she would be laughed at by the women outside who hadn’t gone far yet and still had hope for the prince!   “Well, go and kneel on the stone path with Princess b.u.t.terfly.” After a period of silence, Pu Yangyue finally gave the order, which was a compromise. “Yes!” Bai Languo answered happily. This punishment was simply too easy! When she was a child, her mother always punished her with kneeling on the washboard, like punis.h.i.+ng her father. However, there seemed to be a discordant voice in the order just now. Bai Languo suddenly turned around and asked in surprise, “With Princess b.u.t.terfly?” Pu Yangyue answered calmly, “Yes, she petulantly ran out of the palace. Then she was caught by these bad guys and almost killed. Today she must be punished for her recklessness.” Bai Languo looked at the little princess who was awakened by doctors just now. Actually, Princess b.u.t.terfly just woke up and didn’t know what was going to happen yet; however, a severe punishment was waiting for her.

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