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Seeing Huang Haitao didn't speak, Summer added another sentence: "You also feel it's too cheap right? Actually I feel the same way so am thinking of raising it to 10 million in the future."

Huang Haitao was almost killed by these words, and then he became extremely anxious, although one million he can afford but if it goes to 10 million he really can't afford it, although he wants to cure his son's illness he also do not want to become bankrupt.

"Summer doctor, I can give you one million no later than tomorrow but can you now go and cure Andy?" Huang Haitao quickly said, he really did not want Summer to change the original agreement and request ten million.

"OK, I also want to cure his nephropathy quickly, lest he harm my police sister." Summer exclaimed, he also wanted to quickly treat Huang Anping, but the Huang Haitao did not believe him,If Huang Haitao did really let him shot earlier then he would not had collected money, but now Huang Haitao took the initiative to come seek medical treatment, and he is also very unhappy with Huang Haitao, so the money is naturally collected.

A crazy person is very dangerous, it is even more dangerous when that crazy person has a gun, so despite the fact that Summer don't like Huang Haitao, but he will still treat his son have neurosis illness he can not let him harm others mainly let him harm cold.

"Thank you, Summer doctor, then Summer doctor let's go to the hospital now!" Huang Haitao couldn't wait, he can not help but be anxious, since the incident that day at the police station Huang Anping mood has been unstable and the situation has changed It's getting more and more serious until today he finally return to some normal point he quickly took this opportunity to take his son to the hospital, to be check, you can check and if he has another attack as a last resort he can only let the doctor gave him a sedative.

Huang Haitao and He Ming have a good relations.h.i.+p when he talked with He Ming about his son's illness, he inadvertently mentioned Summer saying that he may be able to cure Huang Anping disease, the reason He Ming so strongly believe that Summer can treat Anping is because he witness summer magical medicine yesterday when he treated High total this was enough to let Huang Haitao immediately rush to find Summer, thinking perhaps only he can save Huang Anping, and thus, Huang Haitao appeared at Xinxin Flower Shop.

It is because of this reason, when Summer came to Huang Anping ward, he once again see He Ming, apparently He Ming has got the news know that he was going to treat Huang Anping and he wanted to personally see this.

Unfortunately, the healing process made He Ming very disappointed. Summer took out a few silver needle then shot extremely fast, the whole process is not more than three minutes, he came to see if he can figure out the process but once again he still can't.

Naturally he does not know Summer has a special body, because his have Ice fire spirit, although this time he's not using eight-pin Guards, but an ordinary acupuncture technique, but added with the help of Ice and fire Reiki it makes the therapeutic effect change.

Huang Anping disease is not complicated, there is brain bleeding, but, surgical approach too difficult removing blood stasis only, but Summer it can spell Reiki, bleeding that will wrap easily taken out Therefore natural for him this treatment was very simple.

"Remember to send my money quickly!" Summer not bother to control how Huang Haitao think, things are done so he's ready to leave.

"Summer doctor, please wait!" It is not Huang Haitao but He Ming who shouted.

"What happened?" Summer did not have a special impression on He Ming.

"Summer doctor, I want to ask, Huang Anping blood in his head has it been removed?" He Ming couldn't help but ask.

"You're not a doctor? Why don't you check for yourself!" Summer is a bit unhappy, this person actually doubts his medical skills?

He did not pay any more attention to He Ming but continue to walk out of the ward.

"Summer doctor, wait a minute!" This time it's Huang Haitao who quickly catch up.

"What now?" Summer frowned, "Do you think I did not cure your son?"

"Summer doctor misunderstood, I just would like to ask your bank account, so I could forwarded the money to you." Huang Haitao quickly said, he was naturally skeptical, but he did not dare say so.

"Bank account?" Things become a bit difficult for Summer, he knows what this is, but he doesn't even have an ID card how can he have a bank account?

After thinking about it Summer said: "You give me it in cash, I don't have a bank card."

"Cash?" Huang Haitao stayed, "Gave one million in cash?"

"Yes, pay me in cash you can send it to the flower shop tomorrow." Summer said casually. "I will go first. As for your son he will probably wake up in the next half an hour. Remember to tell him, don't fight with me for Cagney and Lacey sister, or I'll let him become worse then before."

Summer soon left my heart produce an idea to go to Cagney and Lacey sister tomorrow let her help him to do an ID card.

At the moment, in the same hospital Liu Yun Man, is calling Mrs. Ning..

"Grandma, Sakura's disease has been completely rid of, I just got the inspection report!" On the phone, Liu Yun Man was very happy.

"That's good, so much the better!" Mrs. Ning is also very happy, and now she can be completely at ease though from the beginning she had believe Summer medical skills, but even if his medical skills are high does not mean that he will be able to cure this peculiar disease, especially Liu Yun Man's illness that up to now can not be completely cure, this made the old lady little worried but now she really did not have much worry..

"Grandma, you make small Zhiming come to me tomorrow, I've told Summer to let him treat him tomorrow." Liu Yun Man Speaking of which, changed the subject, "Yes, Grandma, three uncle side, things are a little trouble."

"How?" Mrs. Ning was shocked."Does Summer doctor refuses to give your three uncle treatment?"

"He is not very willing." Liu Yun said Mann.

"That fool, I knew he upset Summer doctor!" Mrs. Ning's old language is full of anger. "Cloud man if Summer really unwilling to give third uncle treatment that's no problem, but your brothers and sisters did not offend him, you seek to intercede, so that he cure your brothers and sisters!"

"Grandma, Although Summer is reluctant, but he still promised to treat the three uncles, but he proposed a condition, I am afraid that three uncle will refused to agree to this condition." Liu Yun Man explained.

"What conditions?" Rather old lady asked.

"Money ......" Liu Yun Man replied.

"How much?" Mrs. Ning rather quickly asked.

"He wants half of Uncle property." Liu Yun Man managed to say the sentence out.

"Half property?" Mrs. Ning was a little surprised, "Summer is not greedy person, how would he open such conditions? Your three uncle have almost 50 million half would be more than 20 million."

"He said that this is the rule set by his master." Liu Yun Man remembered what Summer said at that time "Not a life threat is one million while received from life threat half, He said that at the time, because three uncle is dying so He has to collect half. "

"Non Life threatening is one million, received half from life threat ......" Mrs. Ning mumbling then her tone changed. "Summer Is his disciples?"

"Grandma, you say who?" Liu Yun Man was a bit strange, "You know Summer master?"

"That person seems to have been missing for twenty years, and he did not do Guards eight-pin ah ......" Mrs. Ning said to herself, "Forget it Cloud man, your Uncle thing, you do not control, and I will tell him Summer conditions,. If he wants to die or wants to live is his own problem! "

"Okay, Grandma, regardless if three uncles agree, I will try my best to let Summer agree to save him" said Liu Yun Man.

"Cloud man, you've worked hard." Mrs. Ning sighed, a little emotional. "If they are as sensible as you are, how wonderful!"

"Grandma, this is just what I should do." Liu Yun Man said softly.

"Sister, you have not finish your call yet? Send me back to school then continue!" A little dissatisfied voice came from behind, it was thin bamboo.

"Grandma, I need to take Sakura back to school I'll hang up first." Liu Yun Man at her sister, then hang up the phone.

"There still several hours from tonight, really tough waiting!"Thin bamboo muttered.

Liu Yun Man gave her a blank look, she was a bit dumbfounding, this baby sister wish for night to hurry so she can try out the breast cream from Summer


Liu Yun Man drove her sister to school, but let the summer rush empty When he cure Huang Anping disease completed, he intend to find Liu Yun Man to go shopping but was told that Liu Yun Man has step out he had no choice but to go Back to the Flower Shop.

The flower shop actually had someone waiting for him, and this person was somewhat unexpected she was the first beauty he met after he went down the mountain, Ye Mengying.

Ye Mengying is still wearing a dark professional suit, mature and charming, but at the moment her beautiful face, but it has a bit haggard eyes, but also has a deep concern.

"Beautiful sister, how do you come?" Summer was very excited, did the beautiful sister finally decide to repay his life-saving grace and promise him?

"Summer, you once said that you are a doctor, right?" Ye Mengying somewhat eagerly ask.

Yeah!" Summer was a bit puzzled, "Beauty sister, are you coming to ask me to cure?"

Ye Mengying said quickly, "Yes, I came to ask you for medical treatment, I would like you to see my grandpa!."

Summer could not help but scratched his head, and today is it his lucky day? First, Huang Haitao come to give money, now Ye Mengying also come looking for a doctor she also seem to want to give money.

"Summer, is there any problem?" See Summer do not speak, Ye Mengying could not help become a little anxious, "As long as you cure my grandfather, I will promise you whatever condition!"

What the conditions are promised?

Looked at Ye Mengying's beautiful face, and glanced at her full double peaks, rounded b.u.t.tocks Summer unconsciously swallow hard, Is it this time not money but to send another wife?

Ye Mengying soon feel that Summer burning eyes, the pretty face flashed a touch of blush, then bite her teeth, and said firmly: "Summer, I meant what I say as long as you cure Grandpa, I can give you anything you want as a reward!"

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