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Me and Tong broke up for like a million times for three years we had been together. I imagined over 100 breakup scenarios, but a peaceful one was not among the list. Therefore, I was clenching my fists and ready to confront the issue head-on when she approached me with a smile, saying slowly, “We are all adults now, let’s part as friends”. Cla.s.sic Tong, she agreed with alacrity that we would take different paths but that was just lip service, every time she made a scene regretting her decision. Tong left after saying that, no drama no fuss.

I stayed in the restaurant for half an hour just in case she would jump out from a corner to attack me. In the afternoon I switched my phone to silence mode at office preparing for her to bombard me with hysterical texts and calls. My phone did not buzz even once, making me start to think my office blocked the service. A week had pa.s.sed, nothing peculiar happened to my social media, be it QQ, MSN, phone or e-mail box. A month had pa.s.sed, everything was still the same. Routinely, a month was the limit for her to endure the breakup pain also was the deadline for me to enjoy bachelordom. I pinched myself, was it true that me and Tong were no longer an item?

Finally, I got to stay up till late, to hit on hot chicks, to focus on my job without calling her to justify my absence.

Finally, I got to stay in my office till 11p.m. to chat with the pretty gals online and save on my disks.

Finally, I got to go pubbing with the buddy who was blacklisted by her for his habit of looking for ONS.

But I had been preparing myself for her comeback and terminating my dissolute lifestyle. I partied hard till 4a.m for a whole week then I slept for 2 entire days.

I went on a business trip to Hainan the following Monday. Hainan fruits were so fresh and large in size. It just occurred to me that we had broken up already when I was about to get 2 of her favorite pawpaws.

No more keeping her in mind and getting her good stuff, I was a free man.

Sea breeze reminded me the last time when I was on a s.h.i.+p I texted her that “I’m on the sea, miss u baby”, that seemed like a long time ago, over a month now? A girl in a flowing dress came to my sight when I turned around, it was time to practice my dust-laden Pick-up Lines---Tong would regret her decision so bad---turned out my Pick-up Lines still worked like a charm, the girl named Jing became my new girlfriend.

Jing my new girlfriend was also a teacher like Tong my ex-girlfriend, their work was pretty light burden. Jing was more virtuous and more thoughtful. Jing would never max out my card like Tong and claiming, “That’s money well spent”. Jing would never call me ten times in a day like Tong, “I fancy this or that dress, which color do you think suits me better?”, “I miss you so much seeing all those couples who walked past me”, “When are we going to Guilin?”, “Whoops, don’t know you are in a meeting, wouldn’t have called if I knew, go back to you meeting and I miss you…” Meaningless words like these which could have been told me when I got back home. Jing wouldn’t call me even though when she was not busy during daytime, she usually called me at 9p.m. punctual like an alarm.

Jing was wife material.

Me and Jing’s relations.h.i.+p wasn’t spicy enough, but I was well aware the reason I felt that way was because the juicy relations.h.i.+p with Jing would dwarf any relations.h.i.+p.

This night after hanging up on Jing’s call, I realized it was just 5 past 9p.m. Tong would never let me go at 9p.m. “Call me back at 10p.m”, she would definitely say that. Occasional neglect leaded to worse result---she would call at 1a.m. “I’ve been waiting for your call, why didn’t you call?” She could be obnoxious like that. But I was feeling void after the daily call with Jing.

Time to browse BBS.

Tong used to leave lovely confessions that could only be decoded by me on the BBS that I frequented. 3 months had pa.s.sed, I found nothing.

Actually she didn’t do anything wrong, it was just personality differences together with the fatigue acc.u.mulated from the repeated fights and breakups over the years leaded us tired of each other like an old married couple. I was riled up the second she opened her mouth, I couldn’t stand her any longer. I must break up with her and I really did under that circ.u.mstance.

She usually came back to me crying several days after our fight, my heart would turn soft and we would fall in love again. We had never really broken up.

Tong didn’t come back to me this time.

I had one serious relations.h.i.+p at college before I met Tong, that was my first love.

I had been partying ridiculously hard before I met Tong.

I had loved Tong so much that I loved her flaws and I had hated Tong so much that I hated her guts after I met her.

I loved the way she shook her hand, I loved the way she twitched her nose and it wrinkled, I loved the way she walked with her tummy bulging out, I loved the way she grabbed my hand tightly when we walked in the dark or on an unfamiliar road, I loved the way she rested her head on my belly and asked me “Do you love me?”, I loved the way she complained about how I turned to the other side at bed for not leaning towards her for 5 minutes, I loved the way how she spent 30 yuan on taxi to see me while being too stingy to buy a 2-yuan-soda.

I hated it more when she called me in a bombarding way, I hated it more when she banned me from hanging out my friends, I hated it more when she never surrender in a fight, I hated it more when she made it a rule that I must talk to her whenever I logged in QQ, I hated it more when she overtly agreed but covertly opposed my suggestions and I could never dump her even after the breakups…

This time I dumped obnoxious Tong and met lovely Jing.

I wasn’t sure whether I was being merciless. I took Tong’s first time, Tong aborted for the first time in a dodgy clinic without informing me over one of our breakups. Her rash doing rendered her infertile for the following 2 years when we were together.  

Tong liked to drink a little and gabbled about the lost kid when she was tipsy, she would bury her face in my chest and say, “I want to have a kid with you so much that it’s driving me nuts…”

 “Why are you blaming me? You didn’t even inform me about the pregnancy.”

“We broke up back then and you were ignoring me.”

“You reckon I would tell you to abort if you had told me.”

“Really?” Tong raised her head and looked at me perplexedly.

“Don’t worry about it, I will deliver it so good in bed for those particular days every month.” I replied with a smile.

We didn’t realize it was that bad. I delivered so hard without protection, but Tong was not conceived. It got to a point she would have a slight fever before and after the period.

I suggested we should spare several days together to stay in the hospital and see a gynecologist, but we never did that.

Tong said she wouldn’t be with anyone else even we broke up, because she was infertile that she could only be with either divorced guys or widows with kids. She didn’t want her future partner not to have kids due to her, neither did she want to be someone’s step-mom.    

My heart ached thinking about what she said.

But I was so perturbed by her that the conversation fell off the back of my mind.

I called my friend Wei for updates about Tong the next day. Wei, who was my friend, he tended to have a closer friends.h.i.+p with Tong in the end. Tong barely had any besties, she usually hung out with my buddies.

That also was one of the reasons why I hated her.

Wei hadn’t contacted me for months, he stammered when I called him.

“Tong got married. The wedding took place last week. Hasn’t she told you? ”

I was infuriated, “What the heck?!”

“Tong got married last week.”

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