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  • I Have A Manor In The Post-apocalyptic Era

  • Author(s): Furious Guava - 愤怒的芭乐
  • GENRES: Updating
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I Have A Manor In The Post-apocalyptic Era summary:

Yang Tian, a Legendary Beast Tamer who tamed Legendary Monsters such as the Six-Wing Purple Gold Lion, the Undead Lich, and the Thousand Feet Ghost Vine has returned to three days before the Post-Apocalyptic Era begins. The Returner Yang Tian wants to make up for the regrets he had in his previous life, while the unfamiliar yet familiar manor was once again back in his hands. Picked up a Mera Mera Devil Fruit from the world. After eating the fruit, would he be able to devour a Heavenly Flame from the world? What? The Burning Vengeance from the world came to Earth, he is here to devour the Heavenly Flame? Using the Special Ability of the manor to summon Diao Chan from the world and Bulma from the world to form a team. See how Yang Tian rise once again to his peak in the Post-Apocalyptic Era. Ah? Brother Yang Tian, how come a One-Thousand Year Spirit Ring appeared.

I Have A Manor In The Post-apocalyptic Era Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 38 Apr-20-19
Chapter 37 Apr-19-19
Chapter 36 Apr-19-19
Chapter 35 Apr-17-19
Chapter 34 Apr-16-19
Chapter 33 Apr-15-19
Chapter 32 Apr-14-19
Chapter 31 Apr-13-19
Chapter 30 Apr-12-19
Chapter 29 Apr-11-19
Chapter 28 Apr-10-19
Chapter 27 Apr-09-19
Chapter 26 Apr-08-19
Chapter 25 Apr-08-19
Chapter 24 Apr-06-19
Chapter 23 Apr-05-19
Chapter 22 Apr-04-19
Chapter 21 Apr-03-19
Chapter 20 Apr-02-19
Chapter 19 Apr-01-19
Chapter 18 Mar-31-19
Chapter 17 Mar-30-19
Chapter 16 Mar-30-19
Chapter 15 Mar-30-19
Chapter 14 Mar-30-19
Chapter 13 Mar-30-19
Chapter 12 Mar-30-19
Chapter 11 Mar-30-19
Chapter 10 Mar-30-19
Chapter 9 Mar-30-19
Chapter 71 Mar-21-19
Chapter 8 Mar-21-19
Chapter 6 Mar-19-19
Chapter 5 Mar-18-19
Chapter 4 Mar-17-19
Chapter 3 Mar-17-19
Chapter 2 Mar-17-19
Chapter 1 Mar-17-19
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