I Think My Boyfriend Is Sick Chapter 6

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Originally posted on RBKTR Translations.
Author: Yi Zhi Da Yan (一隻大雁).
Translated by: Yujuan.


After choosing the clinic, how do I persuade him to get a check-up.

We've never directly spoken about this before. If someone asks me a question like this, it'll probably hurt my self-esteem, so I'm scared he'll become unhappy.

Tell him it's an ordinary check-up?

I wouldn't believe it myself either.

Honestly speaking, I still like him a lot, and I'm scared he'll break up with me because of this problem.

If he really has a defect, the medical studies at this age are really developed. We'll go see a doctor if there's a problem, and even if it isn't cured I won't turn my back on him, since some rubber-manufactured products are really developed as well. I just think that he can't hide this for the rest of his life, I want to know the truth, that's all, him keeping me in the dark like this really makes me uncomfortable.

Even after saying this much, I still don't know how to talk to him about this matter.

Do you guys think that if I go straight to him and ask him if he's impotent, will he just simply beat me to death?

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