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So… what do you guys think is actually up with the boyfriend?

Originally posted on RBKTR Translations.
Author: Yi Zhi Da Yan (一隻大雁).
Translated by: Yujuan.


Why do you guys think that I'm not trying hard enough.

I'm trying a lot. As a person who doesn't like taking the initiative, I'm really trying my best.

Those who say that I'm not trying hard enough clearly don't have a boyfriend like mine.

Like someone who insists on playing the violin after finis.h.i.+ng his dinner.

I especially showered, changed into my bathrobe, pulled the collar open and pretended to sleep on the sofa to give him a chance!!!

Then he drew a flower on my face.

Alright, I knew he was drawing on my face, but I couldn't help but really fall asleep after that.

I was really just too tired.

The next day I pointed to the doodle on my face and asked him what this f.u.c.king thing was.

He said: Uh… giving you a flower?


Another example is that during the summer I deliberately broke the air-con in my room, then used it as an excuse to sleep with him.

It was summer after all, we both wore very little, a little rub or two against him and something could happen.

He said: You sleep here for a while.

Then he walked out.

Don't think too much, it wasn't to shower or to go downstairs to buy a certain unspeakable essential product.

He went to my room to fix my air-con.

Stayed up all night, fixed it.

I couldn't stay awake anymore, and on the second day he smiled at me with black circles around his eyes: The air-con's fixed, you can go back to your room now~

But I'm not one bit happy about it.

I really can't find it in me to feel happy.

I really want to pry open his skull to see what's in it.

He really doesn't understand?! He actually runs off to fix the air-con!

Why hasn't he ascended to heaven yet!

Also, why is a lawyer such an expert at something like fixing an air-con!

My heart is so weary.

I've even tried forgetting my towel/clothes/underwear and asking him to bring it over, tying a towel around my waist after showering and crossing my legs on the sofa to watch TV, finding all sorts of reasons to sleep on the same bed as him etc.

Everything, just no use.

But isn't hinting this much direct enough for him? I think his IQ and EQ are both high enough to understand.

Don't even talk about forcing myself on him, he's a lawyer, I'm scared that if he becomes angry he'll sue my pants off.

Besides, I like doing things more with a little more mutual consent.

So, either my boyfriend can't get hard, or he's frigid.

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