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Originally posted on RBKTR Translations.
Author: Yi Zhi Da Yan (一隻大雁).
Translated by: Yujuan.


I forgot to say this. That morning kiss is a kiss on the forehead, probably because I haven't brushed my teeth yet, and there are seldom goodnight kisses, because there's always one of us working overtime.

This kind of kiss really can't attract any kind of desire.

But he's really good at flirting. His mouth is especially sweet, hearing his words really makes me want to jump him.

Yet, there's really nothing else after that.

I think there's a high possibility he's frigid, at least a 70% chance.

As for whether the remaining 30% is some kind of dysfunction, I really don't know.

Since I've never seen him take off his pants.

Don't say anything like 'you'll see in the morning', remember, we sleep. in. separate. rooms.


The only thing I'm sure of is that he definitely isn't cheating on me.

Don't forget what my job is, as long as he dares, I can use a hundred ways to find clues of his affair.

Other than this kind of problem that's too embarra.s.sing to talk about, my boyfriend is really an impeccably good boyfriend.

Good looks, a sweet mouth, amazing culinary skills, he can even play the violin.

But I really don't want to hear him play the violin whenever I come back from working like a dog… It's like the divine song of sleep, I'll fall asleep just with just one pull of the bow… Evidently talking about s.e.x will be more energizing at the moment.

But he will never understand how I feel.

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