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Chapter 19 Beheaded (2)

The people who came from nowhere gathered around watched a play, pointed and cursed to the people in the prison car. She felt as if her limbs were irrigated by sand, could not move a step.

The prisoner car rumbled, Nie Wushuang was agape and tongue-tied, her mind was blank, her tears fell as if there was no end, she was pushed by the crowd, fell and climbed again, caught up, fell again, and then climbed…

Repeatedly, the prison car finally stopped.

She looked at the execution ground and finally collapsed to the ground.

“By the mandate of heaven (26), His Majesty ordered: Nie Weicheng…” The eunuch's shrill voice travelled far, what words he was speaking, she could not hear anything. She only looked at her father's old face with tears, her second brother, her third brother… They looked as if they had accepted their fate.

No, it shouldn't be like this, no!

Nie Wushuang wanted to shout, even she shouted, no word came out from her throat.

The midday sun on spring was warm, but she did not feel the warmth.

Many years later, every spring, she refused to go out, she was afraid that this March's will reveal her deadly repression in the heart of the bloodiest scene.

"Behead!” The long, white hand was raised and again. Gu Qinghong also stood on the execution ground. His face still no expression.

She opened her eyes wide and there was blood spatter in front of her…

Rain in the spring season was the most lingering, the patter was non-stop, the rain washes the stone ground, the red blood flooded, penetrated into the ground, there was no trace left.

She sat under the rain curtain as if she was foolish and dumb. The sky was dark, all the lives and deaths were hidden in the dark sky.

For a long time, she struggled to stand up, her body was soaked, only her eyes were bright and scary. She walked step by step to the stone still had a scent of blood, stared carefully for a long time.

Looking up, thousands of rains fell, she suddenly laughed “Heaven, today, I, Nie Wushuang swears to you, if I don't die, I will come back again, Blood must pay by blood!”

“Gu Qinghong, if I don't die, when I come back, I will make you pay for this b.l.o.o.d.y debt!”

“If I don't die…”

“Blood filled the door. Haha…”

Her voice echoed on the empty streets, and she laughed wildly and went away into the night.

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“Granma, open the door.” She knocked on the old lady's door. When the old woman opened the door and saw that it was her, she could not help exclaiming, “Guniang, what are you doing…”

Nie Wushuang's face was pale, but her eyes were red as ghosts.

“Granny” Nie Wushuang was already cold and s.h.i.+vering, the rain fell down her hair, and her bloated clothes clung to her exquisite body, which was even thinner.

“Guniang, I've heard about it, you need to find someone…” The old woman said quickly.

Nie Wushuang listened carefully, suddenly knelt and knocked her head heavily many times: “Granma, you save my life, In the future, I would repay your great grace.”

When she finished, she took out a few golds and put them in the old woman's hand, and turned and left.

“Guniang. Where are you going?” The old woman asked in a hurry.

“I want to revenge!” She smiled back and said: “For all my life, I will make them pay for what they did!”

(26) 奉天承运 (fèng tiān chéng yùn) often used to begin an imperial edict.

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