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Chapter 17 Begging Gu Lang

Next morning, Nie Wushuang woke up from the cold, wiped her hair and ran to the east of the city. The front gate of Nie's family was cold and clear, the heavy, red lacquer gate was mottled overnight by the sword. There was a yellow seal on the door.

All the pedestrians made a detour, as if afraid of getting a little curse would follow them. Nie Wushuang spent half a day on the street corner and finally left disappointed.

The streets were already muddy after last night's spring rain. After a miscarriage, her feet were so vague that without paying attention she fell heavily on the ground. A few children on the street happily ran to her.

"Crazy! Crazy!"

“Hit her! Beat her! ” Rainy stones flew towards her. Nie Wushuang suffered from pain and quickly protected her head. Several women came to warn children, but they saw that she was a dirty woman and avoided it suspiciously.

She struggled to get up and a pool on the ground showed her appearance as she was now, her hair was s.h.a.ggy, her face was black and grey, and she laughed bitterly. No wonder those people just looked at her as if they had seen a madman. It was absolutely a ghost.

A sedan chair decorated green curtain sped past her, splas.h.i.+ng mud all over her face. Nie Wushuang stared at the carriage, and suddenly she thought of a way.

She bit her teeth, thought that nowadays there's nothing she could do, only this way. There was despair on her face. If her father and brother were dead, she could not live alone.

Nie Wushung staggered toward a teahouse. The pa.s.serby came and went to the teahouse, she went to the back door and hid around the corner. Did not know how long, she finally saw a sedan chair parked in the back door, soon, the curtain of the sedan chair door lifted.

A clear and handsome figure slowly stepped out of the sedan chair.

Nie Wushuang's eyes were red, she could not think more. She ran from her hiding place and threw herself at his feet. “Gu lang, considered to make merit. Please save my father! Save my Nie's family! I'm begging you…"

Her eyes were red as blood, she just stared at him, crying harder. “Gulang, you and I have been married for three years. I asked myself if I had ever failed you. Now my Nie family is in great trouble. I know it's too hard for you to save my father. Then I beg you, let me go to prison and see my father one last time. Please, let me see my father…”

Gu Qinghong was startled and waited to see that it was her. He waved back the servant who wanted to stop her. The look in his handsome eyes was complicated and difficult to distinguish: “You… What happened to you?"

Nie Wushuang looked up, her shabby appearance reflected in his eyes, Gu Qinghong looked at her, after a long time, he sighed. “I have let you go, why are you still here?”

Nie Wushung's heart was like cutting by a knife. Yes, he let her go, forced her to drink abortifacient drug, divorced her, refused to shelter her. Let her kept her eyes open and watched her father and brother went to prison, so that what he called ‘let her go?!'

Gu Qinghong shook his head slowly. “You're dead when you go in.” He took out a bag of silver from his arms and handed it to her. “Now the emperor is furious, I can't help you. Go away quickly. This silver…”

His words suddenly stopped, when he saw Nie Wushuang suddenly stood up from the ground and looked at him coldly. He has seen her all sorts of eyes, charming, pure, innocent but he had never seen her eyes full of feud like that before.

“You -” he suddenly had a guilty conscience.

郎 (láng) an ancient official t.i.tle; a form of address to some persons; my darling

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