WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 26: Take Me Now

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Mo Shan arrived before Lu Zhaoyang could return from the secretary department.

She wore a simple and elegant light yellow dress. Her mildly wavy long hair caressed her shoulders. Her face highlighted by elegant makeup stretched into a mellow smile as she made her way to his office.

She stopped just a few steps from the door to keep all the negative emotions in check. When she was ready, she knocked on the door and called sweetly, "Brother Yunting."

There was no answer. She gritted her teeth and pushed the door open.

Huo Yunting was half-lying on his leather chair. His white s.h.i.+rt was unb.u.t.toned near the collar, exposing his fair skin underneath. His exquisite and devilishly charming face was resting peacefully.

She lightened her footsteps, but her heels still clanked softly against the floor.

She walked to his side and studied his face calmly, but her hands clasped tightly together.

This was her man, hers and hers only!

Lu Zhaoyang was only the extra baggage from the woman who married her way into the Huo family as a third party. Besides, she was Huo Yunting's foster sister — they could never be together!

Huo Yunting seemed to be fast asleep, so Mo Shan reached her hands out to his shoulder.

"What, are you offering yourself to me already?"

Huo Yunting opened his eyes and noticed her hands frozen halfway towards him. "Get out."

"Brother Yunting, you looked tired. I thought to give you a shoulder ma.s.sage." She smiled and continued reaching for his shoulders. "I took a cla.s.s in ma.s.saging, so I'm actually quite good at it."

"Is that so?" Huo Yunting looked up at her and spoke through his thin, seductive lips. "Even better than the ladies at Golden City?"

Golden City?!

How dare he compared her to those trashy women!

Mo Shan forced a smile. "You'll know if you give it a try, Brother Yunting."

"Go ahead, then. I'll see that you are rewarded if you do well."

Huo Yunting leaned forward and rested his head on one hand, like he was preparing to indulge a ma.s.seuse looking for a tip.

When Lu Zhaoyang entered the office, she was greeted with the sight of Mo Shan ma.s.saging the president. She did not slow down in her approach, nor did she portray any emotion on her face.

"Mr President, you called for me."

Mo Shang looked at Lu Zhaoyang and reflexively added more pressure to her hands. Huo Yunting frowned in response.

"Alright, stop ma.s.saging."

Mo Shan stopped reluctantly. Not even a full minute had pa.s.sed before Lu Zhaoyang arrived.

"You're late." Huo Yunting tapped his right index finger on his desk and took a nonchalant side-glance at Lu Zhaoyang.

"Zhaoyang is your sister, Brother Yunting. You have so many secretaries, why make a fuss about her being late? Don't be mad at her."

Mo Shan smiled to him and said, much like the lady of the house.

Huo Yunting never took his eyes of Lu Zhaoyang. When Mo Shan was done, his eyes narrowed. "Get out!"

Lu Zhaoyang turned around to leave. She took one step before Huo Yunting spoke again.

"Not you."

The smile on Mo Shan's face froze awkwardly. As Lu Zhaoyang made her way back, she slowly headed for the door.

When she was at the door, Huo Yunting called from inside the office, "Close the door."

She slammed the door shut!

The smile was on her face was long gone as she made her swift departure.

She will not give up so easily!

Lu Zhaoyang, I'll be watching you!

Inside the president's office, Huo Yunting looked at Lu Zhaoyang from head to toe, judging her old-fas.h.i.+oned style, and raised an eyebrow. "Now that everyone in the company knows that you are my 'sister', can't you dress up a little better and stop embarra.s.sing me?"

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