The Great Worm Lich Chapter 89: A Flood Disaster

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The five-person array could only trap Yang Chen. If the sixth person did not intervene, it may have only been a deadlock. Although the attack of the strong man led to his own spiritual awareness being severely injured, it also led to a reversal of the stalemate between the two sides, Yang Chen became precarious.

Seeing that the scope of the array was getting smaller and smaller, Yang Chen couldn’t make any fierce attack at all. The mood of the five Yuanying stage ancestors were getting better with each pa.s.sing minute.

In the sea, the water was full of spirit power and as long as they were willing, they could always use it as supplement. Even the loss of spiritual power caused by Yang Chen's attack could be restored after a short while. In the sea, it was simply the home of these water attribute spiritual roots cultivators, and Yang Chen's ability to have a great day could only be halted here today.

With a sneer from the five masters, Yang Chen has turned into a trapped lamb in the eyes of everyone, and he was no longer able to resist. Such weakness, it seems that apart from his body protecting magic weapon and the flying shuttle, there was no attack method that he could bring out anymore, they didn't know how the genius disciple Li Qingchen was defeated like that previously.

The five masters sent by the Greatest Heaven Sect were not the leopard-headed monster cultivators that Yang Chen met in the banyan cave. They were almost the same as She Kui and Xie Sha in ruthlessness.

The guys in those caves did not experience the instinct of real tempering. They have only reached the Yuanying stage by the abundant spiritual power and systematic cultivation methods in the Immortal’s Cave. They didn't have the same instincts as She Kui and Xie Sha.

Such a strong lineup, used to deal with Yang Chen, has already given Yang Chen a lot of face, but it also reflected the determination of the Greatest Heaven Sect. This time, Yang Chen must be put to death, they were merciless.

The array was compressed again, and the five masters had already reached ten zhang from Yang Chen’s area. With such a close distance, Yang Chen became even more fierce, he could still not break through the shackles of the sea sealing flag array. A wide range of flag arrays could make the speed of the shuttle drop. At this point, even a few moves were almost a luxury.

The invisible force almost completely blocked the entire s.p.a.ce. Not only Yang Chen, but even the five Yuanying stage masters who were in the line, did not dare to have any change. In such a small s.p.a.ce, once a random movement caused the formation, there was no strong man to control the sailboat, maybe it would be smashed by Yang Chen.

Fortunately, with the current situation, basically the overall situation has been set, Yang Chen was just waiting to defeated, under the combined attack of the five Yuanying stage ancestors, how long he would last, was still unknown.

Everything looked perfect, even if the strong man was injured and he was not able to struggle with Yang Chen, there was no perfect ending. When they thought of Yang Chen, whether it was killing him or the bell-shaped magic weapon that could counter the people for so long and would also become their spoils, everyone felt their heart warming.

Of course, the most exciting thing was the medicinal pills that Yang Chen may bring. No one would believe that a person who has refined dozens of questioning inner heart pills will not leave a few on his body. Yang Chen's own master ancestor, w.a.n.g Yong, has just recently been promoted to the dacheng stage and the living example was in front of them.

The array has reached this limit and seems to have reached its minimum size and was unlikely to shrink again. The five people control method needed to give everyone a place to go to the flash, the ten-foot radius was already the limit.

Everyone's heart started speeding up, when the result was only a matter of time, Yang Chen's face suddenly showed a smile.

This smile came out of nowhere, suddenly the few Yuanying stage ancestors had a bad feeling, but why they had the bad feeling, they could not pinpoint it for a while.

“I finally waited for you to get close.” With the voice of Yang Chen, hundreds of heads of different sizes appeared around the crowd. Everyone had no less than one hundred.

“Thunder…..” One of the Yuanying stage ancestors was sharp-eyed and recognized these suspended things on time. But he only had time to call out a word, and the hundreds of things exploded.

Countless thunder, suddenly fell and all the areas were covered, everyone was covered with hundreds of rough, hugs and intense lighting, everyone couldn’t open their eyes and couldn’t see what happened.

Outside of Yang Chen's body, the shadow of the golden bell appeared suddenly, and Yang Chen's whole body was covered in it, Yang Chen's body refining technique also rushed to the extreme, the refining technique was at the mountain picking realm, the skin mentioned the highest protection.

This was not the only thing, the dome of the temple at this moment also appeared outside Yang Chen’s body, wrapped in Yang Chen and the golden bell. After the dome pa.s.sed through the seventh metal true essence refining, it showed the strongest defense.

In the thunder, not only the five Yuanying stage ancestors, but also the outer periphery of Yang Chen, were also full of thunder. At this moment  the dome seemed to have turned into a huge torch, giving off a glaring light.

These head-sized things were clearly the thunder pomegranate that last time Yang Chen used to absorb the Big Dipper Heavenly Thunder Formation.

A thunder pomegranate was enough to absorb more than half of Xu Chengxin’s ninth tribulation thunderbolt power. Hundreds of Thunder pomegranates explode at the same time, and the power contained in them were released. The power could be imagined.

In addition to the one who recognized the thunder pomegranate and the other four, even their sounds did not come out. Under the baptism of more than a hundred thunder, they directly turned into powder and disappeared. There was no trace of them anymore.

Even if they have already pa.s.sed their thunder tribulation before reaching the Yuanying stage, they still had no resistance to the hundreds of ninth tribulation thunderbolts. Even if there was a flag guard, it only slightly delayed the time of the thunderstorm, and it couldn’t help.

In a flash, the sea sealing flag array, which had just been closely combined, disappeared from the sea surface, and the frozen sea surface returned to normal at this moment.

In the middle of the dome, as if it had been baptized, it was dark red and braved with hot gas. It seems that this attack has heated the dome to a very high temperature.

Suddenly, the dome sank into the sea, and the sea surface suddenly ignited a transpiration of white gas, covering the surrounding area tightly.

In the air, a low-pitched golden bell sounded again. Buzz, the sea seems to have been hit by a giant hammer, cras.h.i.+ng into a big pit, and then slowly returning to normal. However, a huge ripple has swayed into the distance with the waves.

Yang Chen's figure appeared in the middle of the transpiration of white gas. He also held a flying sword in his hand. When he was shaking, he had already come to the front of the sailboat with wings. He jumped gently and boarded the sailboat and stood in front of the stunned strong man.




Translator: Don Stagy

Editor:  Mike

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