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Chapter 540: Escaping from danger

Mei Ji no matter what was in the peak 8th True Spirit Layer, someone who had a step in the 9th True Spirit Layer.  This kind of strength was already considered a first cla.s.s expert in the Purgatory World.

Succubus' didn't have a strong close combat strength, but their strong spiritual energy and Divine Sense gave them a warning system, so they could sense when danger approached.  Mei Ji was filled with fear, always secretly paying attention to them, but she never thought that there would be people who would secretly attack the leader during this situation.

It wasn't as simple as just landing a single hit!

Zorro used all his curse ability to make Mei Ji lose control of her spirit energy.  She couldn't gather any strength, she could only watch as her vital energy disappeared.

"Zorro, you, you….."

Mei Ji knew who dared to attack after she received the attack.

Of the experts present, although Kildan had a high cultivation, he didn't have this kind of ability.  Only Dark Shadow City's vice City Lord, Shadow Demon Zorro could do this.

At this time, Zorro appeared behind Mei Ji without a sound.  There was a ash grey dagger in his hand covered in runes that was going deeper bit by bit.  There was a strong death aura around the blade itself.

"Didn't you really want to know where our City Lords were?"  Zorro's voice was ice cold without any emotions, "I'll tell you now.  When you all arrived here, Darkness City was already surrounded. Our City Lords are working together, so you are finished, completely finished."

"d.a.m.n, why are you doing this….."

"There is no why in Purgatory, you can die now."

"Great Charming Shadow Art!"

Mei Ji turned into countless ghosts, instantly separating from Zorro, smoothly escaping from the point of Zorro's blade.  At this time, the other people reacted. Darkness City's Rock Demon gave an angry roar as a pair of large fists flew out.

The Rock Demon was not weak and Zorro didn't want to take it, so he quickly jumped away.  He also didn't forget to send a slash that forced the Rock Demon back several steps.

But the Rock Demon's defenses were very high, so it didn't suffer any heavy injuries.

Shadow released his bow source spirit and sent out an arrow without any sound.  It hit Zorro in the chest and turned him into an illusion in the air. It was clear he dodged with some kind of secret technique.

The Darkness City army saw this and they all pulled out their weapons in preparation.

The Flame Demon Kildan roared with laughter, "You want to resist with this bit of people?  Kill!"

Flame Demon City's Flame Demons, Dark Shadow City's Shadow Demons, and the demons and dark races from the other cities all came forward and surrounded Darkness City's group.

Mei Ji appeared less than a hundred meters away and spat out a large mouthful of blood.  Her chest had been completely penetrated. The heart was a very important place for a demon.

"There's no use.  Taking a single stab means you're already dead."

The Shadow Demon Zorro was not weaker than Mei Ji.  With a sneak attack and a stab with a dagger filled with death energy, falling onto Mei Ji's vital area, this was why he wasn't in a rush to follow her.

As expected.

Mei Ji was panting and looked especially weak, not even having the ability to run anymore.  The Darkness City troops surrounded by several cities couldn't hold on much longer and had even lost all chances of escaping.

"Those that surrender won't be killed!"  Kildan roared out, "Otherwise you'll follow the others in death!"

Mei Ji revealed an angry and anxious look.  Her eyes filled with ripples as a strong spiritual energy covered Zorro.  Zorro didn't think that Mei Ji still had the ability to resist and when he was covered in the spiritual energy, he immediately lost control of his body.

"Humph, stubborn resistance, no meaning at all!"

The Flame Demon Kildan sent out a fist and a fire dragon with terrifying energy appeared.  The Darkness City Rock Demon was guarding in front of Mei Ji, using his powerful defense to block against the terrifying destructive might of the Flame Demon.


The wild energy surged forward.

The rock body of the Rock Demon exploded causing a large hole and Mei Ji was. .h.i.t by the shockwaves.  In her weakened state, her spiritual energy attack was cut off.

The Shadow Demon Zorro disappeared the moment he recovered.  Darkness City's other expert, the old dark elf saw this and released an eyeball shaped source spirit.  His eyeball source spirit could see through concealed objects, so it countered Zorro's ability.

People never would have thought that.

Zorro appeared right in front of this dark elf and his dark blade moved at an unbelievable speed as he cut off the old dark elf's head.


Shadow shot an arrow with an angry roar, but he couldn't hit Zorro.

The Rock Demon had fought several rounds with Kildan on the side.  Kildan had reached a high 9th True Spirit Layer and in terms of just cultivation base, he was even stronger than Mei Ji.  Moreover, with how overbearing his cultivation technique was, after several powerful attacks, the Rock Demon's body directly shattered.


It was total chaos.

The Flame Demon City and Dark Shadow City's experts led the attacks.  Shadow was heavily injured while fighting the opposite side's expert, Mei Ji was already close to death, and the other two experts had already fallen.

The morale of the Darkness City elites all dropped.

They knew that there was no chance to turn this around and fighting was just a dead end, so they all had the thought of giving up.

Chu Tian was the weakest and was a foreign race, so he wasn't focused by the others, but the ones attacking him were all Spirit Transformation Experts of the other cities.  Chu Tian's battle strength was good and he had confidence fighting one on one, but now that he was surrounded, even he felt it was a bit straining.

He never thought this d.a.m.n thing would happen.

They strangely started fighting, the Purgatory World was truly a world he couldn't understand.


A shadow flashed past!

A Dark Shadow City Shadow Demon made a sneak attack.

This was the Shadow Demon race's powerful secret technique.  The Shadow Demons had a very strong stealth technique, which could even avoid Divine Sense.  Of course with Chu Tian's Vision Domain Divine Sense, when the enemy came close, he could still track their movements.

The forest green blade glow was aimed at his vital point!

Chu Tian suddenly moved back.  The blade glow shattered into gorgeous light, almost breaking Chu Tian's Starlight Immortal Body.

Chu Tian was enraged!

These grandsons!

They also want to kill father?

The Shadow Demon expert sent out a second attack after the first one missed.

Chu Tian's eyes became a deep black hole.  When the Shadow Demon's attack him him, which could even penetrate the defensive cultivation technique of a Spirit Transformation Cultivator, it didn't have any use against Chu Tian at all.  When it made contact, most of the energy was absorbed by Chu Tian and the remaining energy was scattered by the layer of starlight.


The Shadow Demon didn't expect this at all.  When he reacted, Chu TIan had already raised a Demon G.o.d's Sword and his body was covered in a powerful destructive might.

"This attack doesn't even itch!  I'll let you see what is called a real attack!"  Chu Tian slashed the other side's body in half, with the broken corpse flying a hundred meters away, "Scram!"

This foreign race was actually this strong?

The others looked at Chu Tian in a daze.

Kildan, Zorro, and the other City Lords noticed this.

While everyone was stunned, Chu Tian's eyes turned white and his hands released spatial ripples.  He grabbed at Mei Ji and Shadow in s.p.a.ce, covering them in spatial energy and bringing them in front of Chu Tian.

Innate spatial energy?!

What a powerful control ability!

Chu Tian's eyes turned green and spirit energy kept turning into life energy, surging out of his hands onto the two of them.  Shadow's injuries were instantly healed and most of Mei Ji's heart recovered, instantly pulled her out of danger.

Innate life energy?

Such a strong healing ability!

A dark spirit beast was closest to Chu Tian and his reaction was quite fast.  He erupted with a shocking speed, charging at Chu Tian.

"Scram further away!"

Chu Tian looked over and his body was covered in flames, turning into the shape of a s.h.i.+eld.  The dark spirit beast hit the flames and suddenly let out a pitiful wail. He fell to the canyon floor covered in blue and white flames.  It was hard to defend against this strange flame even with his cultivation base.

Chu Tian blew out and sent out a large spout of flames.

The dark giant City Lord quickly shouted, "Don't touch the flames!"

Chu Tian's spirit energy was almost spent.  Not to mention carrying two people, it was even impossible for him to escape from this heavily guarded valley.  So Chu Tian didn't have a choice to escape, instead he used the rest of his spirit energy to teleport the two of them into the Devil's Gate.

"Don't let him escape!"

When everyone recovered from their shock and wanted to attack, Chu Tian was a step ahead of them, instantly disappearing without a trace.

"What is going on?!"  The Flame Demon Kildan exploded with rage, "Where did that brat escape to!"

"Don't worry, there are only three of them left.  They escaped into the Devil's Gate, there is no other exit.  Our armies are guarding this entrance, so they can't escape even if they grow wings."  The Shadow Demon Zorro wasn't worried at all, "Darkness City is being encircled right now, they will inevitably fall."

That's right.

What trouble could these people raise?

Kildan didn't want to let them go, "Is it that easy for them to escape?  Their cultivation is not high and the fighting just now should have consumed most of their strength.  The two Darkness City fellows are heavily injured, so we should go in immediately and take care of them!"


The others all nodded.  The dark spirit beast with a burnt black body stood up.  Chu Tian's flames were hard for normal people to block and this dark spirit beast didn't die after being burned by the Netherworld Ghost Flames, only being heavily injured.  He wasn't simple just based on this point, he was really worth being at the City Lord level.

Kildan, Zorro, the dark giant, and the dark race leaders, they all brought several Spirit Transformation Experts.  How could they fail chasing down a trivial Chu Tian with all these people? This was almost impossible!

They had to investigate the Devil's Gate and if they could eliminate a fish that escape the net, why wouldn't they?  Kildan led the experts into the Devil's Gate and the armies guarded the Devil's Gate Valley. As long as Chu Tian appeared, he would be immediately surrounded.

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