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Xuan Lang Imperial Empire

“Hm, today's sweet and sour pork chops are quite fine and the steamed osmanthus fish. The meat is so fresh and tasty. And this beef, the meat is so tender…”

Every time he described a dish, Su Jiujiu's stomach was grumbling harder.

That saliva almost flowed to the corner of the mouth.

Then she smelled the fragrance of the dishes which led her to drool with desire and Su Jiujiu finally didn't care anymore.

What faces or no faces? Dignity or no dignity? Humans regard food as heaven. She can talk about other matters after eating!

Thinking to here, Su Jiujiu stepped on her heels and the small body immediately jumped off the bed and immediately rushed towards the table.

Seeing that Su Jiujiu moved quickly, she was like lightning. Just a blink of her eyes worth of time, she already sat by his side. Then she raised her furry claws out to pick up a huge chicken egg and ate heartily. A smile flashed by Ye Mohan's eyes.

“Hehe, what happened?! You're not mad anymore?!”

Hearing the man's words and then the teasing look in his eyes, Su Jiujiu couldn't help to be embarra.s.sed.

She knew that the man did this on purpose in her heart so she softly humphed. Right after, she didn't pay any attention to Ye Mohan. She only concentrated on eating the crisp-fried leg in large bites.

Don't really say it but the dishes here could really be compared to the modern time's five-star hotels. Especially this crisp-fried chicken leg. It was incredibly tasty.

Even if she had to eat this her whole life, Su Jiujiu would be willing to.

While Su Jiujiu was gorging down the food, within a quarter of an hour, a huge crisp-fried chicken leg had been shoved in her stomach.

Although she was very full, there was still a couple of tens of other dishes on the table that Su Jiujiu hadn't tasted before. Seeing this, Su Jiujiu felt it was a pity.

While thinking so, Ye Mohan who was by the side seemed to be her stomach's roundworm, immediately picking up his chopstick and placed the other dishes onto Su Jiujiu's plate.

“If you like it then eat it. However, don't eat too much.”

Hearing the man's words and the man's gentle gaze which contained a smile, Su Jiujiu felt the anger in her heart immediately vanished.

Although facing such a handsome man, who would still be angry?!

Su Jiuju wasn't being polite anymore after this. She raised her claws over to continue eating heartily.

One meal, Su Jiujiu's stomach was now round due to this as though the balloon blown up.

Su Jiujiu felt as though she had eaten too much. She laid on the seat. On one side she slowly rubbed her stomach which seemed to be pregnant for six months already and on the other side, she gradually rested.

Ye Mohan's eyes flashed over a smile seeing this.

“You ah. I told you not to eat too much. Look at this stomach.”

Ye Mohan opened his mouth to say. Right after, he couldn't help to softly poke at Su Jiujiu's round tummy.

Glancing at this, Su Jiujiu was embarra.s.sed at first then she subconsciously lifted his hand to catch the man's slender hand, not letting him do anything.

After all, no matter what, she was still a girl. She will also be shy! How could she let a man, one after the next time, touch her stomach?! Although, right now she had turned into a small fox.

As Su Jiujiu was being bashful, Ye Mohan stared at the small fox as she tightly held his hand. He basically had a strong affection towards her.

In his heart, it couldn't help to be softened. Right after, he lifted a hand over to softly rub the furry small head.

He felt the sensation on his fingertip was furry which was quite comfortable.

Sighing, a servant from outside hurriedly walked in all of a sudden.

“Fourth ye, the horse carriage is outside waiting.”

Hearing the person's report, Ye Mohan's pitch-black and narrow eyes slightly raised up and landed outside.

Only to see that the time right now isn't that early.

He recalled that in the past during this time, he had already been inside the palace!

After all, every day, he had woken up early to freshen up and then immediately went inside the palace.

But now that by his side, there is an extra furry small thing, this led him to waste quite a bit of time.

The corner of Ye Mohan's lips couldn't help to curl up and right after, the red lips moved.

“Okay, small thing, this w.a.n.g is going to the royal court now. Behave within the manor.”

Su Jiujiu immediately took her claws back obediently having heard his words. She watched as the man slowly stood up from his seat and then headed out in large strides.

Until the man's long silhouette had quickly vanished in her line of vision, Su Jiujiu placed her gaze away, not wanting to.

Seeing the maids waiting outside who had come in to clean things up, Su Jiujiu felt boring.

After all, she was a small fox and she didn't need to do anything.

Even if she wanted to do something, she couldn't.

Therefore, Su Jiujiu had jumped off the chair and decided to go out, looking around.

She was thinking that she had only seen a corner of the w.a.n.gFu and the fourth w.a.n.gFu was vast in the area that she hadn't seen the other places!

Now that this man went to court, she could walk around the w.a.n.gFu.

Thinking here, Su Jiujiu immediately walked in large strides, heading out.

It was worth being the fourth w.a.n.gFu. Not only was the area large, inside it was an even more dazzling sight, impressive and majestic.

The bluestones paved the road, such a big public square, the tunes flowing across the hallways, the richly ornamented paintings, rock garden, and running water, still and remoted.

The white precious stones and the octagonal pavilion. Each one of the sights, there was beautiful scenery.

Plus, within the w.a.n.gFu, the security was tight. Every five steps, there was a person and every ten steps, a person standing guard. They surrounded the entire w.a.n.gFu, bundled up tight.

Looking in the far distance, there are only servants within the manor to be seen. Within their actions, they revealed the prestige of a genius.

On one hand, Su Jiujiu slowly admired the scenery within the manor and then she really got tired afterward so she jumped on one side of the roof and laid on the tiles above. The two claws propping the back of her head. She had one leg over the other, crossed and stayed like that relaxedly.

Although it was the hot summer, it's not that early right now so the temperature wasn't that high.

The roof in which Su Jiujiu laid upon, on one side contained the willow trees swaying gently against the wind and the hundred years tree which had reached a great height with lush branches which covered the entire roof.

The sunlight at the tip wasn't able to s.h.i.+ne down as well so whenever the cool breeze blew over, Su Jiujiu felt incomparably satisfied.

Although Su Jiujiu had only walked around the w.a.n.gFu for an afternoon, it's just that it's unsure whether the olden times had any amus.e.m.e.nts or such so the people within the manor love to gossip a lot.

Therefore, just a short afternoon, Su Jiujiu had received quite a bit of information about this period of time.

In this period of time, it was the period of time not recorded in history. It was Xuan Lang Imperial Empire.

Now, she was inside the fourth w.a.n.gFu.

The fourth w.a.n.gFu's master, fourth w.a.n.gye's name was Ye Mohan. He was 24 this year and within Xuan Lang Imperial Empire, he was a famous influential person!

According to some, fourth w.a.n.gye – Ye Mohan was incomparably handsome and held a list of impressive accomplishments. No one else in the royal court had done that and extremely was trusted by the Emperor.

According to some, fourth w.a.n.gye – Ye Mohan had powerful martial arts skills and killed numerous. His methods were cruel and killed people within the blink of the eye. Therefore, within the people of the manor, before when mentioning this fourth w.a.n.gye – Ye Mohan, they all held a respectful and terrified face.

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