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Dignity and Eating a Meal

Right after, he couldn't help to raise his hand over and softly patted the small fox's back, with a gentle voice:

“Small thing, you don't need to be afraid. Before, this w.a.n.g was just teasing you!”

“Uh, what?! Before you were just teasing me?!”

Hearing Ye Mohan's words, the originally crying and upset Su Jiujiu couldn't help to lift her small head up. The face filled with shock as she stared at the handsome and demonic like face.

Only to see that the man, at this moment, was looking at her with a pitiful gaze. Where was there even a tint of anger?!

Seeing this, Su Jiujiu realized.

As it turned out, this man was just playing with her!

Su Jiujiu's heart which was hung high originally finally fell down.

Heaven knew that what she was most afraid of right now was if the man didn't want her.

After all, in this time period, without any relatives or family as well as not knowing survival skills, if she left this man, she had no idea how her days will be like in the future.

But this man was basically too vile. He actually scared her!

Thinking here, a tint of anger rose from Su Jiujiu's heart. She raised her claws over to wipe off the tear stains on her face then she pursed her lips, immediately jumping off from the man's chest. Then, she kneeled by the edge of the bed, the back towards him.

Although Su Jiujiu didn't say a word at all, Ye Mohan could still tell from the small fox's action in front of him that this small fox was angry at him!

Gazing at this, Ye Mohan's face was stunned.

He quietly watched the small fox who had her back towards him, being angry. At one point, Ye Mohan had no idea what to do.

People needed to know that he lived for 24 years and Ye Mohan, in regards to any matters, just one connection and he understood.

No matter how hard the set of martial arts were, as long as the master had demonstrated once, he was proficient in this and was even superior to his master in doing so.

No matter how thick the book was, he was able to look through it once and never forget it.

However, the only thing that Ye Mohan didn't know how to do was to soothe someone.

Don't mention that what he had to soothe wasn't even a human!

Therefore, Ye Mohan seemed to be in a difficult situation.

Just what did he need to do in order for this small fox who was being awkward to not be angry at him anymore?!

While Ye Mohan was annoyed in his heart, in the next moment he seemed to think of something. He slightly curled his lips up into a soft smile.

People needed to know that a day ago if someone said that he would be racking his brain to think about the ways to soothe a small fox, he definitely would've snorted and said that person was crazy.

After all, he was the fourth ye of Xuan Lang Imperial Empire. In his hands, he held power over the military and all levels of society. How could he care about a small fox?!

However, now —

He quietly stared at the fox whose back was towards him and Ye Mohan couldn't help to softly sigh, helpless.

“Small thing, stop being angry. In the future, this w.a.n.g won't tease you anymore, okay?!”

Ye Mohan opened his mouth, softly soothing.

However, when Su Jiujiu heard Ye Mohan's words, she just softly humphed. She didn't turn her head around.

Because this man was too mean. She didn't want to easily forgive him!

While Su Jiujiu was angrily thinking this, Ye Mohan watched as the small fox just softly ‘humphed.' The face couldn't help to flash over a tint of surprise.

However, it's just this type of surprise that led Ye Mohan to pity and like her.

Watching the furry small fox with the back forward to him, Ye Mohan's eyes included a glimpse of pampering and helplessness feeling that he didn't even detect.

Just what did he need to do for this small fox to not be angry anymore?!

While Ye Mohan was questioning this in her heart, Su Jiujiu was irritated here when suddenly her stomach let out a rumbling as though play drums.

Hearing this, Su Jiujiu was embarra.s.sed. Right after, she subconsciously lifted her furry claws to touch the flat stomach.

What to do?! Now her stomach is starting to be hungry. She really wanted to eat something!

While Su Jiujiu felt vexed in her heart, the noise of the beating of drums, the man obviously heard this.

Ye Mohan's long and narrow eyes couldn't help to softly flash. Right after, he opened his mouth calling out in a deep in a voice.

“Servants! Prepare the breakfast!”


When they heard Ye Mohan's words, the people waiting outside immediately went out to prepare breakfast.

In the next second, the maids waiting outside, one after the other, followed in. On their hands, they held fresh water, towels, and other tools for dressing.

Ye Mohan, seeing this, slowly walked over to freshen up.

When Su Jiujiu saw that Ye Mohan wasn't paying attention to her and was just freshening up by himself on one side, Su Jiujiu pursed her lips and was vexed in her heart.

This vile man is just not going to care for her now?! This was seriously too vile!

While Su Jiujiu was criticizing this in his heart, the man seemed to detect something. He suddenly turned his head around and looked towards her.

When she noticed the man's gaze, Su Jiujiu's heart was in shock. Right after, she immediately ‘humphed' and moved her face to the side not looking at the man's face.

Ye Mohan was shocked by this and right after, the corner of his lips curled up.

Hehe…This really was a small fox who loved to stir up trouble!

Ye Mohan thought this in his heart and after he was done freshening up, he let the maids leave.

In the next moment, a line of maids walked in holding a couple of tens of delicate and fine dishes.

After the maids walked in in a line, there was a burst of the fragrance of the dishes which led people to drool with desire. The smell filled the room.

Su Jiujiu whose stomach was originally hungry, after smelling this aromatic dishes, the stomach immediately continued to grumble.

Uh, so hungry ah. What to do?!

But if she walked over there now, she basically had no dignity!

Right now, should she walk over there or not?!

When Su Jiujiu was constantly debating this in her heart, Ye Mohan who was already sitting there eating his breakfast, saw that Su Jiujiu was still kneeling on the bed and didn't come over.

Only to see that the pair of foggy-black eyes looked towards his direction from time to time.

Watching that small look, she obviously wanted to come over but wanted to maintain her faces badly.

In Ye Mohan's narrow and long eyes, a glimpse of a smile flashed over.

In the next second, Ye Mohan seemed to have thought of something. His gaze swept over and landed on the table's crisp-fried chicken.

Ye Mohan's red lips curled up and grabbed the chopsticks, picking up the leg of the crisp-fried chicken and placing it in his own bowl.

“Today's crisp-fried chicken is quite good. Especially this chicken leg, it looks to be quite desiring.”

Hearing Ye Mohan's words, Su Jiujiu gulped down the drool which was threatening to fall out.

From the start, her stomach has been quite hungry. Right now, hearing Ye Mohan's words, her small stomach seemed to cause a greater disturbance.

Heaven ah! So famished.

But, between dignity and eating, should she choose dignity?! Or eating?!

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