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A Soft Kiss

Thinking of this, although Su Jiujiu lived for 18 years and there were numerous guys who pursued after her, she never had thoughts about a guy before.

Because the guys who had pursued after her before, she thought they were quite immature and like kids.

However, the man in front of her was different!

Su Jiujiu's heart felt itchy and really wanted to kiss this man's lips. She really really wanted to—

In her heart, it was becoming restless. The ears, there was a voice slowly rising which constantly prompt her—

“Go up and kiss him, kiss him!”

Therefore, Su Jiujiu felt as though she was under the spell. The two legs slowly moved forwards then she sneakily came to the side of the man's face.

Seeing this face close up to her and the pair of soft lips which were endlessly luring her, in the end, Su Jiujiu couldn't hold it in anymore. Then she slowly lowered her head—

The man's lips included a tint of chilliness as though covered by a layer of ice. It was cold but under the hot summer, the feeling it gave to people was that it was very comfortable.

It was as though cotton candy which was just taken out of the refrigerator. It was soft and slippery, letting people sigh and not wanting to leave it.

While Su Jiujiu was sighing with feeling, she didn't notice that the originally sleeping man, that tightly shut eyes, when her small mouth kissed him, he had suddenly opened his eyes—

The gaze he held towards Su Jiujiu was filled with shock and astonishment!

Actually, Ye Mohan had woken up earlier already. It's just that when he noticed the small fox in his arms had also woken up, he didn't immediately open his eyes.

Because, although he didn't open his eyes, he could feel that this small fox was looking him up and down, in detail.

Out of curiosity, Ye Mohan decided to patiently wait and wanted to see what this small fox will do next.

However, what Ye Mohan didn't expect of everything was that this small fox would secretly…kiss him while he was deep in sleep?!

He felt the sensation on his lips. It was soft and gentle, a little furry type of feeling—

The heavens knew that this was his first kiss!

Although he lived for 24 years, his heart never felt moved by any woman. But he never knew that his first kiss would be given to a…small fox?!

Thinking to here, Ye Mohan's emotions couldn't be described with words.

Shock, astonishment, but not a bit of dislike…

Pondering in Ye Mohan's heart, Su Jiujiu who was originally kissing the deep in sleep man slowly noticed a scorching hot gaze on her which had tightly landed on her body.

Observing this point, Su Jiujiu was questioning in her heart. Right after, she couldn't help to open her eyes and then look towards the source of the gaze.

What met her eyes was a pair of long narrow eyes filled with astonishment.

Right then, the four eyes looked at each other. Su Jiujiu was shocked in her heart. She felt as though her brain had exploded, struck by a bolt out of the blue. The entire person seemed to be frozen like a fossil.

The eyes were widened and the small mouth was opened wide, big enough for a sparrow to fly into it.

Heaven ah!

Earth ah!


How come this man had suddenly woken up?!

Even if he were to wake up, how come he didn't give her some sort of hint first? He woke up when he wanted to, not giving her time to prepare in her heart at all.

Then she recalled back to what she had done to him.

She took advantage of him in deep sleep and decided to kiss him.

She had no idea how the man thought about this in his heart. Would he think that she was a pervert wolf?! Oh, no, pervert fox?!

The more she thought about this, the more Su Jiujiu wanted to squeeze into a crack, out of irritation.

Heaven ah!

This time, she basically lost her faces to her grandmother's house!

What should she do now?! What to do?!

Compared to Su Jiujiu who was fl.u.s.tered and distracted, Ye Mohan just widened his shocked eyes. He tightly concentrated on the small fox who was kneeling on his chest and holding a face of anxiousness.



It's anxiousness!

He actually saw a look of anxiousness from a fox's face!?

If it were in the past, he definitely wouldn't believe this. A small fox would actually reveal a look of anxiousness. But right now—

He watched the small fox leaning on his chest and having a look of anxiousness.

He looked at this fox which seemed to be very irritated and regretful right now. That furry little face, the eyes seemed to be dodging here and there. She didn't dare to look at him in her eyes.

Seeing this, the originally shocked Ye Mohan snapped out of his trance. In his heart, he felt this was interesting.

He had the idea to tease this small fox.

Therefore, Ye Mohan couldn't help to raise his fingers over to softly poke at the small fox's widened mouth. The face was slightly gloomy and the deep hoa.r.s.e voice came out from the man's mouth—

“You – this small pervert fox. You dared to secretly kiss this w.a.n.g?!”

“Uh, I, I, I, wasn't doing it on purpose…”

Hearing Ye Mohan's words and his slightly gloomy face, Su Jiujiu was anxious in her heart.

Heaven ah!

What to do?! This man really got angry! If this man doesn't want her, what should she do?!

If she knew this earlier, she wouldn't have secretly kissed him.

People needed to know that during this time period, she had no relatives or a family. Plus, she is also a small fox, not having the abilities to survive at all.

Don't mention how she is the Firefox that had been extinct in this time period already. If people found out, they definitely would catch her.

The more she thought of this, in her mind, an image rose.

That is – She was caught by people and then locked in a metal cage like when she went to see the animals in the zoo.

However, this time, the person who was seen as an animal was not anyone else but her—

Su Jiujiu was frightened in her heart and she felt a chill down her back.

Compared to Su Jiujiu who trembled in fear, Ye Mohan who originally just wanted to tease Su Jiuju saw this and the handsome face slightly furrowed his eyebrows.

Although he knew that this small fox has rather the spiritual nature and was able to understand human language.

But now, this small fox, what type of expression is that?!

She seemed to be very afraid and even that small body began to tremble.

Who knew one sentence of his would make the small fox terrified to this point. At that moment, Ye Mohan felt pitiful.

The soft lips opened, saying:

“Small thing…”

“Wu, wu, wu. Don't be angry anymore. I won't dare to secretly kiss you in the future. Don't drive me away, okay?!”

Ye Mohan's words weren't even finished when he watched as the small fox in front of him immediately ‘pu tong' and kneeled down in a sitting position. Then the claws reached over to tightly hug his neck. ‘Oh, oh, oh.' It began to sob.

Although he was unable to understand what the fox was saying, hearing that miserable calling and the slightly trembling body, Ye Mohan knew that this small fox was terrified badly.

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