I Didn't Even Want To Live, But God Forced Me To Reincarnate! Chapter 120: Against A Dragon...?!

I Didn't Even Want To Live, But God Forced Me To Reincarnate! -

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Reunion is always a beautiful thing, but...

I'm sorry Mister Earth, I don't actually like being reunited with you like this...

"Lyra, no!"

Alt-nii ran towards me and shook my body quickly.

"Ahaha, one down, now you're the only one left, Tair!"

Carbuncle's happy voice resounded as I remained at my previous position, embracing Mister Earth completely.


Alt-nii quickly ran, leaving me behind as he approached the dragon girl and went full offensive.

Luckily enough, I can still see the scene projected before me completely fine.

Alt-nii… please, succeed!

[Scea.r.s.eax windan!] (Razor Wind)

[Void ball!]

Alt-nii summoned several attacks, from sharp blades of wind, b.a.l.l.s of void energy, and lastly, he poured his [Life] magic to nearby small rocks, as some small spirit-like creatures formed from the rocks and flew away to chase Carbuncle.

"Ha, getting desperate, aren't you?!"

Carbuncle easily dodged everything and finally stopped right next to me—as the attacks that Alt-nii performed somehow led her there.

Though I was right beside her, she didn't pay any attention to me and focused her gaze on Alt-nii. Well, yes, after destroying my crystal pendant, I was no longer seen as a potential threat to her.

I put all my remaining strength to my feet, accelerating my speed with [Wind] magic as I leaped towards her from her side.

My hands moved to reach the gift that Alt-nii gave to me, the peculiar metallic hair accessories that I used to tie my hair to form the current twintails. As told by Alt-nii before, I managed to combine the pair of hair accessories very easily as they just combined their parts on their own once I brought them closer—then, I used it as a knuckle.

With the remaining mana I have, I poured my [Ice] magic to the knuckle.

As my feet touched the dragon girl's shadow, I chanted the [Dark] magic that would stop her movement from her shadow in my mind.

After doing that, I jumped and aimed my knuckle at her pendant…

That's when she noticed my presence!

"Wha…?!" She looked at me with a very surprised expression as she just noticed that she couldn't move her body easily.

"How can it be?!"

She said in her surprise as my knuckle touched the crystal pendant on her chest—

Surprisingly, though I immobilized her movements using [Dark] magic, she could still summon sparks of lightning that hindered my knuckle from destroying her crystal pendant! Cracks slightly formed, but I couldn't advance due to the protective sparks.

"Ah, your crystal pendant…!!"

I smiled.

"So, you just noticed?"

Yes, my crystal pendant was severely cracked, but it hasn't been completely destroyed yet!

---Let's go back in time and see something "behind-the-scene"!---

As Alt-nii shook my body, I turned my body slightly to the left side to face him, though I doubt I could do it—wait, what?!

"Alt-nii…? Ah… I can move? What is…"

I took out my crystal pendant immediately and noticed that although the crystal was severely cracked, it hasn't been destroyed yet.

"Thank goodness, I can continue to fight alongside you!"

…But this is bad. I poured my mana at my previous spell, so I could feel the fatigue in my body right now.

"…Lyra, I have an idea!"

Alt-nii whispered his idea to me…

"I will erase your magical aura so she couldn't sense you. Trick her, make her believe that you can no longer move… I will direct her so that she'll stand next to you. Then, I will quickly hide your presence at that time. When she has an opening, go and attack her crystal pendant! As for the attack, I'll leave it to you to think while I'm fighting her. And you can use that knuckle-hybrid-hair-accessories in case you can't put too much magical power in your attack."

As per his idea, I continued to hug Mister Earth and remained like a dead body!

In the end, I devised the safest idea of sealing her movement first, then attack later!

Because my mana is running out and my body is collecting fatigue… I think it's also time to try the knuckle.

---End of "behind-the-scene"---

Anyway, cracks continued to form. So, as long as I kept on doing this, her crystal pendant will eventually be destroyed!

…I was reminded once again that I was too naïve.

Carbuncle could somehow move her head and neck as she inched closer to my knuckle! She opened her mouth and readied her fangs—wait what?!

There were electric sparks around her fangs!

Before I could process the significance of it, the tips of her fangs touched the tip of my metallic knuckle and—


It electrocuted me!!

I lost my balance right away as I felt my body paralyzed at the same time.

Before I could even react, Carbuncle lightly tossed a small arrow of thunder to my crystal pendant, effectively breaking it for real.

I lied down, immobilized on the ground.

So, everything is up to Alt-nii now…

"It's been fun! You're tired, aren't you? Let me end this, then!"

Carbuncle's voice could be heard again as I saw her flying towards Alt-nii.

Alt-nii's exhausted, so he only formed a double-layered barrier, one [Void], and one [Life] right in front of his body, effectively covering the pendant, but…

"Pfft, so naïve!"

The dragon girl swung her hand to Alt-nii and…

Summoned a gust of wind that blew Alt-nii's pendant to the side—to the defenseless side!

Before Alt-nii could move his barrier there, Carbuncle has already pierced her lightning spear to the crystal.

…As the crystal broke, our match finally ended.

"That was fun, that was fun!!"

Inside the tidy office we're in, Carbuncle put her hands on her waist and laughed happily. Her current appearance was quite different than when she was fighting.

As of now, the red garnet embedded on her forehead and the red markings on her face were perfectly concealed, as well as her dragon wings and dragon tail.

She looked perfectly like an ordinary human—the only things that could arouse suspicion that she is a dragon would be her unusually sharp fangs that sometimes stuck out of her mouth and her pointed ears. And yes, her pointy ears' shape is different than the elves and the dwarves. It's a shape I've never seen before.

A lot of things happened after the match ended. Alt-nii and I got healed, Shekai-san concluded the matter and said several things again regarding Carbuncle, and now… we're in the's room. After a light chat with Shekai-san, Carbuncle blabbered.

"Lyr and Tair are awesome! That's it, I've decided!"

…Decided what?

"I will mark this Basic Level as my territory! I want to observe these interesting kids more! Ahaha!!"


Shekai-san's smile also turned stiff.

She surely didn't expect the dragon girl to end her journey and settle on her Basic Level as a "foreign student", right…

I also didn't expect it… although I was one of the people who caused her to have this idea…

Oh well… that's fine, since at least, I'm not asked to personally take care of her and—

"Ah right, I gotta choose a cla.s.s I want to attend, right? Hmm, you siblings are in different… Oh well, that's it! Since we're fellow girls, I'm going to be with Lyr, then!"


"Lyrchan's just a new student here. She isn't used to this school yet… are you sure about it, Carbuncle-chan?"

"Eeh? So, do I have to choose Tair instead?"

Shekai-san glanced at Alt-nii who was grinning—he looked like a mischievous child this way!

"…Do you really have to limit your options between the two siblings?"

"Yes, isn't that obvious?!"

…No, it's not obvious.

Shekai-san turned to examine my face for a while, as if confirming something… Is she reading my personality?

"…Actually, if you have to choose only between Lyrchan or Altaire-kun, then… I guess it's better for you to go with Lyra, as fellow girls!"

"Then, I will learn together with Lyr!! We can help each other!"

Carbuncle said with her s.h.i.+ning eyes, looking expectantly at me.


"…Then, Lyrchan, I hope you can get along well with Carbuncle-chan! She seems to have taken a liking on you, isn't that great?!"

Shekai-san happily clapped her hands and smiled.

Somehow, I feel like her reason to recommend me in comparison to my big brother… isn't only because I am a girl… Plus, Alt-nii's mischievous look from earlier—

But wait a second!! Can I have a say on this?

Okay, setting that aside, I understand… having a dragon liking you is something awesome!


But… I aimed for an ordinary and peaceful life…

"I will definitely come and play with Tair as well, but I think it's easier for fellow girls to get along!"

"Lyra, that's great! You've got another female friend!!"


Uhm, yes, it's great to have another female friend on my first day of school…

But… can my friend be more ordinary than this… pretty… please?

"Hey, Lyr, I will tell you something nice as a token of our friends.h.i.+p!"

Carbuncle swiftly moved to my side, put her hand close to my ears and whispered.


Though I yelled in my surprise, Carbuncle continued to approach the door while humming happily.

She ignored Shekai-san who said that she was making some necessary arrangements for Carbuncle's stay in the school…

As for me…

"Wait, what do you mean by it, Carbuncle?!"

I followed her in a hurry. I really, really want a confirmation of her statement just now!!

"Psst, I hope we will get along well, mixed dragon-descent!"

That was what she whispered in my ears.

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