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The family doctor's name was Cui Pengrui. He was a doctor returning from the United States and he was in his 30s. Although he was not old enough, he had rich experience and was very famous both at home and abroad. He was now a family doctor specially appointed by the Murong family. This time, Murong Ye brought him here because four of them were important members of the Murong family.

Generally speaking, it was easy to stop the bleeding for such small wound. And the situation like this always made doctors feel bad intuitively.

Cui Pengrui's eyes grew sharper and sharper as he checked the situation of Niannian. He glanced calmly around the crowd and said, "Niannian's situation is not so good!"

Yun Muxi suddenly became nervous and grabbed Cui Pengrui by the sleeve, "What do you mean? It's just a little Why do you say her situation is not so good?"

Murong Qingtian also became more serious and asked, "Dr. Cui, what do you mean?"

Murong Qingtian and Murong Ye were very familiar with Cui Pengrui's situation, and they believed in his medical skill. If he said the situation was not so good, then there must be something wrong.

Cui Pengrui pushed his on the bridge of his nose and said earnestly, "It is not difficult to stop bleeding in a small wound of this kind, but it is still difficult to stop her blood. The best hemostatic drugs are used for her now, but the hemostatic effect is not particularly good, so I suspect there is something wrong with her blood system. Of course, these are only my guesses from experience, and the specific situation needs further examination. The medical conditions on our island are limited; I suggest transferring her to the hospital for further examination."

When Yun Muxi heard this, she immediately became lost. The well-known leukemia and other diseases appeared in her mind. She started to think about the sick children naturally.

In panic, she turned and grabbed Murong Ye's arm, "Murong Ye, let's go to the hospital, shall we? I have to take Niannian to the hospital for examination immediately!"

Murong Ye held her shoulders and comforted her in a low voice, "Xiao Xi, calm down, we will send Niannian to the hospital as soon as possible, but don't panic, now everything is still speculation, so you must calm down."

Yun Muxi tried hard to take a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, but her heart beat was still fast and out of control.

Murong Qingtian's face was also extremely serious. Cui Pengrui tried his best to stop bleeding and Murong Ye began to call the housekeeper to arrange the plane.

In less than half an hour, the bleeding of the wound was temporarily stopped. Cui Pengrui was so tired that his clothes were wet with sweat. Cui pengrui wiped his sweat and said calmly, "Now the blood has stopped. You can go straight back to city A and have a comprehensive examination."

Yun Muxi calmed down, holding her pet.i.te daughter and stroking her back. Niannian seemed tired at this moment and felt sleepy in Yun Muxi's arms.

The housekeeper soon put everything in order and arranged the plane, and all the people did not dare to delay and boarded to prepare for the departure.

The time on the plane seemed to slow down and the atmosphere became more and more dignified. Yun Muxi, Murong Qingtian and Murong Ye all looked somberly, tightly staring at Niannian who was quietly sleeping in Yun Muxi's arms.

The plane stopped directly on the roof of the International Department of A City Center Hospital, and the dean of the hospital who got off the plane led experts and directors of hematology and pediatrics, heads of clinical laboratory and inpatient departments to wait on the top floor. They noticed that Murong Qingtian was really worried because he asked so many people to wait.

Yun Muxi followed Murong Qingtian and Murong Ye off the plane, followed by Cui Pengrui.

Dean Hao hurried forward and said politely and complimentarily, "Mr. Murong, we are all ready, and we can carry out a series of inspections immediately."

Murong Qingtian nodded and followed Dean Hao and his partners to the building.

The hospital arranged the best wards, and all the medical staff provided VVIP-type service for Niannian. Everything was arranged in an orderly way and they took good care of Niannian. Soon, various examinations and tests were carried out.

Cui Pengrui held a consultation conference with the dean, hematology experts and pediatrics experts. After they had a detailed discussion, Cui Pengrui said at first, "After careful discussion, we initially decided that her current situation may be aplastic anemia, and the specific diagnosis only can be made after all the examination results come out."

Yun Muxi asked with astonishment, "What is aplastic anemia?"

Cui Pengrui pondered for a moment, pushed his and explained, "Simply speaking, it is a syndrome in which bone marrow cannot produce enough or new cells for the human body to supplement blood, leading to hematopoietic failure of bone marrow. There are many reasons for this disease, and what Niannian belongs to will not be judged until the specific results are obtained."

Yun Muxi was confused. She did not understand these medical explanations at all, but her anxiety grew stronger. She continued to ask, "Then, can this disease be cured?"

Cui Pengrui nodded and continued to explain patiently. "The cure rate of this disease is very high now. It can be treated by drugs or bone marrow replacement. Bone marrow replacement is the most direct and effective method. For patients, it will also reduce a lot of pain, but the cost will be very high. Moreover, bone marrow matching is also a difficult problem. Niannian is type AB blood. Although it is not panda blood, the number of type AB blood is relatively small among the four blood types, so the matching rate will also be reduced. It is also possible to use drug therapy, but the side effects of drugs are also very big, especially for such a young kid..."

Yun Muxi's heart ached. Although she still did not quite understand what aplastic anemia is, hearing the words "bone marrow replacement" and "side effects" still made her astonished. She murmured to herself unnaturally, "Why does Niannian have to suffer from this disease at such an early age? Why?"

Cui Pengrui looked at Yun Mu Xi with some sympathy and began to comfort her, "It's not the final diagnosis. We also hope that the final result will be good, so you should not worry too much, perhaps the result is not as bad as you think."

Yun Muxi turned to look at Niannina on the sickbed. Her hands trembled and held Niannian's hands. At the moment, her hands were cold, while Yun Muxi's hands were even cooler, as cold as her heart.

Murong Ye put his hands on Yun Muxi's shoulder and gently comforted her, hoping to help her to relieve a little.

Yun Muxi's tears were dripping down, and she murmured in a low voice, "I'm sorry, mommy is really unlucky. I don't expect that you can't escape from the bad luck and you must suffer from the disease."

Niannian who was asleep did not hear the whispering of her mother, but Murong Ye who sat beside clearly heard everything. He shouted with a low voice, "Xiao Xi, don't talk nonsense! How can you still have such absurd thoughts in modern time! No one wants Niannian to get sick. I know that you are sad, but don't think nonsense."

Yun Muxi shook his head lightly and said, "No, I am unlucky. I bring bad luck to everyone around me. Now it's her turn. How can I still be her mother?"

Murong Ye lowered himself angrily, pulled over her body, and let her face him. His eyes seemed to see through her soul. He criticized angrily, "Xiao Xi, listen to me. We will all try our best to cure the disease, but the precondition is that you need to cheer up first, and you need to accompany Niannian to go through the difficulties. You cannot collapse first. If you torture yourself like this, we cannot guarantee that you will not be sick after Niannian is cured. So you'd better throw away all those miscellaneous thoughts!"

His words were very harsh, and Yun Muxi could not help crying. He was touched and got up and took her into his arms. Such a young girl had endured so many changes in life, as if everyone had ignored that she was only 23 years old and a college student who had not yet gone out of college.

In fact, what worried Murong Ye the most was Yun Muxi's mental state. The previous events had already done her a great deal of harm. Now, together with Niannian's disease, he was worried that she would really suffer a mental breakdown. They could not afford the consequences.

Yun Muxi slowly stopped crying without knowing how long had pa.s.sed. She leaned on Murong Ye's arms, enjoying the temporary backing. She was very fragile and a little stimulation could make her exhausted. Having an elder brother to temporarily rely on offers her heaven and let her relaxed for a while.

In the evening, Niannian finally woke up and opened her eyes. She couldn't wait to call lightly, "Mommy..."

Yun Muxi heard her voice on the sofa nearby, and she trembled and stood up and hurried to her bed. Seeing her big clear eyes, Yun Muxi's heart ached and she nearly cried again. She forced out a smile and said, "Baby, are you awake?"

Niannian gave her a sweet smile, looked at the ward and asked doubtfully, "Mommy, where am I?"

Yun Muxi said flatly, "This is a hospital. You broke your leg and grandpa is worried and let you have a good recovery."

Niannian frowned and said, "But mommy, I don't like hospitals. The smell here is terrible and I want to go home. I'm afraid of hospitals, injections and medicines. Mommy, can you take me home?"

Yun Muxi stroked the top of her hair and said, "Be good and when the doctor says you can be discharged, mommy will take you home immediately. Is that OK? Now, just be good here and take care of yourself!"

She nodded cleverly and said, "OK! Then mommy, please ask the doctor when I can be released from the hospital. I just broke my leg and will soon recover."

Yun Muxi nodded and got up and left the ward. When the ward door was closed, she couldn't bear it and crouched down to cover his mouth and wept bitterly.

A pair of men's leather shoes suddenly appeared in front of her misty eyes. Then a pair of solid big hands took her arms. Yun Muxi raised her eyes and immediately cried like a dam that burst its banks. She could no longer restrain her emotions and threw herself into the warm arms like a wronged child crying aloud.

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