I Decided To Cook Because The Losing Potion Was Soy Sauce Chapter 42

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Brrr, A small trembling ran throught my body, It shake my head a little.

On the camisole, An adventurer card hanging from the neck trembles.

Otto, I am in trouble if I drop this.

After putting the card on the clothes that I took off, I leaned forward and thrust my hand into the pond.

Thrust my hand and rummage through the mud till water reach my shoulder.

Un, After all it was reckless. I need something like scoop or something long with a handle.

No, If my leg enter the pond and it's getting stuck in the mud, holding a rope the only means to escape …   

When I think about it, my hand touching something hard.


Grasp it and pull it out.

Heavy! No no, I pulled it with all my might, but I lost my strength!

It is impossible with one hand. Reach and pull it with both hands.


My head dives into a pond.

Cough, cough, ugh

I drank some water, but, but, but…

"I caught it!"

And, I instinctively raised it toward heaven.

“Hahaha … This is not a water lillies but a lotus! So there is a lotus root. Fufufu. Lotus root … “

It is delicious for tempura. It should be the best if combined with minced chicken meats right?

Just need chicken meats… It is not a chicken, but there's meat of birds.

Oh, but there’s no oil!

Shock. But if there is a rapeseed, How to make oil from rapeseed?

No, but well. Lotus root. What shall I make?

Rinse off the mud with the the pond water , Shake my hand and dry it then put the adventurer cards around my neck.

Boil the lotus root with a cola taste MP potion? No no no.


Holding lotus root, I carefully descending from step rock place, As I walked to the vicinity of the lodge, I smell the scent of chicken stock.

That's right! I makee chicken stock!

I mean, This lotus root is …

Un. The menu was decided.

“I’m home, thank you for accepting the task!”

Kurts laughed broadly.

“It is natural to help! no need to thank me”

Un. That was right. those who don’t work can’t eat.

But …

“Even it is natural, You know that I'm Glad if you do it?"

Kurts tilts his little head.

"Natural feeling being able to eat because you helped or happy feeling when making a food?"

TLN: I lost at this sentence「手伝ったんだから食べさせてもらえるのは当たり前って思う?それとも料理作ってもらえて嬉しいなって思う?」/ Tetsudatta ndakara tabe sasete moraeru no wa atarimae tte omou? Soretomo ryōri tsukutte moraete ureshī natte omou?

"That's it, I'm Happy!"

"Un, For expressing my happy feelings I said thank you. Because Kurts-kun give me a help then I let him to eat, I will not think it is natural. I am glad that you helped me, I appreciate it. So, thank you.”

Kurts cheeks are a little bit pink.

"M-me, me too, Thank you for letting me to help!”


“This bird’s bone, there is a nice smell. it’s fun to watch a garbage becoming a food. It is exciting!”

Ah,Un. That’s right.

Cooking is fun, is not it?

“Fufu, that’s good, thank you for enjoying your help”

Say thank you to each other and thank you for saying thank you. It is funny and without thinking I laugh with Kurts.

“Ah, what is it? what is it? It looks fun, also tell Kirika?”

Kirikchan who had full of a bottle of potion in her hands came into the lodge.

The entrance door is left open so that you can get in and out even if you have full luggage in your hand.

"Anone, Kirikchan, We can have something delicious for dinner, right? Because Kurts worked hard, right? “

“Kurts big brother?”

Kirikchan gives a little surprised voice.

"Eh, Me?"

Kurts-kun gives an impatient voice.

“Because food will be more delicious if made with fun feeling, is not it?"

Gently stroke Kurts-kun head.

“Is cooking fun? Kirika want to do it!"

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