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Li Zhanwu, who had just returned to the capital late at night, didn't have the mood to take rest. The next day, he woke up early in the morning and went to his office, hoping to find out more information about Qin Hao.

Unexpectedly, Yu Lianshu arrived at the office earlier than him.

"General, you are so tired these days, why didn't you take a good rest?" Yu Lianshu stood in front of Li Zhanwu's desk and said.

Li Zhanwu raised his head and looked at Yu Lianshu's swollen eyes. He stared at him and said, "You still have the nerve to speak about me? Look at yourself." After saying that, he blamed himself and sighed, "It's been hard for you, Lianshu."

Yu Lianshu smiled slightly and said, "General, we've been like this for more than ten years, there's no need to be so formal. Let me report to you about Qin Hao's situation."

"Alright, sit down." Li Zhanwu was confident in Yu Lianshu's abilities, he must have already gotten the detailed information of Qin Hao.

Without any hesitation, Yu Lianshu sat down on the sofa and opened the folder in his hands. Li Zhanwu left his desk and sat on the sofa beside him.

Yu Lianshu said, "General, we were tricked by that brat, Qin Hao. He told us that he was someone from Beiwei City. In the end, after checking, there were hundreds of people named Qin Hao in that city, but we didn't find the Qin Hao we were looking for. I suspected that we might have false information, and I expanded the search range to cover the entire country. "

"There are more people called Qin Hao with hundreds of thousands in the country,. Finding the exact Qin Hao that we are looking for is like looking for a needle in the ocean, so we could only choose a few major cities. Among them, Changhai City is one of the most important. Indeed, we found the Qin Hao that we were looking for. "As he spoke, he took out a resident certificate from the local police station. There was a photo of Qin Hao in it.

"He's from Changhai City, grew up in an orphanage, and now he is a student in the East Asia Normal School."

"Student?" Li Zhanwu found it's hard to believe that a young student could actually be such a powerful Martial Cultivator.

"Do you know where he was born, General?" Yu Lianshu asked on purpose.

"Wasn't he born in Changhai City?" Li Zhanwu asked with doubts in his eyes.

Yu Lianshu shook his head. "He was born in the Mu Family."

"Which Mu Family?"

"The Mu Family, one of the Four Great Families in the capital. His mother is Mu Qingyao." Yu Lianshu's words shocked Li Zhanwu. He might not know about the other families, but it was impossible for him not know the Great Four. Each one of them had a great reputation. Not only did they have huge financial resources, but also had huge political networks. Since Qin Hao came from such a wealthy family, how could he have become an orphan?

However, he quickly understood. He had heard about the matters of the Mu Family more or less. Especially Mu Qingyao, her news was endless ten years ago.

For the sake of love, regardless of the family's objections, she had fallen in love with a man named Qin Ying in the past. Unfortunately, Qin Ying died while she was pregnant, so she could only return to the Mu family to give birth to that child.

Unexpectedly, when the child just cut his wisdom teeth, he was expelled by the Mu Family, and Mu Qingyao married to a local wealthy family.

Li Zhanwu never thought that this child would be Qin Hao, and he could grow up into such a powerful person. Such a talent, not to mention the Mu Family, even the country needed to recruit him. It's a pity that Mu Family abandoned him.

"Originally, Qin Hao followed her Mother's surname and was named Mu Hao. After he was driven out of the Mu family, he used his father's surname and was called Qin Hao." Yu Lianshu continued to report.

"Tell me how did he become a Martial Cultivator. We can talk about other things later." Li Zhanwu interrupted Yu Lianshu. Right now, he wanted to know all the information regarding Qin Hao's ident.i.ty as a Martial Cultivator.

"Just as he said, he has no sect, no master." Yu Lianshu paused and said.

"Does that mean he's just an independent cultivator?" Li Zhanwu knew somethings about Martial Cultivator.

"Yes." Yu lianshu answered but frowned. "To be precise, we can't find any information about how he practiced the ancient martial. His change happened after the summer vacation of this year. Before this, he was just a person who had no one to rely on and lived in poverty. Furthermore, he was often bullied by his cla.s.smates. If it weren't for the help from others, he wouldn't have been able to go to college. However, after the summer vacation, on the first day he came back to school, he lectured Tang Wei, the school overlord who had bullied him. After that, he rose up greatly just like the story in the novels. " In such a short period of time, even this kind of infomation could be discovered. It showed the ma.s.sive power they obsessed.

"Our people talked to Tang Wei and found out that Qin Hao defeated his cousin as well, his cousin is a martial artist from the Profound Martial Sect. At that time, Qin Hao only took one shoot to defeat him. "

"Hiss." Li Zhanwu took a deep breath, "So, could it be that he encountered some sort of miracles during the summer vacation? For example, he got guidance from an expert, or obtained a profound ancient martial cultivate manual? "

"Even if he got the guidance of an expert or some profound secret manual, but how could he become an expert in a vacation less than two months?" Yu Lianshu couldn't believe it, so did Li Zhanwu. Although they were not Martial Cultivators, but they knew a lot about them. How could it be so easy to become a Martial Cultivator? If it was that easy, they would have established a special team composed by Martial Cultivators long time ago.

"However, we've known a strange thing. During the summer vacation, Qin Hao suddenly had a wedding with a person named Ye Siyu. We have investigated Ye Siyu and found out that she was also a Martial Cultivator from Profound Martial Sect, moreover she is an expert. "

"That must be the key point." Li Zhanwu seemed to have gotten some useful information, "If I'm correct, it should be Ye Siyu who taught him the Ancient Martial Art."

Yu Lianshu smiled bitterly, "I thought the same thing. However, after their wedding, no one knew what happened to them that night. Qin Hao disappeared the next day in the early morning and wrote a divorce letter.

"A divorce letter?" Li Zhan Wu couldn't help but laugh, "Interesting, he imitated the ancient people."

Yu Lianshu laughed along with him and continued, "After his leaving, Qin Hao had disappeared for a month which is totally blank to us. Fortunately, we had taken all the road video recording in Changhai City during that period of time. After careful a.n.a.lysis and sorting, we found traces of Qin Hao. He got on a long-distance bus. When the bus reached the peak of the Eighteen-bend Mountain, it flipped over, and there was no one, including the driver, had returned alive. "

Hearing this, Li Zhanwu raised his head, his face was filled with astonishment, "But, isn't Qin Hao still alive?"

"That's the incredible part." Yu Lianshu emphasized his words, "Then, we checked the video of the following month and discovered that on the last day of summer vacation, Qin Hao appeared at the Eighteen-bend Mountain. This time, he hitchhiked on the road and directly returned to school."

"We think that during this month, Qin Hao might have encountered some sort of fortuitous thing, which is called Heaven-defying Opportunity by the Martial Cultivators. It helped him survive in the car accident and become a Martial Cultivator. As for what kind of opportunity, we still do not know. Perhaps, only he knows."

"And, we have obtained some unexpected infomation from the surveillance video. It turns out that the accident was caused by someone else."

"Someone else?" Anger appeared on Li Zhanwu's face, "So many people died, who was so vicious on earth?"

"We investigated all the way and finally found out who was responsible for this case. It was a hoodlum, his nickname is Wu Ya. According to his confession, he was ordered to do so by young master Zuo Yong, who's from Zuo family, one of the wealthiest families in Changhai. The goal was to kill Qin Hao because he liked Ye Siyu. "

"Sc.u.m. He actually killed so many people for a woman. " Li Zhanwu's blood was boiling. He was a straightforward person who hated evil the most and detested this kind of thing. "Such a person must be killed, even if he is someone from the Zuo family. You call the police in Changhai city, and urge them to punish the murderer severely. "

"No need." Yu Lianshu continued, "Zuo Yong has already been severely punished. Even the entire Zuo family has been annihilated because of him. There is no Zuo family in this world anymore."

"What?" Li Zhanwu was stunned, "You mean, the Zuo family was annihilated? Who did it?" He knew somethings about the Zuo family. It was a powerful family that was only inferior to the Four Great Families in the capital. Who would have the ability to destroy the entire family?

"The person who destroyed the Zuo family was Qin Hao. He did it yesterday, alone." When Yu Lianshu spoke, his face also revealed a shocked expression. In fact, when he heard this news he had already been shocked. Even now, he couldn't help but being shocked once more.

"Qin Hao?" Li Zhanwu stood up abruptly with a face filled with shock. To someone like him, it was extremely difficult to make him shocked liked that. He had already thought highly of Qin Hao's strength, but he never thought that Qin Hao's strength was even greater. To be able to destroy the entire Zuo Family by himself, what kind of strength and courage did him have?

After the shock on Li Zhanwu's face disappeared, Yu Lianshu continued, "When Qin Hao killed the Zuo family, he did it without any hesitation. He did it in daylight, and did not destroy any of the surveillance videos in the Zuo family. The police took the videos and saw the scenes of Qin Hao killing people. It's said that there were people paralyzed with fear when they were watching it. "The police of Changhai knew that there was nothing they could do about this case, so they immediately reported it to the capital yesterday, requesting for special troops elites or members of the Dragon Group to catch him."

"Last night, the relevant officials, especially those from the Zuo family, held an emergency meeting for this matter. Before the decision was made, the people from the Canghai Sect in the Dragon Group took the initiative to apply for the mission. "

Speaking of the Canghai Sect, Li Zhanwu snorted coldly, "This time, they are so active. When we were arresting the criminals from the Canghai Sect yesterday, they didn't even fart. What's even more hateful is that the people from the other sects also declined to help with all sorts of excuses for the sake of Canghai sect. No one is willing to step in, that made me lose lots of men. " At the end, he was filled with rage.

Yu Lianshu smiled bitterly. "In the world of Martial Cultivator, the strength determines everything. The truth is also build on strength. Furthermore, they did not wholeheartedly devote themselves to the country. The reason they joined the country's Dragon Group is their own benefits. "

"Yeah." Li Zhanwu let out a long sigh, "In the end, these people stand for their sect's and individual's interests. National interests are not even worth mentioning in their hearts, if it's not for the benefits that the country gives them, they wouldn't even bother to join the Dragon Group. Therefore, we must change this situation. We must establish a Martial Cultivator group that belongs to the country. To promote Country's prestige and intimidate our enemies on all sides." At this moment, Li Zhanwu's blood was boiling, "This will be my lifelong belief. All these years, I've been looking for a candidate to build such a force. "

"So, General, you want Qin Hao to be this person, don't you?" Yu Lianshu had already guessed Li Zhanwu's intention.

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