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Xin Pengfei's face turned deathly ashy when he heard the words. At this stage, if he still could not figure out what had happened, the years that he spent on business were in vain. It was all his own fault—he was eaten up by his complacency. How could he forget that Ying Qingcang stood behind Xin Qing? Perhaps his trick had been seen through in the very beginning.

"You have already known it, haven't you?" Xin Pengfei glared at Xin Yudie.

Xin Yudie snorted. "Not really. I knew it when you put all your money into it."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Xin Pengfei eyed his daughter incredibly. "You are my daughter!"

Xin Yudie cackled and said, "I think you've forgotten that your daughters have been given away—one to Ying Qingcang and the other to Huang Jianbin," Xin Yudie let out a sigh and continued, "Oh, but you still have a son. There are a number of wealthy women in the n.o.bility circle. You can give your son away too."

"You, a b.i.t.c.h!" Xin Pengfei rushed forward to beat her and was dragged away by two bodyguards standing at the door like door-G.o.ds. Xin Yudie stood up and stared at her father carefully with hatred crammed in her eyes.

"b.i.t.c.h, don't be smug. When Huang Jianbin has enough of you, he will kick you out all the same." Xin Pengfei yelled with truculence.

Xin Yudie touched her belly and chuckled. "Do you know why he sent this villa to me? Because I am having his baby, and he has had a great doctor of Chinese medicine feel my pulse."

Xin Yudie bent down slightly, closer to Xin Pengfei, "It's a boy baby! So... even though he will not get married to me and he has other women outside, he will not leave me alone. Look, the villa, these things, the money, are all mine!"

"As for Xin family, Hehe!" Xin Yudie leaned to one side slightly, not watching him anymore, "You'd better pray that Lin Xiaoyu has a son in her belly. Otherwise, there will be no offspring in your family. Hahahaha!"

Watching Xin Yudie fade away with laughter, Xin Pengfei s.h.i.+vered with fury and was thrown out by the safeguard, unable to utter a word. He came into his car paralyzed, wondering what his next step was. "Got it! Find Xin Qing. Ask her to let Ying Qingcang give Xin Enterprises back."

When Ying Qingcang picked up Xin Qing and returned home together, Xin Pengfei had been waiting at the gate. Seeing them get off, he hurried to come up.

"Xin Qing..." He let out a call and gazed beseechingly at Ying Qingcang. "President Ying, you can't do this to me! You are killing me!"

Xin Qing took a glance at Ying Qingcang. On the way back, he had told her what end Xin Pengfei would have and reminded her that Xin Pengfei would come to find her very soon. But she did not expect so soon.

"What? I have announced that Xin Enterprises has been bankrupt. Why do you come to see me?" Xin Qing cast a surprised look at him.

Ying Qingcang held Xin Qing's hand to walk inside without a glance at Xin Pengfei and said, "It's hot outside. Let's come in." At the sight, Xin Pengfei followed them brazenly.

His heart was ablaze with hatred! Nowadays, his two daughters saw him as an enemy. "s.h.i.+t! Women are unreliable. Wasting so much time and energy raising them up. They dared to refuse to acknowledge their father after meddling with men."

After Xin Qing took a seat on the sofa, Le Le ran to her in a buoyant manner and humped its head up to her arms. Xin Qing played with Le Le merrily, taking no notice of Xin Pengfei at all.

Although Ying Qingcang felt reluctant to let Le Le get close to Xin Qing, he knew that he should not make a fuss about it then. He threw a glance at Xin Pengfei and opened his mouth to say slowly, "What do you want from Xin Qing this time?"

Xin Pengfei wished to lunge at Ying Qingcang and fight against him. "Why putting on an act with me?"

"President Ying, please don't play a joke on me. Li Zhe is your man. The joke is too big for me. That's all that I have. Do you gobble up in that way?" He took out the contract that he had signed with Li Zhe. "It was written down in black and white. President Ying, please stop playing. Otherwise, it would benefit n.o.body if we had to go to court."

Ying Qingcang let out a sneer. "Your contract was signed with Li Zhe. It's none of my business." He winked at Ah Nan, and Ah Nan handed a doc.u.ment to Xin Pengfei.

"Have a good look at it. This is the contract I signed with Li Zhe, about the company transfer." Ying Qingcang looked at Xin Pengfei's pale face and added, "I brought his company from his hands. What does it have to do with you?"

Xin Pengfei was stunned there for a long moment without any response. "That's right. If Ying Qingcang dares to do so, he will not leave him open to attack." Since Li Zhe had disappeared, Xin Pengfei had no evidence and witness at all.

"President Ying!" He knelt down with a "I was wrong. I should not be possessed by money to plot Xin Qing. I am not a man. I deserve to die." Xin Pengfei slapped himself fiercely and wailed at Xin Qing. "Xin Qing, please forgive me. Even if you are unwilling to admit, there is my blood flowing in you. I am still your father. You cannot just sit by and watch me lose everything!"

Upon hearing it, Xin Qing finally broke her silence and nodded. "Yes, I cannot change the kins.h.i.+p!" She smiled and added, "What do you want?"

"I want Xin Enterprises!" Xin Pengfei answered without hesitation and changed immediately, "No, no! I don't want it all. You just give half to me. It is okay."

Xin Qing blinked. "Fine!"

Xin Pengfei face lit up. He was about to stand up when hearing Xin Qing added, "If you give yourself up and admit that you kill my mother, I will return the money to you."

"If so, I will be in jail! Does it make sense that you give my money back?" Xin Pengfei scowled, not knowing what Xin Qing meant.

Xin Qing shook her head. "It does make sense. Don't you have a wife and a son, a daughter-in-law and an unborn grandson? You can leave your money to them!"

"How... How can they be the same...?" Xin Pengfei muttered. "Does Xin Qing mean to return the money as long as I am sent to prison?" At the thought of his family members, Xin Pengfei ground his teeth.

"No, I can't."

Xin Qing stared at him scornfully. She had already expected that Xin Pengfei would reject because he was such a despicable man that he could only think of himself. Ying Qingcang looked impatient, urging. "Since so, there is nothing more to say. Ah Nan, see him out!"

"No, you can't do this to me. Give my money back. That's mine!" Xin Pengfei scrambled violently, but still failed to get out of Ah Nan's hands. Soon, he was dragged out of the door.

Xin Pengfei struggled to his feet and yelled unwillingly. "Xin Qing, isn't it too ruthless of you to do so? Aren't you afraid of being punished? I am your father. Let me in. Ying Qingcang, I will announce to all the people that you are a dirty dog..."

Without too many curses, Xin Pengfei was forced to leave, because Ah Nan warned that he would call the police if Xin Pengfei continued to linger around. After Xin Pengfei had left, Ying Qingcang held Xin Qing's hand and went straight to the destination... the bed.

"Hiss!" Xin Qing patted on his nuzzling head and said, "Are you Le Le? When have you learned to bite?"

Ying Qingcang looked up at her and smacked his lips. "Delicious."

"You..." Xin Qing went pink, reluctant to talk to him.

Ying Qingcang continued shamelessly, "Don't you think you've grown up?"

"Oh? How old am I now? How can I grow higher?"

"Not your height, but here!" Ying Qingcang gestured. "Here, I do ma.s.sages for you every day. Has your underwear got tightened? I will have them to send some of larger size tomorrow!"

Xin Qing could not help but give him a kick. However, he lifted her up by her waist.

"I want to have a look at my mother." After that, Xin Qing lay in Ying Qingcang's arms and said. Ying Qingcang groaned. "I will go with you!"

On the afternoon of the next day, Xin Qing had no lessons, and she went to the graveyard.

"Mom, Xin family is done. I have taken the company back." Xin Qing held gravestone, her tears rolling down her cheeks. Ying Qingcang looked at her quietly without expressing any comfort. It was better to cry out at that moment.

When leaving, Xin Qing looked back at her mother's grave afar and stared at the man beside.

"Mother, thank you for the road you've chosen for me. I will cherish it, no matter what will happen..."

Xin Pengfei was driven into a corner. Banks refused to lend him money. His old friends, once having contact, shunned him one after another. Even at home, it was in a mess. Lin Xiaoyu did the Color Doppler Ultrasound (CDU), which indicated that the baby in her belly was a girl.

"Why don't you eat something? Do you dislike what I cook for you?"

Lin Xiaoyu explained with red and swollen eyes. "Mother, no, it is because of my poor appet.i.te. I don't want to eat anything today." Zhao Jiali s.h.i.+fted her att.i.tude utterly, since she knew that Lin Xiaoyu was having a girl baby.

"You don't want to eat, but the baby in your belly wants," Zhao Jiali said with a cold face, "there is nothing to do with that you fail to have a boy baby. But if the baby turns out to be unhealthy, she will be a complete money-losing girl."

After learning that the baby in Lin Xiaoyu's belly was a girl, Zhao Jiali wanted to drum Lin Xiaoyu out, but Xin Pengfei disagreed with her. He said, "Since this is the only granddaughter of Xin family, we can adopt a boy kid to educate and raise him up, and make him marry our granddaughter to be a live-in son-in-law for the family. In this way, when they have a boy baby in the future, Xin's offspring will continue anyway."

Upon arriving at home, Xin Pengfei noticed Lin Xiaoyu running upstairs with red eyes. Seeing his arrival, Zhao Jiali s.h.i.+fted an appealingly smiling face.

"Honey, you're so busy these days. The new company must have a lot of things to do!"

Xin Pengfei would have remained calm if Zhao Jiali had not mentioned it. But now, he was enraged by her words, his face collapsing. Xin Pengfei turned around and boxed her tears mercilessly. "Don't f**king mention the company to me! All of you are unthankful s.h.i.+ts."

Muddleheaded by the slap, Zhao Jiali covered her face and asked aggrievedly, "What's wrong with you? Why are you so angry?"

"What's wrong with me?" Xin Pengfei burst into laughter. "I tell you that Xin Enterprises is done. There is no Li Zhe, no new company. We've been screwed. Ying Qingcang did it. He has taken away all the money. Hahahahaha!"

Zhao Jiali fell into a panic at his words. "How could it be? So... didn't you find Boss Huang? It was he who introduced Li Zhe to us!"

"Who knows where the b.a.s.t.a.r.d has hidden? How to find him?"

"Find Yudie! And ask Yudie to find him." Zhao Jiali let out a smile. "You are too busy to figure it out clearly. We still have a daughter!"

Clap! Xin Pengfei gave her one more spank. "You dare to mention daughter in front of me!"

"You... what's the matter with the daughter?" Zhao Jiali covered her swollen face, daring not to react against him.

Xin Pengfei pushed her away impatiently. "If you dare, you can go to ask her by yourself, to see if your GOOD daughter is willing to see you or not!" And then, he kicked the door open and left.

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