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Monica was going to leave, and Xin Qing saw her off at the airport. As Xin Qing insisted, Ying Qingcang would not look into the previous matter anymore. The whole story was that Jian Jie, abetted by Monica, put the bid about the company's coming investment into Xin Qing's bag.

At first, Monica expected that Ying Qingcang would spot it by himself at home, so that she could unjustly accuse Xin Qing of stealing the bid. No one knew that Xin Qing seldom carried the brand bag that she carried to Ying Qingcang's company. Therefore, Monica always had no chance to carry out her original plan. Finally, she could not wait any longer and called the police directly.

"Thank you for seeing me off!" Monica shook hands with Xin Qing.

Xin Qing looked at her with a smile, "In fact, you don't have to do this. You can stay here."

"Will it make sense if I stay?" Monica said with a self-mockery smile, "Actually, I am fully aware that Ah Cang has no feeling to me. I was just not reconciled to the fact and tried to test how important you meant to him. I have known him for so many years. Apart from her, I am the only woman to get close to Ah Cang," With a look at Xin Qing, Monica continued, "but now, he has you. You are better than us. He cares about you."

"I have another purpose to see you off today," said Xin Qing abruptly.

Monica's face changed into a peculiar expression, and she spoke meaningfully. "You want to know what favor Ah Cang owes to me. Besides, who is the woman that I mentioned just now? Am I right?"

"Hehe, you've guessed it!" Xin Qing said with a trace of embarra.s.sment, "I wonder what happened to Ying Qingcang when he was a little boy." Perhaps in this way, Xin Qing could know how he got those scars.

"I will not tell you!" Monica laughed smugly, "If Ah Cang is willing to bring you to England, you will know at that time."

Xin Qing did not expect the answer like that. If Ying Qingcang did have a childhood sweetheart and told her, it would give a heavy blow on her, wouldn't it?


"Well, I am looking forward to seeing you in England!" Monica waved at her and pulled her baggage to walk forward.

At home. Xin Qing said to Ying Qingcang, "In fact, Monica is a good girl."

"So what?" Ying Qingcang wondered how she had been bought after seeing Monica off.

Xin Qing wanted to end this topic and something else occurred to her, "How about Jian Jie?"

"Fired." Ying Qingcang frowned with aversion. "I don't want anyone who lives on me but helping outsiders secretly."

Xin Qing nodded in agreement and would not plead for Jian Jie, because Jian Jie could frame her this time, and she could do the same to Ying Qingcang next. It was too dangerous to keep this kind of person in the company.

"As for her brother, it is none of our business. She has to beg Ding Lei." Seeing Xin Qing staring at him blankly, Ying Qingcang felt his heart got softened, and next second he kissed her. After some kisses, Xin Qing could have a chance to open her mouth and said, "Ding Lei certainly will not let him go."

"You're wrong!" Ying Qingcang pulled her into his arms flatly. "Her brother will be released soon."

Ying Qingcang was like a prophet indeed. Jian Bai was released after several days. Besides, it was said that Ding Lei would not call to account anymore. Later, for reasons unknown, Jian Jie and Jian Bai left S City.

Xin Qing asked Ying Qingcang how he had grasped everything clearly in his hand. Ying Qingcang answered her with a sentence.

"Go to ask your best friend!"

Therefore, Xin Qing was staring at s.h.i.+ Qianqian who sat opposite to her and asked gloomily, "Tell me what happened. Didn't Jian Jie beg your brother-in-law?"

The campus in summer was incomparably beautiful. Along with the colorful flowers blossoming on both sides of the road, girls wore dresses with a riot of color. Three of them were sitting beside the window in the dining hall, enjoying cream pudding that the canteen had first made since the beginning of summer.

"What? Her brother-in-law was anxious to smash Jian Bai into pieces. How could he release Jian Bai merely because Jian Jie shed tears?" Zhang Mi opened a pudding as she denied Xin Qing's guess.

s.h.i.+ Qianqian nodded and said, "So, I asked him to let Jian Bai go."

"When have you become Holy Mother of G.o.d?" Xin Qing said with great incredibility. Among the three of them, Zhang Mi looked sharp, but as a matter of fact, s.h.i.+ Qianqian was the one who had the firmest hands. When they were freshmen, several boys made a bet to see who could kiss Xin Qing first. Eventually, they were persecuted by s.h.i.+ Qianqian, almost compelled to leave school.

"If I don't let him out, Jian Jie will keep on hanging around my brother-in-law. What's more, I plotted everything from the beginning."

Xin Qing and Zhang Mi stared at this gently-smiling woman, dumbfounded. How many persons had this face deceived?

"Did you mean your approach to Jian Bai was also included in your plot?" It dawned on Xin Qing suddenly that Ying Qingcang remarked s.h.i.+ Qianqian was an awesome girl.

s.h.i.+ Qianqian arched her eyebrows. "Or what? I do not know him well. Why should I be warm to him?"

"You knew that Jian Jie was certain to have her brother to pursue you, so that she could get your brother-in-law. And then you pretended to have been drunk in the KTV that night. Your purpose was to possess your brother-in-law by alcohol."

s.h.i.+ Qianqian's face widened into a grin. "I pretended to be tipsy, but I did not plan to make a drunken mistake."

"Heee, so it was your brother-in-law who had already had his heart on you. He was stimulated to admit that." Zhang Mi cupped her fist to the other and said, "You're really a female Zhuge. I'm totally swept off my feet by you. Awesome!"

Xin Qing said to s.h.i.+ Qianqian admiringly, "If only I were as half awesome as you!"

"You specialize in concentration and you've concentrated your focus on designing." s.h.i.+ Qianqian said, "Well, I have one thing that I want to inform you in advance. I will transfer to a different department next semester."

"You will transfer to a different department in your senior year? What major?" Zhang Mi looked at her with widened eyes.

"Business management." s.h.i.+ Qianqian took a sip of iced mung bean soup and gave a comfortable stretch. "I will help him manage Ding Enterprises in the future."

Xin Qing couldn't help thinking of herself, but on second thought, she could not even foresee what the future of her and Ying Qingcang would be like. The future looked grim and uncertain. To make the things worse, Ying Qingcang might have a childhood sweetheart who she knew nothing about.

"Don't think too much," From Xin Qing's look, s.h.i.+ Qianqian could tell she got worried, "I think Ying Qingcang will be responsible for you. You don't need to be like me. My brother-in-law and Ying Qingcang are different. Ying Qingcang will not allow you to worry about the company. He is a dominant and autocratic man. He doesn't need help from women, especially from his beloved woman."

"That's right." Xin Qing defamed him in her heart. "The only thing his woman should do is to serve him well on the bed."

Before Xin Qing regulated her mood, she received a call from Xin Pengfei.

"Xin Qing, is it convenient for you to come to the company?" Xin Pengfei spoke in a seemingly beaten voice.

Xin Qing knitted her brows. "He did call."

"I have lessons today. You can talk to me on the phone."

On the other side of the phone, Xin Pengfei sighed deeply and then uttered. "Some time ago, the company invested a large amount of money overseas. No one would know the financial tsunami hit. We lost all the money."

"What do you mean?" Xin Qing feigned an agitated cry.

Xin Pengfei replied in a painful tone. "Don't get so agitated. Listen to me, it is not the worst now. You go to the bank to apply for bankruptcy. So we don't need to pay the money back to the banks. I will leave you with all the company's fixed a.s.sets. If you sell them out, you can have some millions of yuan as well."

"How about you?" Xin Qing interrupted him. "You have to raise a large family. What will you do?" Xin Qing wore a cold smile. Pity that Xin Pengfei could not see it on the other side of the phone.

"You don't need to worry about me. I will work at my friend's company as a manager." Xin Pengfei's voiced sounded loosened, perhaps because he believed that things had been solved so easily.

Xin Qing said in a tearful and unbelievable voice, "Xin Enterprises is done now?"

"It's my fault. I made the wrong investment." Xin Pengfei almost ran out of his patience. "You go to the banks and apply for bankruptcy as fast as you can. Otherwise, the banks will dun you for debt."

Xin Qing answered with some sobs, "Fine... I got it."

Hanging off the phone, she let out cold laughter. "Xin Pengfei, although I have no idea what Ying Qingcang has done to you, wanting to grab my mother's money briskly, in your dreams!"

Xin Pengfei continued his wishful dream. After he got himself out of Xin Enterprises, he was going to his new company.

"Stop! This is a private company. No one can come in casually." A security man stopped him.

On hearing it, Xin Pengfei shot a severe glare at the security man, "Where are you from? Do you know who I am?" He said with exultation, "I am the boss of this company. If I cannot come in, who can?"

The security man was startled at his words for some seconds before he reacted and stopped Xin Pengfei again who tried to come in.

"Boo, if you were the boss, I would be the president!"

Xin Pengfei pushed him away with anger. "Get away. You're fired!"

"How can you fire the employee in our company?" A fat middle-aged man with came over. "Are you making trouble here?"

Xin Pengfei felt something was wrong and interrogated in a harsh voice. "Who is your corporate juridical person?"

"You are not from the tax bureau? Why should I tell you?" The fat man answered, "Go away now, or I will call the police." Xin Pengfei was in a trance there for a long time, and then he took out his phone and dialed it crazily, only to repeatedly receive the same information that the number he dialed was out of service.

"Impossible, impossible!" Xin Pengfei got on his car quickly as he shook his heads, "Go to find Boss Huang. He must know where Li Zhe is. He must know!"

In Boss Huang's villa, Xin Pengfei saw his daughter.

"Yudie, where is Boss Huang? Ask him to come out now." Xin Pengfei felt relieved after seeing Xin Yudie.

Xin Yudie leaned against the sofa and looked at him with a half-smile. "He is not here. The villa is under my name now. He has presented it to me!"

"Really? It's great." Xin Pengfei did not think that his daughter got such ability to capture Huang Jianbin, "You tell me first where Huang Jianbin is. I have something important to talk to him."

"He will not see you," Xin Yudie smiled. "You want to know where Li Zhe is, the person who asked you to invest, don't you?"

Xin Pengfei felt unfamiliar with the way Xin Yudie smiled at him. A bad feeling welled up in his heart. But he still asked with a trace of hope, "You know Li Zhe too?"

"Of course I know! And I also know that if you want to see Li Zhe, he will only in a place."

Xin Pengfei felt chill ran through him and stammered. "Where... Where is he?"

"YING ENTERPRISES!" Xin Yudie replied, stressing each word.

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