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The deadline that Ying Qingcang gave Monica was next week, which meant she was to leave Ying Enterprises for England next week. In fact, even though Ying Qingcang did not demand her, she was unable to stay there any longer.

That day, Ying Qingcang held Xin Qing in his arms and left the company in front of so many people without a glance at Monica at all. After that, the company was hummed with jeers at her, deterring her from staying longer in the company.

But before she left, she had something to do.

"Jian Jie."

Jian Jie lifted her head, finding Monica standing beside her car.

"Why you are here?" Jian Jie frowned. She knew the relations.h.i.+p between Xin Qing and Ying Qingcang and thought what Monica had done was barely looking for trouble. An employee once took the newspapers with Ying Qingcang and Xin Qing on it and asked Monica, and Monica dared to claim that she herself was the person in the picture. Since the newspaper was in black-and-white and hard to distinguish, some people even believed her words.

"Jian Jie, I would like to have a word with you," Monica said to her with a smile.

Jian Jie gave a polite smile back, "I am sorry. I don't think there is anything we can talk." "Are you kidding?" Monica had such nepotism that she could return to England lightly even after she had offended Ying Qingcang. But Jian Jie was not Monica. Jian Jie's brother was still arrested in the lockup, and she still bore the hope that she could beg Ying Qingcang to speak for Jian Bai and release him.

"Do you want to beg Ying Qingcang to let your brother go?" Monica did not get cross, but said flatly, "I tell you, you're dreaming. I know him. Ying Qingcang won't speak for you, because whom your brother hurt is Xin Qing's friend."

Regardless of Jian Jie's hardened face, Monica added, "Even Ding Lei is unwilling to see you, too! Hehe, don't say I didn't warn you that you incited your brother to hurt his sister-in-law. Don't you think he will leave it at that? Apart from your brother, I'm afraid that even you... cannot hold down your job."

Jian Jie sneered and said, "Don't try to frighten me! I know what you want. Don't you want to destroy the relations.h.i.+p between Ying Qingcang and Xin Qing? I have no interest at all. Find someone else!"

"Don't make inflexible. You can think about that. As long as you help me, I can get your younger brother out."

Jian Jie questioned surprisedly. "You can solve it?"

"I have been practicing in Ying Enterprises for a month. You can see how Ying Qingcang treats me. Even though I cooked up the relations.h.i.+p with him, he never came to stop me. That's because I am different from those women in his heart. Although the difference has nothing to do with love, it is still unusual. So... as long as I ask him, he is bound to let your brother off."

Monica gave Jian Jie two days to think about her suggestion, and Jian Jie could call her whenever she made up her mind. But Jian Jie was hesitating. Although she did not know what Monica was going to do, she was pretty sure that Monica's target was Xin Qing.

She pondered over and over again and decided to make a call to Ding Lei again.

"h.e.l.lo, Ding Lei, this is Jian Jie. Could you..."

"Stop it. I know what you gonna say. Don't waste time and don't call me anymore," After finis.h.i.+ng these words, Ding Lei hung up. Jian Jie threw her phone in a rage.

She did ask Jian Bai to approach s.h.i.+ Qianqian, but did not know he would seduce her. It was Jian Bai himself who imagined that he could act first and report afterward, and then he could marry s.h.i.+ Qianqian while his sister could marry Ding Lei. But he did not expect that things would turn out to be that way.

Jian Jie gazed at Monica's phone number with a crease between her eyebrows...

Xin Qing did not realize that she was being plotted by others. She was in a daze as her eyes were fixed on the thick account book bitterly.

"What... there is no money?"

"All the money has been transferred by Xin Pengfei. What you see now are the secret accounts while on the clear accounts are written investment records." Young Master Shen came there in the late evening only in order to tell Xin Qing that she was in debt and Xin Enterprises was going to close down.

"In other words, before long, he will tell me that the company fails in investment?" Although Xin Qing had foreseen Xin Pengfei's plot, she did not expect it would happen so soon.

Young Master Shen was pondering how to drink Ying Qingcang's good wine. Hearing it, he curled his lips and said, "More than that. He will ask you to apply for bankruptcy. So he will not have to pay back the money that he has owed to the banks."

Xin Qing scolded disgustedly, "Shame on him! At last, I have nothing, even just a sh.e.l.l. And he pockets all the money and flees away."

"In his dream!" Young Master Shen took a sip of the red wine and clicked his tongue. "You just wait and see."

Since Xin Qing thought that she had little understanding of company operation, she followed Ying Qingcang to Ying Enterprises during days of the Dragon Boat Festival. However, Ying Qingcang believed that it was because Xin Qing was uneasy about him due to Monica, thus went to the company to keep an eye on him. With that in mind, Ying Qingcang felt pleased with himself for a long time.

When Xin Qing returned to school for study, she found Ying Qingcang was fully occupied. Even one day, he came back at midnight. So Ah Che took her to and from school again.

"Ah Che, has Ying Qingcang been busy these days?" Xin Qing finally asked. This time, Ying Qingcang was not only occupied, but also she could feel that he suppressed his anger. Every time he talked to her, he kept cautious.

Xin Qing thought that why Ying Qingcang was as busy as bees must have something to do with her.

"... Very busy," Ah Che's eyes eluded.

"Because of Xin Enterprises?" This was the only reason that came to Xin Qing's mind.

Ah Che paused, and then replied in an obviously relaxed tone. "Yes, yes."

"Is it troublesome?" Xin Qing considered whether she should let the company go bankrupt. She could set up a new Xin Enterprises in the future.

"Certainly not! Young Master will deal with it." Ah Che shook his head immediately. "Don't worry about it, or Young Master will trouble about you more."

Xin Qing thought about his words and agreed with them genuinely. Since she could not do anything helpful to the company at present, she'd better stay there and not bring any trouble to Ying Qingcang. However, on the morning of the following day, policemen came.

"Are you Xin Qing?"

Xin Qing nodded. She had just seen Ying Qingcang off and got ready to school. "You are...?"

"From Commercial Crime Bureau. We suspect that you have something to do with a theft of commercial information. Please cooperate to go to the bureau for further investigation." Xin Qing was stunned at the words. Uncle Fu, standing ahead of her, frowned and asked, "Who allows you to come here? Our Miss Xin is still a student. Do you know whose house this is?"

The man ahead sneered. "Ying Enterprises will thank us when it is investigated clearly. This is the inspection warrant. Let's go."

Hearing it, Xin Qing understood instantly. They came here either for her or for Ying Qingcang. On second thought, she said to Uncle Fu, "Uncle Fu, I will go with them and you make a call to Ying Qingcang to inform him."

"No." Ah Che dashed out of the door. "You can't take Miss Xin away." Ah Che s.h.i.+elded Xin Qing behind him and looked back to her. "I've called Young Master. It's okay. Miss Xin, don't be afraid."

In a poor manner, the leading man was about to lose his temper when one of his men received a call.

"Sir, Director Liu is asking for you."

"Director Liu, you are asking for me? Ok, ok, I am going to arrest her. What?" His face changed with a careful glance at Xin Qing. He did not hang up until he bowed and sc.r.a.ped to the phone for a while.

"Ah, Miss Xin, it's a misunderstanding. We made a wrong person. I am so sorry! I am so sorry! Please forgive our mistakes!"

Uncle Fu spoke peevishly. "Can you leave now?"

"Yes, sure. We are leaving now, right now." They ran away in a hurry. Xin Qing gazed at Ah Che with a serious look and said, "What are you hiding from me?"

Ah Che faltered. "No... Nothing..."

"Let's go!" Xin Qing opened the door and said, "Take me to the company."

With a bitter face, Ah Che called Young Master Shen secretly on the way. When Xin Qing arrived at Ying Enterprises Building, Young Master Shen had been standing there, smiling.

"Stop laughing. What's the matter?" Xin Qing glared at him. "Where is Ying Qingcang?"

Young Master Shen looked at her with a cheeky grin and said, "Those dog stuff frightened our Xiao Qingqing. I will settle the score for you!"

"Get out of my way. I want to find Ying Qingcang," Xin Qing pushed him aside. Young Master Shen followed her and nagged, "There is really nothing. Take it easy. I will take you to see him."

In Ying Qingcang's office, Monica stood in front of his desk with red eyes.

"I just wanted to scare her. Nothing happened anyway. Why are you so tough with me?"

Ying Qingcang threw a ferocious glare at her and said frostily, "Scare? Who are you? What makes you think that you can tease my woman?"

"Our relations.h.i.+p cannot compare to you and that woman's?" Monica asked in an unbelievable voice, "What's she got?"

Ying Qingcang leaned back on the chair, his face chilly. "I have nothing to do with you. You don't need to know how good she is."

"Nothing?" Monica shouted. "Without me, would you sit here? You would have been..."

"Shut up!" Ying Qingcang rose to his feet. "If it were not been what had happened, did you think you would have any chance to stand before me, to enter Ying Enterprises?"

Monica shook her head, pressed her lips and looked at Ying Qingcang with tears-blurring eyes. "In your heart, I cannot compare to a woman who you have known just for half a year?"

"You're wrong. You are never in my heart." Ying Qingcang paced in front of her. "Frame up my woman of stealing the company's secret. How dare you."

"I've said that I just wanted to scare her. Anyway, you are here. She will not get any hurt at all." Monica screamed at Ying Qingcang hysterically.

"So, I will scare you too." Ying Qingcang thundered. "Ah Nan! Throw her to the human traffickers in the red-light District."

"No... You cannot do this to me. Uncle Ying won't permit," Monica shook her head with terror, since she knew that Ying Qingcang would do what he had said.

Ying Qingcang gave a bleak laugh and said, "Well, let's see whether I can or not. Ah Nan! Take her out!"

"Young... young master!"

Ying Qingcang turned back, seeing Ah Nan standing at the door in a fl.u.s.ter, and Xin Qing and Young Master Shen behind him.

"When did you come?" Ying Qingcang walked quickly to Xin Qing and put his arms around her. He eyed her carefully. "Did they scare you?"

"I'm fine." Xin Qing shook her head and looked at Monica who sagged on the ground. Everything made sense now. No wonder those people would catch her.

"Let her go!" Xin Qing said to Ying Qingcang.

Ying Qingcang loured and refused. "No, she dared to hurt you."

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