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That tone, that expression. This girl was being serious.

Madam Jin looked into her somber gaze, feeling guilty for an instant. Just as Mu Rulan said, of course she knew how her son usually behaved… But then Madam Jin started to rage. Ever since the Jin Family had started to thrive and ama.s.s their fortune, she had never had anyone be so rude to her, let alone a witless little girl!

"Shut up! You ill-mannered little fox! Do you know who I am?! You dare accuse my son?! Hmmph, who do you think you are, trying to accuse my son?!" Madam Jin's whole being filled with anger. For a moment she forgot that though the Mu Family and Jin Family were evenly matched in terms of power, behind the Mu Family was in fact the Ke Family protecting it. It wasn't something that the little Jin Family could contend with.

Manners?! Translated by The Novelst

The first thing Ke Wanqing and Mu Zhenyang heard when they stepped into the station was this word. Immediately they were all fired up. Their precious daughter was like a treasure in their hearts. They would feel unhappy if someone dared to say a word about her, let alone this fat woman had even scolded her vulgarly!

"Madam Jin!" Ke Wanqing walked in with an ice-cold expression. Mu Rusen ran out from behind her to run quickly to be by Mu Rulan's and Mu Rulin's side.

Bai Suqing put all her attention toward the altercation between Madam Jin and Mu Rulan, something flickering in her eyes.

n.o.body noticed Mo Qianren still standing right beside the entrance, both his arms folded while watching the ongoing drama.

Madam Jin was surprised by the shrill tone shouting behind her. When she turned around and saw it was Ke Wanqing, her gaze immediately revealed disgust and disdain.

Ke Wanqing was in turn incensed, turning so angry that her face almost turned green. She despised those upstart families like the Jin Family. Ke Wanqing herself was a true princess from a very prominent family; what gave this countryside b*tch the right to look down on her?!

Ke Wanqing wanted to maintain her well-mannered appearance, so she took a deep breath and said: "Madam Jin, about the matter regarding the fight between our sons, we still don't know any details. Let's wait until we can see CCTV clips before we make any decisions. You don't have to yell all over the place. Whether or not my daughter has manners, many people can weigh in on that. But you, Madam Jin… Hmmph. Just by looking at how you're making a scene here we can already tell your manners are lacking!"

Madam Jin was irritated as she stared at Ke Wanqing acting all high-and-mighty. Ke Wanqing was just much luckier to have been born into a wealthy family. In the end, hadn't she married into the Mu Family, which was on the same level as the Jin Family? And she even dared say she was lacking manners!

"So what if I don't have any manners? You say you have manners, that your daughter has manners, but aren't we all here in the police station together?! I'm telling you this now, I'm sending your son to juvie no matter what!"

Ke Wanqing was furious. She wanted to retort, but Mu Rulan held her back. That was right, why should she waste her breath talking to this shrew from the countryside!

The two had fought in a situation where CCTV had captured it all from beginning to end. It originally hadn't been that big a deal, but of all people it was Madam Jin who blew this matter up, which was why the situation had gone out of control. Under these circ.u.mstances, Ke Wanqing was allowed to take Mu Rulin back home.

Mu Rulan held both her brothers' hands and followed Ke Wanqing in preparation to leave. Madam was s.p.a.cing out while staring at their complete little family unit, before suddenly acting out and grabbing a fruit knife left on a table, used earlier to cut some apples. She ran crazily toward Mu Rulan.

Why, when her own precious daughter was missing, were other people's daughters were living freely?!

No one had expected that this woman would suddenly leap to such an action. She was too close and too fast for the policemen to act on time.

Mu Rulan heard a sound and turned her head around, only to see the her reflection in the cold surface of the knife. She reacted quickly and pushed Mu Rusen and Mu Rulin away from her while herself trying to backtrack.

However, she never expected that a force behind her would push her towards the direction of Madam Jin!

In that instant, the knife jerked and a slicing noise could be heard.

Red blood splashed all over the table, leaving a trail of red.

Mu Rulan was shocked to see that someone had rushed in front of her to block the knife. The sharp scent of cold mint greeted her nose, and in the next second she reacted immediately to check on his status. "Are you okay?"

Mo Qianren had blood all over his hand. Just now he saw that if he wanted to stop Madam Jin from injuring Mu Rulan he'd have to sacrifice his hand. Madam Jin was pushed to the floor and sitting on the ground, dazed as she stared at the blood dripping on to the floor.

"I'm fine," Mo Qianren replied lightly, his tone calm like nothing had happened.

Mu Rulan took out a white handkerchief, reaching to catch the hand he was trying to keep away from her. "Don't move."

Mo Qianren furrowed his brows. He didn't like to be touched, nor did he like to touch. That's why he would occupy his favorite dishes when eating with others. But… this young girl seemed to be an exception.

She seemed to be afraid of hurting him. She blew softly on his wound and didn't pay any attention to Madam Jin. He could deduce from her actions that compared to her enemy, she placed more value on her benefactor.

"Lan Lan! Lan Lan, are you okay?" Ke Wanqing and the others had been stunned into inaction, and after a few moments they returned to their senses. They were relieved to see Mu Rulan was alright. Ke Wanqing finally noticed Mo Qianren. He didn't seem simple at first glance, but it wasn't the time to ask about who he was.

It was impossible for Ke Wanqing to forget the scene that had happened in front of her very eyes. The elders dealt with the matter inside while the younger ones waited outside.

"You really don't need me to come with you to the hospital?" Mu Rulan asked Mo Qianren, who was seated in the car. Her expression was very sincere; she seemed very worried about him. Mo Qianren couldn't tell whether it was an act or not.

Mo Qianren took a long glance at her, before he accelerated his car and drove away…

Until the car drove too far to see, Mu Rulan didn't stop looking after it. When she finally turned around, Mu Rusen and Mu Rulin were waiting for her. She noticed both their eyes seemed to be slightly teary under the dim lighting of the street.

Mu Rulan pulled on her usual gentle smile, stretching out her hand to rub their heads. "Don't worry."

"Sister…" Mu Rusen held onto Mu Rulan's arm, not letting go. His lips were pressed into a thin line, evidently remorseful.

Why did he still need to be protected by her? Even though he'd decided to protect her, why did it always end up with her protecting them in the end? Translated by The Novelst

Mu Rulin was standing aside, his head lowered and his fists clenched tightly, his fingernails sinking deeply into his palms.

Mu Rulan comforted the two as her pure gaze looked through them directly at Bai Suqing. Bai Suqing looked upset, as she hadn't taken Mo Qianren into account and her plan had failed…

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