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< rib="" service="" (립서비스)="">

3. Rib Service (립서비스)

The restaurant is 5 minutes from my house.

It's a rib specialty store called 'Rib Service' aimed at the 20-30 demographics as as such focuses on good interiors and low cost for a mid-low price point BBQ restaurant. (TLN: KBBQ is amazing.)

It's been 2 years since it opened and has about 40 tables.

He's concerned as it's the largest out of sajangnim's five shops but has the lowest profit margin.

Above all, the biggest problem was that the workers don't get along well.

There's a lot of employee's since it uses a whole floor of a building, but the Hall faction and the Kitchen faction have been at it for a while.

It happens occasionally in big restaurants.

The Hall faction which does the serving is gathered around the JumJang (Store Manager), and the Kitchen faction is centered around the head chef who is the Bujang (department head).

Since I had experience of working with them in the other restaurants, I had a amicable relations.h.i.+p with both of them.

Sajang sent me to this restaurant to mediate between them.

The time now was 5pm.

There's a break time from 4:30 to 5:50 so the hall fam will be loitering around, and the kitchen side will be super busy preparing the ingredients.

That's the time when the conflicts happen the most.

"Don't talk to me if you can help it when we're in the shop."

I warned Gam Sung Dae on the steps leading up to the 2nd floor where the shop was.

It was the first time I was out and about with a ghost, so I was worried I may respond to him without realizing.


He gave a half-hearted military salute like a Sergeant at the end of his military duty, extended his left hand towards me and added. (TLN: KR has obligatory military service where you are discharged once you reach the end of Sergeant status. Usually spanning about 22 months or approximately 2 years.)

[Ah, Hyungnim. You need to take f.u.c.k Screen.]

"What use does that have here?"

[There should be female co-workers here, right? You need to have s.e.x with them too.]

Shocking. I didn't think about it that way. (TLN: author wrote 쇼킹shocking in KR alphabet)

Now that I think about it Rib Service has a lot of female alba compared to the other places.

Disregarding the kitchin eemos, since today is, if you add in the weekend albas there's about seven or eight females worthy of targeting.

I extended my left hand toward Gam Sung Dae.

The f.u.c.k Screen permeated my hand.

"Welco…huh? Why are you here?"

As the automatic door opened, the first to greet me was the JumJang (store manager) at the counter.

Age of fourty two, one of the starting members from the wine samgeyopsal restaurant, and the 3rd highest ranked in terms of status, Jumjang (Store Manager) Kim Meyong Jun.

"I came to see you hyungnim."

"Sekkiya what is hyungnim huh, hyungnim?" (TLN: While Sekki, often combined with gae + sekki to denote son of a dog, Sekkiya is used endearingly here.)

"Eh, it's my day off so I wanna use hyungnim. JumJang only for when I'm working."

"Sip se. Did you move in properly?"  (TLN: Ssipse is short for Ssipsekki loosely done to the note of ~motherf.u.c.ker, literal translation means something along the lines of f.u.c.king son of a dog)

"I just finished organizing before I made my way here. I came out to shop for some stuff and dropped by."

"When are you doing your housewarming party?"

"Puhuhu. Housewarming, what housewarming? It's so small that it would become full from just four people. I'll just buy drinks after you're done today."

"Oh~ company meal?" (TLN: Hwesik = company meal often done after a day's work on the company card.)

"Yeah that's good too. Then let's do one together with the kitchen fam."

"Hey, let's just eat with just us?"

"Ugh, don't be like that.  It's been a month since I got here, and we haven't had drinks with everyone yet."

"It's because I'm not comfortable around Kim Bujang (Department head/ 부장). That f.u.c.k always makes fun of me when we're gathered. He doesn't have the b.a.l.l.s to say it to my face."

"That's why we should do it proper and get it all off our chests. Why are grown men fighting like elementary school kids?"

"I just don't get along with him."

It was then, the employees that were resting in the ondol room (floor heated) crawled out like zombies.

The ones here at this hour were three males one female, all in their mid 20s.

The weekend albas all left work already, and the night albas start work at 6.

"I think I heard someone was buying."

"I heard it too."

"Me too."

The three male employees put on a sly grin.

I've been here for slightly over a month, but I have drinks with the full-time employees every now and then.

Except for one.

"Seunghee are you free today?"

I asked the only woman in the hall faction, Oh Seung Hee who was peering into her smartphone in the corner of the room.

I only had one chance to have a drink with her, and that was the first day, where she stayed for 30 minutes just to be polite and left early.

Age twenty seven. After working part time while trying to get employed, she became full time here two months ago.

She's amicable with the customers, good enough at her job to tend the counter when the JumJang is away but isn't very connected to the other employees.

She didn't have eye-catching looks as a woman either.

Very simple makeup along with conservative clothes.

Hair tied back, skinny pants, comfortable running shoes, man to man (Korean term for sweater) muji ts.h.i.+rt, and jumper combo was her preferred outfit, and it's all very similar every day of the week.

"Wah, look at Gwajangnim (manager) only ask the woman. Why don't you ask us?"

"You guys are gonna come even if I tell you not to. Ms. Seung Hee, come have a drink today."

Oh Seung Hee said yes, and nodded.

No smile, but a slightly brighter expression than an expressionless face.

It was hard to tell if the expression was because she's glad or if she planned on coming for a little bit and leaving like the last time out of politeness.

[Hmm, she's the type that piques my curiosity. Women like this have insane s.e.x drive unlike how they seem.]

Gam Sung Dae who was flowing behind me all this time flew over to Oh Seung Hee and said all this while he tilted his head peered straight at her.

Motherf.u.c.ker, I told you not to talk.

[Hyungnim, try activating her f.u.c.k Screen.]

I ingored him and said my greetings to the eemos who were setting the banchan (side dishes) at the bar, and walked into the 1st Kitchen.

Rib Service's 2nd rank in status, and head chef Kim Yu s.h.i.+n Bujang (department head) and kitchen staff were marinating Yangyum Galbi (Marinated Ribs).

While the Jumjang (store manager) is the immature and careless type, Kim Bujang is the soft-spoken timid type.

That's probably why the two don't get along.

"Uh-i-go (어이고 is an expression of "oh hey" or "hey there")Bujangnim, you're hard a work~" (고생하십니다 Doing ~Gosaeng while literally means having a rough time, hard at work, it's used more as a greeting in modern day Korean sometimes used to say hi, sometimes used to say goodluck or goodbye when leaving. )

"Huh? Isn't it your day off? I heard you were moving."

"I pretty much finished it off and dropped by. I can't do a housewarming party since the house is small, but wanted to buy a round so could you ask the kitchen staff if they're free?"

"Yeah? The ajummas probably won't go, but I'll take the others."

"Why not the eemos?" (Eemo = auntie = ajumma)

"They gotta go home and take care of their children and husbands. I'll ask but they probably won't go."

"Then that's that. I'll see you later. Gosaeng has.h.i.+psyo." (Same with the above hard at work statement. It's used here as a goodbye or take care)


As I was leaving the kitchen with my eyes skill on Kim Bujang, I couldn't see the person coming around the other corner and b.u.mped into them.

"Eh-hey, did our Kwajangnim put honey in the kitchen, look where you're going." (a phrase of put honey on something so they couldn't keep their eyes off of it, etc)

"Ah, eemo sorry-yo." (They used sorry + 'yo' honorific here)

It was Kyung Ja eemo who helps set the banchan (side dishes) that was handed over by the kitchen.

She was part of the starting members of Rib Service, and part of the hall faction.

As she was basically the bridge that connected the kitchen and the hall, she has a lot of influence over both, resulting in a 'KyungJa eemo vs Kitchen Duk Sun eemo' in addition to the 'JumJang vs BuJang' conflicts.

She has a candid relations.h.i.+p with the male employees but has strong likes or dislikes for females so apparently there are a lot of female albasaeng that secretly cry when they get on her bad side.

So, to put it simply, a keeper of order over the female albasaeng. (군기반장 軍氣班長)

But, f.u.c.k.

Earlier, when I ran into Kyung Ja eemo, I must've touched her skin and Kyung Ja eemo's f.u.c.k Screen popped up.

-Name: Kim Kyung Ja

-Age: 45

-Interest in me: A

-s.e.x drive: C

-Openess to s.e.x: D

-s.e.xual fantasy: Car s.e.x she used to enjoy frequently with her husband while dating

-Pin point: nipples, most of the back and waist

I felt a lethal displeasure come over me as though I was slapped by a 70 year old man's b.a.l.l.s.

I didn't have the courage to see anything below the pin points so I turned my sights away.

"It wasn't so bad during the day, but without Kwajangnim (denotes SGN here) the hall isn't working properly."

From seeing her interest in me, you can tell she's particularly fond of me.

Something about me looking like her husband when he was younger.

From hearing her conversations every now and then, their love is still going strong.

"I've worked here for over two years, but I haven't seen anyone that's as good as our Seong Gwajangnim."

"I guess I shouldn't take breaks for eemo."

"You're going for drinks later?"

"Yeah, eemo should come."

"Eei, what does this old one have to offer when the youngins are having fun, I'll just ruin the mood."

"It's a whole hwesik, so be sure to be there."

"Forget it, next time. It's my young one's birthday so I gotta go early."

"Then please give me the honor of treating you to a drink."

Kyung Ja eemo smiled as though saying 'this youngster is so good with social life' and went into the kitchen.

Checking that n.o.body was near me, I ventriloquized a question at Gam Sung Dae.

"Hey, is f.u.c.k Screen activated whenever I touch skin? I have people that I don't want to see it on. I don't want to see men's either."

[You can set it to not show up.]


[Just think to yourself, 'don't appear' while thinking of the person. If you set it once, it'll stay that way until you change it later.]

"That's a relief."

[Isn't it. I freaked when I saw my mom's. I didn't know my mom was into that sort of thing. My mom was into…]

"Shut the f.u.c.k up. Why do I have to know your mom's s.e.xual interests?"

[It's not bad to know. My mom isn't past fifty yet.]

"This f.u.c.ker is completely nuts."

[Another Ggul tip (literal meaning honey tip, or sweet tip) is you can open up any screen that you've already seen. If you just think to yourself, 'open' as you think of that person, it'll appear.]

I thought of the realtor lady and thought to myself 'open'.

Then Kang Hee Yeon's profile opened in front of my eyes.

As I saw that, I felt myself going hard, so I turned it off immediately.

[But hyungnim, can't we have a look at the woman called Seung Hee? I really curious about hers.]

I'm not curious.

She's not my type.

Even so, my basic curiosity instincts of women arose and I looked over at Oh Seung Hee over at the A hall.

What would that naïve looking woman's interests be?

But if you think about it, it's hard to initiate the f.u.c.k Screen.

While there are instances like Kyung Ja eemo where you graze by someone without intending to, but it's rather difficult if you consciously try to do it.

Most body parts are covered in clothes, you can't touch their face either, so you have touched their hands or arms, but isn't it weird to touch your co-worker's hands?

Be that as it may, if you try and sneak a touch, you'll be seen as a pervert.

To be fair, it's true that I'm thinking of perverted things.

"Take the spoons!"

The kitchen handed a basket of spoons and chopsticks toward the hall through the bar.

Those were just done being washed, and hall employees dry those off with towels and set them onto the tables.

Ah, that's it.

As you grab the utensils in the basket, I thought It's a common occurrence of accidentally touching each other's hands.

Wait, was that a thing, was the thought that pa.s.sed through my head, but I just needed an excuse to happen so I took off my windbreaker jumper and pushed up my sleeves.

An employee hurriedly ran over upon seeing me place a basket on the table.

"Ah leave that Kwajangnim. We'll do it."

"I'm bored so let's just do it together."

I took my seat and watch carefully for Oh Seung Hee's movements.

She brought towels from the bar and sat diagonally from me.

Ok, so the board is set, so I just need to naturally touch her hand.

"I'll set it so just hand it to me after you clean it off."

I volunteered to do the job that the lower ranking has to do. It was the role of placing the utensils in the tables. (Korean tables with utensil slots inside)


Why was I so nervous?

While measuring the timing, just as Oh Seung Hee handed me the third spoon, I gently gripped the end of her fingers.

Shetapure, success. (TLN: just gibberish)

The f.u.c.k Screen appeared next to Oh Seung Hee's face.

With a shaking heart, I looked over at her, but she didn't seem to care.

I was scared for nothing when it's this easy.

I got up holding the spoons and chopsticks wrapped in the towel.

After going into the empty A hall, I recited to myself 'open' while thinking of Oh Seung Hee's face.

Ulssu, Oh Seung Hee's face moved to my eye level.

Um, it opened… but woah, what is this?

< rib="" service="" (립="" 서비스)=""> End


Author's words

If you think the Rib Specialty restaurant 'Rib Service' means something else, it's not too late so turn off this novel and return to daily life.

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