The Novice Alchemist's Store Prologue

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      I was speechless looking at the scenery in front of me.


      The rotting fence.

      The yard full of weeds.

      The wall that seemed as if it would crumble at any moment and the cloudy gla.s.s windows.

      The signboard with “Alchemy” written on it that showed it’s owned by the nation was barely hanging from the roof.


      This is my destination?


      After trying many times I barely managed to get my national alchemist certification.

      Due to my master’s recommendation I acquired a store and left the capital with high expectations on a long trip.

      It took about a month to arrive.

      Despite all that effort ――

      “...this is too much”

      “I suppose it was a bit too good to be true”

      Even if it was in a small village in a remote region, the building only cost 10,000 Rea.

      That amount would be equivalent to the cost of renting a small room in the capital for two months.

      It was only that much.

      The cost was subsidized by the country so the actual price would have been a bit higher but even then it would have been too cheap.

      “Your own store”

      I can’t say I wasn’t lured in by that lovely phrase.

      I can’t say I wasn’t but I really had no plans of coming to a place like this.

      Get employed by a store in the capital and save up money while learning.

      And with those funds I would open a store in a suitable suburban city, even if it was small if the atmosphere would be good. Or that was the plan.

      I didn’t hope to become rich and live in luxury.

      If I earned enough to live and be able to repay the favors I’ve received that would have been enough.


      Despite that, why am I in such a remote town ―― no, a small remote village with just a few luggage?

      The reason for that dates back to around one month ago...


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