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When Yan Hua just wants to call for help, the neighbor covers her mouth.

After a few seconds, nothing works.

"Woo, woo..." She is in despair, but her strength is too weak to free herself.

"Ha... take off quickly!" When the man slightly put forth his strength, Yan Hua's face is going to bleed.

She is about to knock him over the head when she hears a bang and her front door flies past her.

"Ah!" the man, her neighbor suddenly loosens his hands, kicks in her belly and shouts, "Such a b.i.t.c.h dares to bite me!"

A group of people rush in, just to see the lady protecting the stomach and being kicked several steps away.

"Are you Miss Yan?" A young man with a pair of looks at her, and two strong men step forward to rein in the aggressive neighbor.

Heard someone calling her, Yan Hua endures pain to check her stomach, and fears to know if her baby inside is safe at this time.

In the middle of the group is a man in a wheelchair, wrapped in a blanket, with only his eyes blinking.

"Ah! Are you..." She claps her hand over her mouth.

This is the man in the hospital!

That day, after hearing what He Family said, Yan Hua hurried to leave the hospital. She ran out of the elevator when a group of people pus.h.i.+ng the operating bed rus.h.i.+ng in.

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" The crowd was in a hurry and b.u.mped into her.

When Yan Hua moved out against the elevator, she inadvertently glanced at the man lying in bed.

He was a very handsome young man, with a red mole in the corner of his eye like a jewel, but his face was pale and he does not look well.

By coincidence, the man opened his eyes slowly. Although only for an instant, Yan Hua saw a very clear pair of slanted eyes.

"What could we do if he dies?" An angry woman was shouting.

"After so many years of conceiving, where did the son of elder brother on earth come from?"

As the elevator door was closed, the voice was fading. Yan Hua noticed that she stepped on something. She took her foot off and found it was a watch.

It was a limited-edition piece from a top brand that He Mingkai had once given her, which was just an ordinary piece.

The watch she found became her only hope after she was in desperation.

Rarely does someone have a pair of pretty slanted eyes, and a red teardrop mole under the corner of right eye. So when Yan Hua sees this pair of eyes, she instantly remembers the man in the hospital.

The man sits in the wheelchair and looks at the cursing neighbor without any emotion.

"What do you want to do to her?"

Being stared at by a pair of gloomy and cold eyes, the neighbor quickly withers.

"You... Are you her man?"

The wheelchair man takes a glance at Yan Hua. Yan Hua looks at the neighbor and thinks in her mind, "He is the one who wants me to pay off."

"Hey, it is misunderstanding, misunderstanding!" The neighbor clearly knows that he has kicked the iron plate, although the man in front of him is sitting in a wheelchair, but he is much fiercer than the other several men standing around.

A pair of beautiful eyes does not make the man feel warm and gentle, on the contrary, quite icy and hard, as if he were dead.

"This knife is too small." The man picks up the fruit knife on the ground, slender finger across the blade. " is enough to cut something."

The neighbor s.h.i.+vers: "Bro, I'm her neighbor. I'm here to fix the fuse for her..."

Yan Hua is trying to interrupt this disgusted neighbor when she sees the man in wheelchair raises his hand and threw the knife.

Whoos.h.!.+ There is a crack in the air, followed by a shrill scream.

"Ah..." The neighbor is holding the thing between his legs. Blood is running out from under his fingers.

b.l.o.o.d.y smell cramps Yan Hua's stomach, which leads her to dry heaves for a few times.

"Since you can't control it, and then leave it alone." Cool sounds came to everyone's ears.

The atmosphere is heavy...

Of course Yan Hua hardly bears it. The neighbor, so hurt to faint like a dead dog, has been dragged out. The wheelchair man looks at her, Yan Hua f.e.c.klessly steps back.

Just now she saw a man soaked in blood by a knife, and now she is afraid that it would be on her body the next second...

"Do you know me?" The man looks at Yan Hua.

His voice is low and cold. He looks much fiercer and imposing than the other several men standing around, which seems could lower the temperature of the room.

Yan Hua is about to speak, when she sees a blanket falling off the face.

Her eyes widens and she is confused, no teardrop mole?

"Can't speak? The man casually pulls the blanket up over his face.

Yan Hua shakes her head: "I haven't seen you, it's a mistake."

"You found my watch." The tone is positive. Yan Hua is very surprised.

He is not the man in the hospital, but how does he know she have found a watch...

"I... I..." Yan Hua is planned to say no, but she sputters when she sees his eyes.

"You sold the watch." The tone is very sure again!

"…" A continuing silence falls.

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