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Looking at the scattered bones of the demon beast skeleton, everyone couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief. In the end, they still took care of this big guy. This demon beast skeleton was definitely one of the most difficult Bosses Lin Fan and the others had faced.

"Demon beast soul bone: Dark gold material, 15 (100%) chance to produce dark gold level jewellery!"

Chaotic Sky couldn't help but to light up his eyes as he picked up the five broken bones that were scattered from the Demon Beast Skeleton.

"Dark Gold rank material!"

Dark Gold-grade jewellery materials were rarely seen. In the eyes of the support profession, this kind of material was already considered the best quality. With this kind of equipment, it would be able to greatly increase the Trade Profession players' Trade Skills.

"There must be a jewelry maker in Stealth!"

Lin Fan looked at the chaotic sky and asked with a smile.

There were fifteen people in Stealth. There were thirteen combat, two Trade Profession players, and one Trade Profession was a Blacksmith.

"Put it aside for now. I'll bring it to him when we get back!"

Chaotic Sky directly stuffed the demon beast soul bone into his bag. After which, he turned his gaze towards the items dropped by the demon beast skeleton.

This time, several items exploded from the Demon Beast Skeleton.

"Lightning Chain: Unidentified" "Demon Beast Bone Ring: Unidentified" "Beast Bone Steel Helmet: Unidentified" Other than the three pieces of equipment, there were actually two skill books.

"Stabbing: Uses an instantaneous increase in speed to deal a huge amount of damage to the opponent. The faster the increase in speed, the stronger the attack."

MP Consumption: 50, Cooldown Time: 3 minutes.

Cla.s.s: Warrior

"Level Requirement: 35" A Level 35 Warrior's skill, and it was actually based on speed. This skill seemed to have been prepared for Mo Feng, a Gale Warrior. In terms of speed, even would find it hard to match up to Mo Feng, a Gale Warrior.

"Gloomy Scroll: Spirit Piercing: Uses a powerful soul attack to attack the opponent in front of him. Costs 200 MP."

Cooldown time: 5 minutes.

Required Job: Gloomy Mage Required Level: 40! "

Looking at this skill, Lin Fan's heart suddenly twitched. The Gloom Mage secret scroll, the exclusive skill of the Gloomy Mage. He never thought that this Demon Beast Skeleton would actually drop the Gloom Mage secret scroll.

"The Boss has a 1% chance of dropping this Job Skill Book!"

"This tiny bit of chance can collide with it!"

Chaotic Heavenly also gasped in astonishment. His Shadow Stab was awarded when he completed the Shadow's Profession Quest. He had never dropped a Shadow skill book in the Wilderness.

After learning the Gloomy Mage skill book, Lin Fan and the others walked directly into the beast soul valley. Very quickly, they came across skeletons in the shape of wild beasts, with many of them in the shape of beastmen.

"Beastman Skeleton: Level 53 Common Monster, Level 1500 HP" "Beast Skeleton: Level 54 Common Monster, Level 1700 HP"

The two types of monsters continued to wander around, and Lin Fan and the others couldn't help but look at each other. This Beast Soul Valley was really hard to break into. There were Monster Skeleton BOSSes at the entrance, and the monsters inside were all Level 50 existences.

After dying, the pet's level isn't Level 1 but Level 3. At this moment, the locust overlord has dropped to Level 32 once again. However, the pet's level is good, so I'm not in a hurry.

In this period of time, he would just need to train the locust overlord.

Mo Feng's Mysterious Bee King had also levelled up to level 29. Although it wasn't of much use, its ability to protect itself had increased greatly. Moreover, it could break through defenses against these skeletons, even though the damage it dealt was only a little bit.

"Spirit Destruction" Faced with these skeletons, Lin Fan immediately launched a Spirit Destruction spell at the Beastmen Skeleton. Immediately, a grey spear-like fog appeared in front of Lin Fan, shooting towards the Beastman Skeleton in front of him.

The long spear struck the Orc Skeleton, but it did not explode out with an earth-shattering sound, as everyone had expected. Instead, it silently fused into the orc skeleton's body, and then it shook violently.

"2031!" A huge amount of damage value suddenly appeared above the Orc skeleton's head. After which, the orc skeleton's body turned into a pile of bones and scattered on the ground.

"Instant kill!"

Chaotian and the others were shocked as they looked at the corpses of the Beastmen. Their eyes were full of surprise. Lin Fan's attack had instantly killed the skeleton.

Even Lin Fan was shocked. The skeleton was a Level 53 monster, and it was instantly killed by a Spirit Destruction spell. Moreover, it seemed to have dealt over 2000 damage, which meant that even an ordinary level 55 monster might not be able to take Lin Fan's Spirit Destruction spell!

"My Beastman Totem Staff is still a level 29 weapon. Even though it's a dark gold level weapon, it's only comparable to a level 30 purple weapon. If I were to trade it for a weapon, its strength would be really powerful!"

Lin Fan looked at the set of equipment he was wearing, and couldn't help but mutter to himself in a low voice. On his body, there were a few pieces of equipment that were at least level 20.

Facing these skeletons, Lin Fan and the others could only slowly clear them out. After all, these skeletons were at least fifty ranks higher than Lin Fan, let alone the others.

However, a high risk also meant a high income. After fighting a monster, Lin Fan and the others gained quite a bit of experience. In addition, this was the first time the Beast Soul Valley had been pioneered, so the drop rate was higher than usual.

"Boss, are there any appraisers in the Elven Mountain Village?"

Bai Chen looked at the 7 or 8 pieces of equipment in his bag and asked Lin Fan. If this equipment wasn't appraised, he wouldn't be able to store it in the storage room.

"I don't think so!"

Lin Fan looked at Bai Chen with a bitter smile. He had seen every kind of NPC in the Fairy Mountain Village, but he hadn't seen any appraisers. This was too strange!

"I'll ask Ariel when we get back!"

Lin Fan looked at the people around him and chuckled in a low voice. Then, he saw that his Spirit Destruction cooling time had pa.s.sed. He directly shot out a Spirit Destruction Bomb and hit a beast skeleton, killing it in a second.

From morning to noon, and then at night, Lin Fan and the others slowly headed towards the inner reaches of the Beast Soul Valley. After this cleaning up, Lin Fan and the others finally knew how huge the Beast Soul Valley was. Lin Fan and the others only managed to clear half of the Beast Soul Valley by now.

He immediately ascended to the 31st step. After reaching the 35th step, Mo Feng and the rest also ascended to the 35th step.

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