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Chapter 335: Chessboard Challenge!

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The female G.o.dly Emperor was seated and her face and body were hidden by her hat and rainbow-colored aura. Then, she raised her hands.

"People who are at the bottom of the G.o.ds List, please come to the front!" shouted someone. An old man in a grey robe appeared at the top of the mountain, forty thousand meters up in the sky. His robe was fluttering in the wind. People all raised their heads to look at him.

"That's the Master of G.o.ds City?" Some people recognized him and gasped with amazement. They were solemn and respectful.

The old man in grey clothes was in charge of G.o.ds City. It was said that he came from the G.o.ds Country, that he had been sent to be the leader of G.o.ds City. His status was similar to the female G.o.dly Emperor, but not as high.

"He's a G.o.dly Emperor too?" Lin Feng stared at the old man. He was surrounded by a grey aura, but he looked like an ordinary old man. However, he was a leader in G.o.ds City, he definitely wasn't ordinary.

"Fifteen of the hundred strongest cultivators of last year are not here."

"But this year, many things happened. Thirteen of them had a problem and became pieces of trash, so they didn't come. Two of them, Feng Yi Yuan and Tan Long, died."

"Apart from those fifteen people, the eighty-five others are all here," said the old man in grey clothes glancing at the eighty-five people.

"You are members of the Six Groups, the Five Governments, the Four Temples, as well as other well-known groups. Therefore, the compet.i.tion will be harsh and cruel, but I hope you won't flinch," said the old man, looking at Lin Feng and all the others.

Even though Lin Feng had killed Feng Yi Yuan and could be considered someone strong enough to be 27th in the G.o.ds List, he wasn't officially in it. He had to go through the compet.i.tion to officially become ranked.

"The G.o.ds List great compet.i.tion and the Top-Cla.s.s Great Compet.i.tion will be divided into four distinct and crucial steps: the preliminary compet.i.tion, the intermediary compet.i.tion, the finals, and the challenges."

"The preliminary compet.i.tion is already over, it was the Preparation of the G.o.ds List Compet.i.tion which took place in the Du Hu Government. Now, the intermediary compet.i.tion is starting," said the old man in grey clothes. He looked completely expressionless, as if worldly affairs had nothing to do with him.

"During the intermediary compet.i.tion, ninety percent of the contestants will be eliminated. The ten remaining ones will be in the top ten.

"The ninety others will be ranked according to the order of elimination.

"The top ten contestants will fight during the finals. They will fight against Half-G.o.dly Emperors, and their rank will also be determined according to the order of elimination as well. The last one standing will be the champion with two t.i.tles.

"After the finals, there will be the challenges. Those who don't want to leave things that way and think they could have had a better chance in different circ.u.mstances can challenge someone. In case of success, they will replace the person they challenged; in case of a defeat, they will be completely removed from the list.

"May the compet.i.tion start! Think about your strategy carefully!" shouted the old man in grey clothes. Suddenly, everybody sensed that the ground was trembling. Grey strength condensed in front of the old man, he performed some hand seals and shouted, and a gigantic imprint shot up to the sky.

The atmosphere turned grey. The crowd realized that a chessboard had appeared in the sky. It seemed boundless and contained a terrifying s.p.a.ce and time Dao strength. Even Lin Feng sighed.

His s.p.a.ce and time and time Dao was level seven, and about to be level eight, but the old man's s.p.a.ce and time Dao was already high-level, it was at the top of the ninth level.

Lin Feng looked at the old man in amazement.

"Come to the top of the mountain!" shouted the old man. An ocean of strong cultivators flashed and released their strength to fly up. The mountain was forty thousand meters high, it was difficult to reach such an alt.i.tude.

However, as they flew up the mountain, there were still some tensions and five people were attacked and crashed. They couldn't partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion anymore. The members of those five people's sects were furious.

But it was a compet.i.tion, and it was a cruel compet.i.tion. It was meant to be fair.

"Meng Qing, let's go up," Lin Feng said to Meng Qing.

Meng Qing nodded. Suddenly, her dress was covered with ice, and she looked like an ice and frost G.o.ddess. She rose up in the air extremely quickly. Meng Qing shot halfway up the mountain while some other people were fighting.

At that moment, halfway up the mountain, some people wanted to punch Meng Qing, but they realized too late that she was in a bubble of invisible ice and froze solid. Meng Qing punched them and three cultivators who had the strength of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer and more were hurled away.

Meng Qing didn't stop, continuing to fly up. n.o.body dared offend her anymore.

Lin Feng flew up without stopping. He was so fast that many people only saw a black dot rising at an incredible speed.

Some people wanted to attack Lin Feng, but he released demon energies and scared them away.

Lin Feng continued flying up. Ten thousand meters more and he'd reach the top, but at that moment, Lin Feng sensed danger lurking. He tilted aside and threw a punch.

Boom, boom!… Two explosions rang out, Lin Feng saw the two people who had attacked him by surprise.

"Hehe, Lin Feng, your perceptions are quite acute. However, during the compet.i.tion, I – WILL – KILL – YOU!" declared Di Shu, smiling evilly. He looked like a sanguinary demon, his eyes all bloodshot. He didn't have holy Qi like in the past. His Qi was twisted and evil.

Di Shu continued rising. Lin Feng was furious. He flashed again and continued rising to the top of the top of the mountain.

Very quickly, all the cultivators who were competent enough reached the top of the mountain, including Zhu Deng Si, Su Zi, and Yue Zhi, as well as some cold-looking men from the Four Temples. They all looked proud and arrogant, and despised everybody else.

Lin Zhe Tian and Ye Lü Dan Xing also arrived at the top of the mountain. The old man in grey clothes checked the number of people, a hundred and fifty-five people had arrived at the top, which meant that fifty-five people had been eliminated already.

Those people were all elites in their respective groups, but in the end, they became the symbol of loss for their people.

Of course, the old man in grey clothes didn't care about that. He had announced the rules, the rest had nothing to do with him.

"Everybody, some of you are already famous in G.o.ds City. Therefore, I will give you some masks, that way, you won't know who you're fighting," said the old man in grey clothes. He raised his hands and masks appeared on people's faces, including on Lin Feng's. His face suddenly felt extremely sore. He touched his face and realized the mask was made of iron.

It was an Iron Demon mask. It was now his symbol during the compet.i.tion, the iron demon.

Lin Feng also realized that his clothes had changed. He was wearing a white robe now, not a black one.

Lin Feng was stupefied. The old man had really thought of everything. n.o.body could recognize him like this. It was the same for everybody else.

"Go to the mountainous forest. Use your own power and put those pieces on the chessboard," shouted the old man.

Then, a hundred chess pieces appeared and moved into people's hands. Lin Feng looked at the piece which had just appeared in his hand; it was a demon piece.

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