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Chapter 18

It turned out that Liu Bei and the others were just hypocrites who spoke of righteousness and virtue, and pretended to be righteous. They were only scheming to obtain the nation. They would not take life as a joke, and not easily execute anyone. Even if someone made a mistake, they would find an opportunity to make them pay instead of just killing them.

Although he was indifferent to life and death, it was still hard for him to harden his heart. He didn't know why, but it was slowly changing. He wasn't like this before, but now he was so indecisive.

"Oh right, what did the Military Advisor play a few days ago?"

"Flowing Water."

"Zixuan, take the liberty of asking the advisor to play a song again."


Hearing this, Zixuan remembered that he had played the <>< autumn="" wind=""> > before, "I only heard me playing it once, and I'll remember it. Zixuan is really impressed, I wonder if you can teach me how to play the < water="" of="" autumn="">."

"Ok." — It took only one day to find out the reason, so it shouldn't be underestimated — — Just listen closely to me play once, Wolong really can't be underestimated — the two of them had their own thoughts, but still maintained harmony on the surface.

The night was still hot and stuffy, making it hard for people to sleep. Zixuan couldn't fall asleep so he came to the courtyard to dance swords, singing at the same time.

"I can still remember when Hengshui Bank was cut down to become a flag of war." Covering the sun, the enemy Ruoyun, the arrow handed over to Xi Si to compete for first.

His heart was filled with pa.s.sion and blood, his heart was loyal to the heavens. For the rest of his life, he had returned to his hometown, and the heroic beauty continued.

The calamity that had caused the Wall of Desolation had been forgotten, and it had been defeated by the armies of the East. Retreat to think far away, lie low and try to figure out a plan.

'Chasing away the shame of the Central Plains and roaming the Jianghu for meritorious deeds. '

Zixuan looked over, it was Ma Chao. Ma Chao walked over, and before Ma Chao could say anything, he heard someone from the side say, "Mengqi, you're still not sleeping? Let's go back and sleep."

Zixuan ran off gloomily, leaving only Ma Chao in the courtyard. Ma Chao had always been in the Longxi, so he naturally did not know about what had happened in the Central Plains. He also did not know about Zhao Xu's background.

"This should be the best choice for me right now." Zixuan looked at the foolish Ma Chao and smiled, everything that happened now was the best arrangement.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the fifteenth of the eighth month, but there were still a lot of things that needed to be taken care of. In order for Ma Chao to be able to take care of his worries easily, he buried his head in his work everyday, "Come Zixuan, today is the fifteenth of the eighth month, let's go for a drink."

Ma Chao pushed open the door. Facing such a sudden attack, Zixuan reacted quickly and hid the map in his hands. "Zixuan, what are you hiding?"

Zixuan's fl.u.s.tered movements caught his attention, and he only covered it up, "No. "Nothing." As he spoke, he took out the items from the table, but changed it to a different one, "Look, does this Winter Plum Blossom look good?"

"I have something to do today, so I'm afraid I won't be able to enjoy the moon with you tonight." Zixuan tidied up his clothes and walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Ma Chao wanted to extend his hand to stop her, but failed.

"To seek guidance from the advisor." As he spoke, he walked out.

It was a good thing that a boorish fellow like Ma Chao was unable to see what I was doing. If it was Kongming, I would probably already be in prison.

Zixuan came to the strategist's mansion undisturbed.

This was the first time she visited Kongming, so she couldn't help but feel a little nervous when she thought about it. When she entered the Inner Palace and saw the mountain of bamboo slips on Kongming's table, she couldn't help but sigh.

"Military Advisor, you have worked very hard. Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, and you still have to deal with so many things. It seems that the military advisor will be difficult to deal with."

"Zixuan is here. What's the matter?" He looked at the approaching figure with a smile on his face.

"Originally there was one, but now it seems that it won't work." Zixuan revealed a regretful expression as he looked at him.

"Oh, what do you mean?"

"I originally thought that the Military Advisor would be very lonely during this beautiful festival. I wanted to invite him to enjoy the view of the moon together, but now it seems impossible."

Looking at the mountainous work table on the table, Zixuan knew that he had worked hard everyday and worked hard. Compared to him, Zixuan was much more relaxed.

"Well, then, let's go now."

"Oh, the Military Advisor agreed, so we can't go back on our word."

"A lord's word cannot be taken back."

"I have a gift for you." With that, Kongming took out a set of female attire from the cupboard and placed it in front of Zixuan.

Zixuan picked up the clothes and looked at them carefully. It was a jacket made of red brocade, with goose-yellow silk embroidered with cranes, it was exquisite made, extremely lifelike. Zixuan raised his head to look at him, and asked puzzledly, "Advisor … What does that mean? "

"Let's go for a stroll together." What Kongming meant was that Zixuan was going to walk the streets with him, dressed in women's attire?

Zixuan frowned, he was afraid that this was not appropriate, what if someone familiar saw him, he would not be able to hide his ident.i.ty, and as a woman, she would treat him differently, the credibility would drop, and furthermore, it would not be as convenient to get along with him like a man.

"There's no need to trouble yourself. Let's just leave it at that, let's go find big brother Zhao Yun." Zixuan laughed slyly, since he had fallen into his own trap, he had no choice but to go.

"Alright. There was a sense of loss in his eyes, but there was nothing he could do.

Little did she know, that since she was young, she rarely wore a woman's dress. Because it was inconvenient to practice martial arts, although Fufeng would prepare it for her every year on her birthday, it was only that day.

Zixuan went to the Zhao's Mansion first to arrange everything.

"Zixuan, stay at your residence to admire the moon tonight." When Zhao Yun saw that Zixuan had come, he was still very happy.

"I will, big brother. Tonight, I will ask the Military Advisor to come."

"Oh, okay." Initially, they thought that the two of them would be admiring the moon, but to think that there would be a military advisor as well.

The Military Advisor arrived. "Military Advisor, you're on time."

Zixuan went out to welcome him, Kongming looked at him and said, "Zixuan, do not call me advisor today, we are all brothers, it is rare to be together."

"Yes, brother Kongming. Let's go in." He only had a hypocritical face, and was just like Liu Bei, both being hypocritical. Sooner or later, I will reveal your true colors.

"Zilong, we are reminiscing about the old days today, so let's not talk about the military." The three of them had already taken their seats when the banquet started.

After three rounds of drinking, there was no longer any interest in drinking, and no one had any intention to talk. With a strange atmosphere, Zixuan broke the stalemate first, "It's too boring to drink like this, why don't we do some drinking?" Kongming didn't say anything, but Zilong was very much in favor of this decision.

"Most of the scholars here are literati, so let's catch up on the poem! Every poem needs to be written about the moon, and it just so happens to coincide with the full moon and the mid-autumn moon. Alright, I'll start first, after which, everyone will say that if you can't match the three cups of wine, no one will object, and the match will begin. "

Zixuan drank a cup of wine and recited a poem, "The moon comes out of the moon. A capable person. Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi, Shunxi. I have to be careful. "

Kongming received it, "Qingqing, come to think of it. If I don't go, ZiNing won't pick Xi Da Xi, in the city. "It's been a while since we last saw each other, just like in March."

Although it was a coincidence, the moon was not only the moon, but also the year of the moon.

Following that, Zixuan received it: "To Xi Ri, on top of the toad palace; Yesterday has gone to the west, worry over the end of the exposure; and with the son, in the wilderness of the unknown. "If you want to keep me company, the river will rise and the waves will rise; if you want to keep me company, then you will have to leave the palace." She looked meaningfully at Zixuan. Although there was no mention of the moon in the poem, this came from the poem itself.

It was Zilong's turn, but he did not know many poems, and after a few rounds he became drunk. Zilong's capacity for alcohol was very good, why did he get drunk so quickly, and it turned out that it was Zixuan who had been pouring wine all along.

Zixuan came up with a plan to take Zilong away, and they started to drink. The two kept silent, and only heard the whistling of the wind beside their ears.

"General Zhao, I wonder why you got drunk so quickly?" Kongming raised his wine cup and finished it.

"I did." Zixuan looked at the cup that was filled with wine and took a careful look at it. He said without hesitation, "In the future, I will trouble the Military Advisor to take care of Big Brother and Mengqi. He finished the wine in one gulp.

"You still want to go?"

"When did I ever say that?"

He looked meaningfully at Kongming and smiled. He did not say anymore and left by himself. Firstly, they trusted Zixuan and gave him the chance, and secondly, indicated that Zixuan could be cruel, and that killing a chicken to set an example for others was only so.

"Ah, I'm back."

Zixuan asked: "Why are you drinking alone? No one will drink with you? "

"Yeah, there's no point in drinking by yourself."

"Then I'll drink with you." Zixuan, who reeked of alcohol, had more than that, so it would be better for him to get drunk tonight.


Ma Chao also didn't know why he drank wine alone. He didn't know why he was so happy when he heard Zixuan's words, but he was a little disappointed when he heard that couldn't spend the holidays with him. But Mengqi, wait for me. "

Before Ma Chao could react, Zixuan had already left the room, but he quickly returned with two bowls and spoons, "Let's change the drinking method today."


Zixuan poured the wine into bowls and said to Ma Chao, "Let's scoop up the wine and drink, let's see who drinks faster. If you drink faster, I will accompany you to the army camp to train for ten days. "How about it?"


After saying that, Ma Chao used the spoon to scoop up the wine, but Zixuan did not, he used the spoon to drink it bit by bit, and very quickly, Ma Chao finished his wine, "Zixuan, you lose." Ma Chao was already unable to stand steadily, and fell down, "Men, bring General Ma onto the bed."

Zixuan knew how to win people's hearts the most, but he was also not one to accept defeat. He did not like losing, and he had to win everything on purpose, but this time, he deliberately lost to Ma Chao. Zixuan covered Ma Chao with the blanket and returned to his room. He then took out the map from the morning and looked at it.

The Military Advisor is in Zhao's Mansion, he won't be able to leave in a short while, and Mengqi has already been drunk on me, so I'm afraid he will only wake up tomorrow, so no one will disturb me right now.

Right now, other than Liu Bei, Cao Cao Cao and Sun Quan, it was very difficult for the heroes of the world to achieve anything, if they did not take action now, they would not be able to take revenge in a day and night. It was impossible to fight with Cao Cao now, how could they even approach Cao Cao?

This was yet another problem. Ma Chao is a valiant general, the most important thing now is to subdue Ma Chao, and make him useful to me. With Ma Chao as my trump card, I am qualified to be close to Cao Cao.

He was not only a trump card! I will wait for a chance, a chance to leave, before I collect my morale.

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