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When Ma Chao lost, he brought Ma Dai, Pang De and the others and fled to Longxi to rely on Zhang Lu. When Cao Cao returned to Xu Chang, Liu Zhang and Liu Bei fell out, Liu Bei prepared to march towards Chengdu, Liu Zhang and Zhang Lu formed an alliance, while Zhang Lu sent Ma Chao to aid Liu Zhang.

At this time, Guan Yu was guarding the Jing Zhou, and since the Phoenix was dead, Zhuge Kongming followed Liu Bei out for a war, and it was rumored that the entire world could be settled by him alone.

When Ma Chao came to Zhang Lu's under the command, Zhang Lu was naturally overjoyed, "This General, Ma Chao, pays his respects to Master." Zhang Lu looked at the person in front of him with eyes full of happiness, "Mengqi, quickly get up. "In the future, I'll just treat this place as my home."

"Thank you, master." After the battle, Ma Chao's mood was downcast and he felt somewhat guilty. Back then, that extremely proud Jin Ma Chao, a man, had died in the wilderness, and had his corpse wrapped in a horse's hide and buried in his ears. Even now, they were somewhat disappointed, but they could only adjust their emotions here, and could not stay here for long, because Zhang Lu had a hard time doing anything.

One day, Zhang Lu sent someone to call Ma Chao over, "Mengqi, you're here." Seeing that, Ma Chao was not happy. Ma Chao had the courage of tens of thousands of men but he had the courage to love a long time ago.

However, Ma Chao was not that happy, because with Zhang Lu's intelligence and strategy, he was not a wise man, and would find it difficult to fight against Cao Cao Cao.

Ma Chao opened his mouth and asked: "I wonder why Master called me here?" Zhang Lu pulled Ma Chao and started talking about the common household, "Mengqi, you're not young anymore, and have become a family member. I have a daughter at the prime of her life, and am extremely respectful to Mengqi, I wonder if you agree to my request, Mengqi?"

"Thank you, my lord. Ma Chao will definitely do his best to help my lord."

Zhang Lu laughed so hard he couldn't even close his mouth, "Alright, then I'll choose a day to settle the marriage." In order to capture Ma Chao more firmly, it was expected that Zhang Lu would think of a way to get married. A woman's life was like duckweed, it had been like this since ancient times.

Zhang Lu had a daughter who was as beautiful as a flower. Ma Chao was a brave hero and a beautiful woman who was a match made in heaven.

At this time, in Yang Song's house, a box of jewelry appeared out of nowhere. On top of the box was written: "Prevent Zhang Lu from getting married." He didn't know who brought him the money, but he would do as he was told.

Yang Song, Zhang Lu's under the command advisor, was extremely greedy for money.

With a advisor like Yang Song, how could Zhang Lu not lose? He only cared about his own future. In this way, Yang Song was no different from a small person, for example, when a fish is on land, it will soak itself in water anxiously, just like a fish that is on land and wants to use a spoonful of water to moisten itself.

If Zhang Lu's daughter were to marry Ma Chao, Ma Chao would not leave so easily.

Reporting, My Lord, Zhang Lu has sent you to attack Liu Bei, he wants you to go and seize Jia Meng Pa.s.s.

Right now, in Zhang Lu's under the command, Pang De is sick, so Ma Chao and Ma Dai are the only ones left. Liu Bei's side also moved, "Advisor, Ma Chao is here, who should we send to block him?"

"Send Yi De over. If Ma Chao has no plans, then Yi De will go."

Hearing Liu Bei's words, Zhao Yun seemed to have thought of something, "I heard that Ma Chao has a new advisor under his command, and he's very powerful." This person's ident.i.ty was extremely mysterious, and no one had been able to find out his real name. It was as if he could hide everything, not knowing anything at all.

"Alright, let's go with Yi De to take a look." Right now, talents were born in this chaotic world, they had popped up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, all of them were very surprising, if they could recruit Ma Chao, then he would also be able to accept them as his subordinates.

Not long after, Ma Chao and Zixuan arrived at the entrance of Jia Meng City that was guarding Zhang Fei and scolded him, "Zhang Fei, that Cao Cao has been beaten to the point of caving in your beard and robes, are you still not going to surrender?"

Hearing that, Zhang Fei did not back down, "Ma Ma, that year when I shouted at Zhang Sai Po, even Cao Cao Cao's guts were scared out of his wits, do you dare to come and throw away his life?"

Ma Chao was not to be outdone, he looked at the person in front of him and became even more determined to kill, "Then I'll kill you first, then take Jia Meng Pa.s.s."

The two fought from noon until the evening without any clear results.

"Let's call it a day." When his brother, Ma Dai, in the army received this note, he shouted loudly. Hearing the sound of metal being struck, Ma Chao came back unwillingly, he was sure that he wanted to fight to the death with Zhang Fei.

"Horse, if you have the guts, you can fight at night." Looking at Ma Chao's leaving figure, Zhang Fei shouted loudly. Zhang Fei was also unwilling, there were very few people in this world who could fight him to a standstill, so he could not let Ma Chao go, he had to differentiate between the two.

"Why don't you let me fight with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d again?"

Ma Chao returned to the tent, and said angrily to the skinny figure behind the screen. That person was calm, and did not have anything he could do in the face of Ma Chao's questions.

"When two tigers fight, there will be injuries. It's better not to go tonight." His voice was low and weak, he did not know much about Zhang Fei, and his opponent was not only Zhang Fei but also the Liu Bei behind him. Liu Bei's under the command was already unfathomable, although he could ignore the other strategists, but Ma Chao was not the only one with extraordinary strength, but Ma Dai was much weaker than him.

"I've already promised. How can I go back on my word?" Ma Chao's meaning was that they had no choice but to go.

At night, as if it was daytime outside of Jia Meng City, the two started fighting again. Zhuge Kongming also took the opportunity to escape into the city from the west gate while the two were fighting, suddenly, Ma Chao ran towards the rear of the army. Zhang Fei chased after him and threw a metal ball behind him.

Liu Bei stood on top of the city wall and looked at the Second Tiger General, he was extremely brave and ferocious, Kongming then stepped forward to the city gate to take a look, "Military instructor, do you know who the Confucian Scholar under Ma Chao is?"

"It looks familiar, but I don't know." Kongming looked at the Confucian Scholar in Ma Chao's army. The man covered his face with his veil, purposely hiding his ident.i.ty, probably because he did not want others to know his ident.i.ty.

"The advisor has thought of a good plan, Ma Chao will definitely be for me to use." Liu Bei clenched his fists tightly and glared at the man, although he was begging for mercy and being extremely respectful, he still wanted to help.


Zhang Fei galloped his horse and galloped away. Ma Chao chased after him from behind, but Ma Chao didn't have time to think too much and chased after him. Unexpectedly, Zhang Fei had already set up a trap.

On the other hand, Liu Bei bribed Zhang Lu's advisor, Yang Song. Yang Song's character was greedy, especially greedy, and he did not have principles, so whoever gave him more money would do the job for him. Liu Bei spent a huge sum of money and bribed him, causing Zhang Lu and Ma Chao to become suspicious of each other.

At first, he only wanted to bring enough rations to leave Zhang Lu, but he could only make his plans now. At this moment, Zhuge Liang came to the camp, and Ma Chao looked at Kongming in annoyance, "Mister, are you here to be a lobbyist?"

The weather was still hot. Kongming waved his fan lightly and said slowly in a low voice, "I am here to point out a path for General Ma Chao."

"Do you see my sword? If what you say is wrong, General, please try out the sword for me. "

Ma Chao was naturally a brave and ferocious person, if he wanted to kill Kongming, it wouldn't be difficult at all, but if they were to make a move, it would definitely not be able to stop him.

Besides, he was the only one who came.

Kongming laughed, then continued, "I'm afraid that I did not die under the sword, the general will die under the sword first."

"You …"

"General had been suspected by Zhang Lu, he was leading an army with no place to go. He could not save the emperor in this crisis, and he could not avenge his father.

Hearing Ge Liang's words, Ma Chao felt ashamed yet sad at the same time, he hated himself for being unable to do anything, "There are so many waiting in the hall, if you have the energy to deal with them, why not think of a way to protect yourself!"

They felt that something was amiss the moment they entered, it was extremely quiet, with a lot of breathing, they knew that Ma Chao had arranged for someone to threaten Kongming.

Ma Chao let the axe and blade hands go, the only people in the hall were Ma Chao and the person hiding behind the screen. He changed his tone and became sincere, trying to persuade them, "General, why don't you join the Emperor's Uncle Liu?

"My royal uncle's ident.i.ty was personally admitted by His Majesty. Back then, General Ma Teng had sworn an alliance on the Jade Belt of the Han Emperor to fight against Thief Cao together, and the thieves in the Han Dynasty were irreconcilable. Why didn't General Ma Teng inherit this alliance?"

Ma Chao thought, other than Liu Bei, there was nothing else he could rely on, it was not impossible for him to belong to Liu Bei. It was just that back then he had been too worried, but now that Zhuge Liang had come, they had already sold the first step, and only needed to follow along.

"What mister has said is right. I am willing to surrender to Imperial Uncle. Then, mister, I will leave first."

It was said that once a month was full, there would be losses, and once a month was full, there would be loss, and once a month was full, there would be loss, and when a month was full, there would be loss, but when a month was short, there would be loss, and when a month was short, there would be loss, and when a month was short, there would be losses.

After Kongming left, the person behind the screen did not make a sound, and only after a while did he slowly speak, "Since you've already decided, then fine, Liu Bei can still be considered a master, but Kongming is still the same as ever."

His army, of course, was controlled by him. Others couldn't say too much to save themselves from going overboard.

In the courtyard, Ma Chao was practicing his swordplay, and did not want others to disturb him. There, he saw a scholar dressed in black, standing in the wind, observing from the side. When Ma Chao saw him, he rushed towards Zixuan, who was caught off guard.

The cold sword was already resting on his shoulder, could it be that Ma Chao was planning to kill him? Looking at the current situation, he knew, the man asked without expression: "Mengqi, what are you doing?"

It was obvious that Ma Chao was a little angry and suspicious, "Zhao Hongying, tell me, are you a spy from Liu Bei and are in cahoots with them?

Ma Chao's subordinate, was none other than Zhao Hongying. Other than him, who else could understand Liu Bei so well, who else could think of so many schemes?

He was silent, and when he looked up again, tears were streaming from his eyes. Warm tears dripped onto the cold sword, and a wisp of smoke rose.

Zixuan replied slowly, "Mengqi, you suspect me?

You actually suspect me? My heart is at a loss. Even though I have suffered five injuries in the Longxi battle, I still led my troops to break out, protecting you from the Ji City battle with all my might, yet you still doubt me, forget about it, forget about it, if you suspect me, then kill me with your sword, don't doubt me, I will rest in peace even after death. "

After Ma Chao heard this, he slowly put down his sword. He did not kill Zixuan, but instead slashed towards a tree branch.

Ma Chao had lost his Western Liang, and Yang Xu had killed his wife and three young children. As a man, he was unable to protect his own wife and children, and was currently at the bottom of the valley.

Zixuan walked forward, placed a hand on his shoulder and softly consoled him. "Mengqi, don't be sad anymore. Ma Chao cried. It was the first time Zixuan saw a grown man cry, and he felt it was funny.

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