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After waking up, Roland immediately called for Tilly.

"I have detailed information with regards to the floating island. It is indeed a product of the demons, and they call it the 'Deity of G.o.ds.'"

Tilly was stunned; it had only been a few hours after bringing the news, where did Roland's information come from?

"In short, I have some special means." Roland was naturally aware of her doubts, but the matter regarding the Nightmare Lord being trapped in the Dream World was a complex matter to explain, and he decided to skip the explanation. "The information might have discrepancies, so you can only use it as a reference. We will still have to depend on you to verify the actual situation."

After that, he gave a simple outline of the Deity of G.o.ds.

"So it's actually a floating city?" Tilly asked in shock.

"Yes." Roland nodded his head. "But far bigger than a real city."

According to Valkries, when the magic power core merged into the obelisk that produced red mist, it would produce a shocking result. Although she did not partake in the construction of the Deity of G.o.ds, she knew the plan inside out. To stabilize the core parameters, the demons went through multiple trials, one of them occurring about a century ago in Tapunise City which ended with the almost total destruction of the city. The violent magic power ripped the stratum and caused structures to collapse and shatter while being razed. Countless inferior demons were flung into the air and turned into mashed meat after falling to the ground.

To seal off information leak, the King ultimately termed it as a magic power accident. Although the damage was disastrous, the plan did not stop, and instead increased in pace. One of the reason was the approaching Battle of Divine Will, the other being the demons urgent need to cast off the restrictions of the Red Mist. The disaster allowed the higher-ups to realize the possibility of the plan.

The Deity of G.o.ds was their final result.

Magic power penetrated over a few thousand kilometers into the ground and raised the land spanning dozens of kilometers, forming a stable foundation. When viewed from above, it would be that of a floating island. But from below, the view would be a wide top and narrow bottom, like an inverted mountain peak. After multiple revisions to the magic power of the core, the Deity of G.o.ds had the abilities to float and move in the sky.

It was due to this feature that the demons viewed it as the only way to counter the Sky-sea Realm. Upon taking over the human's territory, the demons would gain time to rest and reorganize, and to build even more Deity of G.o.ds to ascend the skies, bringing a ma.s.sive army of Mad Demons to attack the Sky-sea Realm.

The information caused Roland to realize that the improvements made by the other race in the 400 years were not to be belittled. Although they took completely different technological paths, they were nowhere weaker than the humans.

Magic power was undisputedly a force with utmost potential, evident from the Deity of G.o.ds. Be it ripping the earth apart and tossing thousands of structures into the sky or pulling an entire piece of land into the air, both required an astonis.h.i.+ng amount of energy. The demons succeeded through experience. However, quant.i.ty would usually lead to qualitative changes. If these experiences were transformed into a system with scientific theory, their strength were bound to soar.

This was the same for humans.

Roland felt that it was crucial to develop the scientific reasoning behind magic power after the war. Even though he had no knowledge of magic power at all, it could lead and guide the future generations in the field of research.

This was the essence of science.

As long as something existed, it would be something that could be observed and experimented.

"Although I'm clueless of how you obtained your information, it does sound like it." Tilly spoke up after listening to him. "Then, how do you suggest we deal with the Deity of G.o.ds?"

"Firstly, it isn't afraid of firepower, so the First Army should preserve its forces. Secondly, the Aerial Knights will be crucial in our next battle," Roland said slowly. "There is a way of defeating it, but the probability of success is unknown."

Even if they used the Glory of the Sun against the moving island, the end result might not be as expected. That had long been proven in history. In Operation Crossroads, the first nuclear weapons tests that were trialled detonated with a yield of around 23 kilotons, one in the air and the other underwater. The former was unable to destroy its intended target—a 300-meter long vessel, and the latter's destructive scope did not exceed a thousand meters. These examples proved that when facing large targets, even the devastating power of nuclear weapons were greatly discounted.

Besides, the Deity of G.o.ds was far larger than s.h.i.+ps.

It was equivalent to using grenades to bombard the Impa.s.sable Mountain Range, even throwing a hundred of them would only result in chipping of a corner.

Although having sufficient quant.i.ty was the answer to resolving all problems, it was impossible simply due to their lacking yields. After taking into consideration Neverwinter's technological advancements, the limit was a scale of ten kilotons.

As a result, Roland had to develop another plan in conjunction with the need to use the Glory of the Sun to complete the attack.

The core of the Deity of G.o.ds was undoubtedly the obelisk. According to Valkries' explanation, it was situated in the middle of the city. For the convenience of acc.u.mulating the Red Mist, the Inferior demons surrounded the obelisk and constantly dug deep pits—which was also their main jobs as magic-incapable demons. Being more dense than air, the red mist gradually fell to the bottom and formed the Red Mist Pond which gradually expanded into a lake over the years.

This made Roland recall the Demon City seen in a memory fragment—countless towers erected in a ring around a cliff, where crystallized Red Mist could be found in the middle of the pit. It was probably through an acc.u.mulation of a millennium for the development of the lake to reach such a shocking depth, where the immense pressure forced the lower layers of Red Mist to increase in density to the point of liquefying and later solidifying into crystals.

The city refurbished into the Deity of G.o.ds was an old city, where a Red Mist Lake similarly resided at the bottom of the obelisk, which was obviously the breakthrough point.

The 'Red Mist' mentioned by Valkries verified their speculations and experiments—the Red Mist was essentially a mist composed of microscopic biota, appearing in such a way due to their extremely small size and virtually undetectable even with magnification. At the same time, these minuscule organisms wielded magic power able to dispel and devour any external magic power not from demons. That was the reason why Lily had failed in controlling the Red Mist.

The Red Mist possessed numerous biological traits, such as a fear for fire. Under high temperatures, the Red Mist would attempt to escape, resembling a decomposition from a macroscopic view. When temperatures rose to a certain degree, the Red Mist would ignite, no different from all carbon-based lifeforms. With a combustion point of around 800-900 degrees, it could be said that they had an outstanding combustion point.

The only difference was that they were extremely small. Therefore, it would give rise to explosive effects when mixed with air. Iron Axe had once burnt the Kingdom of Wolfheart's capital, City of Tusk. Now, what he needed to do was burning up the entire sky.

The combustion of the Red Mist would rapidly decrease energy and exhaust the oxygen around; thus, the beginning temperatures had to be sufficiently high. In theory, having a large quant.i.ty of incendiaries would produce the same effect, but that required a fleet of bombers to transport hundreds, if not thousands, of buckets filled with gasoline up the Deity of G.o.ds to achieve that.

As for the Glory of the Sun, regardless of its yields, the core temperature was a fixed number that could not be discounted.

The only problem that had to be resolved was getting through the large army of demons and Devilbeasts protecting the area and fly above the obelisk to achieve an accurate drop.

"As long as we have a way." Tilly's expression calmed down. "Regardless of the probability of success, everyone will unite and achieve it. Leave it to us, Brother. I will bring the good news back to headquarters."

Her trust caused Roland's chest to swell up with warmth.

He paused for a moment. After calming himself, he picked up the quill pen and a piece of paper. "Right, I have something I need you to pa.s.s to Miss Edith Kant."

After placing the pen down, he did not put the letter into an envelope; instead, he handed it over to Tilly.

The latter swept her gaze past it and could not help but frown. "The words here are…"

"Demonic characters." Roland replied indifferently.

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